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Kinghelm’s employee works hard and enjoys life

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As the official holidays of 2022 are over, where did you go during the National Day? Some employees of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.(https://www.kinghelm.net) went back to their hometown to get together with their relatives and friends, and some made travel plans early to start a long-awaited and enjoyable trip. As an employee of Kinghelm, I decided to go back to my hometown in Guilin to accompany my grandparents. At the same time, I also wanted to enjoy a comfortable trip around my hometown.



The beautiful riverside in Guilin, Guangxi


As early as before the National Day of 2022, I made an appointment with my friends to go camping and barbecue. My hometown Guilin is a good place with beautiful mountains, limpid rivers and pleasant scenery. A barbecue grill plus a folding table beside a lawn, a small hill or a stream will enable you a romantic and meaningful picnic. And we had a fantastic overwater barbecue in a small village of Dongchang Town, Lipu City. Here there are beautiful mountains and rivers, fresh air, bamboo forest, blue sky and white clouds. Even if the temperature of that day as high as 37°C, we didnt feel hot. We waded across the stream to a river beach covered with pebbles, made a hearth with pebbles under the shadow of bamboo, put the barbecue grill and roast meat and fish. In addition, we put the fruits, drinks and milk into the flowing river to keep them cool and refreshing, what a natural refrigerator it is! In the stream, we put a chaise longue and lie down carefreely, enjoyed the baptism of the cool river at the feet, closed your eyes and listened to the songs. The wind breezed as if you were in a pastoral place like Arcadia, which made you refreshed.


The barbecue over the river


But all this carefree, relaxed and happy life depend on our stable job and income source, we are ordinary people, only we work hard can we enjoy a good life. Especially due to the impact of the Covid-19 and economic depression in recent years, many Chinese companies have experienced severe difficulties and taken some measures such as layoffs, arrears of wages, while we Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) has been growing constantly, and there are large or small orders from Kinghelms customers every day. I have worked in Kinghelm just for three months, I have also learned a lot at the same time I feel very happy about my work. So what kind of company is Kinghelm? Why is Kinghelm able to break through and develop in the face of this pandemic?

图片3.png Kinghelm’s corporate profile on its English website (www.kinghelm.net)


Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., a national hi-tech enterprise, is a member of "GNSS and LBS Association of China", "China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce" and "Guangdong Connector Association". It has, moreover, obtained many patents and software copyrights pertaining to the Beidou brand. Kinghelm specializes in the technology research, product design and manufacturing and sales service of microwave RF signal transceiver, micro electronic connector and interconnection system products. Kinghelm’s technical team is from Tsinghua University, UESTC and expatriates with R&D capability of high-quality and high-performance products. Kinghelm has obtained ISO9001 management system certification, and IATF16949 automobile quality system certification, UL, TUV, RoHS, REACH certification are in the application. 



The SD socket products of Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net)


Kinghelm’s brand products KH series include Beidou GPS antenna, RF connector, electrical data signal connector, terminal, plug-in unit and the three categories: customized automobile and motorcycle wiring harness, industrial medical connector as well as military special antenna connector. "Kinghelm connects Beidou", it’s the slogan of the company and Kinghelm grows with the development of Beidou. Kinghelm begins with providing Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna, IPEX terminal and RF connector for auto factories involved in the national project "Two kinds of buses and CDG vehicles", and its product categories have expanded a lot, such as series antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LORA, Zigbee, UWB and GSM communication antennas, RFID tag, RF patch cords, GJB RF connectors, microwave antennas, auto SMA and SMB, FAKRA RF connectors, and coaxial cables.


Kinghelm has a manufacturing base with automatic production lines, which is located in Tangxia, Dongguan. The manufacturing base is equipped with automatic wire-cutting machine, terminal machine, dispenser, cable assembly machine and other equipment, experienced engineer team and well-trained workers can complete mass product delivery on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. In addition, Kinghelm has a complete range of these testing instruments, such as microwave full-wave anechoic room, network analyzer, high-speed oscilloscope, salt fog testing machine, high and low temperature testing cabinet, which are capable of the debugging of high and low temperature, double 85 test and intelligent hardware antenna signal. Kinghelm added all kinds of connectors such as data electrical signal transmission connector, precision connector, connector terminal, including board end, wire end, micro terminal, wire to board, wire to wire, board to board and Insulation displacement connector. Besides, there are SIM socket, USB C, Type-C, HDMI, RJ45 interface, plug-in unit, PCB board connection terminal, pin header, female header, plug and unplug parts, thimble spring, crimping terminal, etc.

The FAKRA products of Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net)


Kinghelm undertakes the customization of non-standard ceramic antenna, signal amplifier board and cable. Moreover Kinghelm has provided navigation and positioning antennas and wire harness for automobiles and motorcycles, and dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof connectors for industrial medical customers. As a private high-tech enterprise, Kinghelm actively participates in the "civil-military integration". In addition, Kinghelm launched Beidou B3 RF military antenna and special connector, which have been awarded by the superior for their high quality and excellent guarantee. And Kinghelm's "Three [敏感词] Certificate" qualification is in the application!


               The products" of Kinghelm are applied to many fields such as high-speed railway, new energy vehicle, wireless intelligent terminal, IoT, IoV, smart city, smart home, industrial equipment, industrial Internet, scientific research, military and national defense and other fields. Adhering to the corporate culture of "integrity, progress, tenacity and detail" and the corporate ethics of "Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you", under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, Kinghelm takes root in the Beidou industry and contributes to the development of the society and the prosperity of the China!



Shenzhen Slkormicro Semicon Co., Ltd.www.slkoric.com


The products of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.kinghelm.net) and Shenzhen Slkormicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkoric.com) are widely used in many industries and fields, not only because of their excellent product quality, but also their own unique brand effect. Under the leadership of Mr Song, all employees in Kinghelm and Slkor take part in the Internet marketing apart from doing their routine jobs. Nowadays the Internet competition is more and more fierce, and the Internet will also become a battleground of business. So we have to enhance the understanding of Internet and strengthen the application of Internet, through the Internet, more people will get access to our brand and products. It is such a positive and united working atmosphere that brings us a steady stream of orders every day, which enables us to develop rapidly in such a depressed environment under the impact of the epidemic. Apart from CEO of Shenzhen SlkorMicro and Kinghelm, Mr. Song Shiqiang is currently holds a few important social positions: private economic researcher of the Economic Development Center of the China State Council, member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, commercial research expert of Huaqiangbei Alliance. Prior to invest and to manage Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., Mr. Song was the former CEO of an international real estate listed company.  Mr. Song is working hard on building the Slkor and Kinghelm brands. 


It is in such a company like Kinghelm that we can constantly improve ourselves, realize our own value, create benefits for the company, and make money. Only with stable job and income can we live a good life, work and life are balanced, we work happily and enjoy life. So if you are still self-abandoned and confused, please don't have grandiose aims but puny abilities, just find a stable job to work hard, and what you pay will always bring you good harvest. Of course, if you think our Kinghelm and Slkor are good, welcome and we will wait for you here! Let's work hard and live better together!



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