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Song Shiqiang Offers a Training to New Employees -- the Importance of Online Marketing to the Two Brands: "Kinghelm" and "Slkor"

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On the morning of April 9, 2022, in order to improve the comprehensive quality of the staff of Kinghelm and Slkor and cultivate their innovative mindset, General Manager Song Shiqiang conducted a two-hour training for new employees in the Slkors conference room. The content of training is the underlying logic of online marketing and the importance of the brands "Kinghelm" (www.bds666.com) and "Slkor" (www.slkormicro.com). 

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Song Shiqiang, GM of Kinghelm and Slkor was offering the training


Song Shiqiang said that both Kinghelm and Slkor originate from Huaqiangbei (Huaqiang North Commercial Area), and they are now national high-tech companies, constantly launching a series of "domestic alternative" new products. It is very important for us to quickly let our customers know about our products and purchases. Nowadays the Internet economy is highly-developed, we should learn to make take advantage of the new technology and new tools of Internet promotion. Despite repeated outbreaks of COVID-19 this year, the sales volume of Kinghelm and Slkor has been rising, and the brands "Kinghelm" and "Slkor" have gained more trust from customers due to the increasing efforts in online marketing. Because online communication is the most important information communication channel at the present stage, and the promotion of products and brands has a decisive role.

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Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm and Slkor

The training of Mr. Song Shiqiang is about the following aspects:


First, treat the dissemination of information from the customer's standpoint. Kinghelm and Slkor have carried out the publicity and promotion of corporate brand and product on various Internet platforms, but there are thousands of customers on the receiving end, who have many different thoughts and demands, so we need to shape reverse thinking when doing publicity. Customer’s demand is the point we have to promote, and we need to keenly capture and try to meet customer’s demand. For example, customers dont know our company Kinghelm at the beginning, but they do want to buy Beidou GPS antennas and connectors Type-C, USB and other products. They will first search the words of related product on the Internet, and then determine which product. So we will try to guide them to find our Kinghelm website www.bds666.com. When customers choose the good product on the website, they can clinch a deal with our salesman next.

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The new employees of Kinghelm and Slkor


Second, online information dissemination is characterized by the distribution of multiple information from sellers to meet the acceptance of multiple customers and multiple information, including company information, product information, industry information, technical parameters, brand trust and so on. Therefore, for our Kinghelm and Slkor company, the matching of multiple product information points and many customers’ acceptance of product information points can let customers through comparison and negotiation before finally making a deal. The more information we post, the more business we will make. Our online publicity is to constantly expose these information such as Kinghelm company, Kinghelm brand, Beidou antenna connector products, Type-C, HDMI and USB product model as well as its product appearance drawings, application scope, electrical technical indicators, and carry out the publicity of corporate culture in 360-degree comprehensive multi-level and multi-round. Our company releases relevant information on different platforms, and the information on the website should be updated and optimized continuously, so that customers can timely be exposed to our company's new products and deepen their impression, which will strengthen customer’s attention, trust and dependence, and lay a solid foundation for our business development.



Third, advertorial online marketing. Advertorials are also the main means of publicity, which can strengthen customer’s trust and indirectly improve the turnover rate. Our advertorials of Kinghelm and Slkor are quite good. We do a good job in SEO of advertorials and cleverly lurk the keywords, related words, expansion words or long tail keywords about the industry and product, among which the big words and keywords are of high-repetition-rate, which customers are easy to search, and they will also bring traffic online. Kinghelm and Slkor expose the marketing advertorials of different theme and content every day by means of different platforms and channels, which penetrates all aspects of the Internet. General Manager Mr. Song Shiqiang wrote some articles about Huaqiangbei business model as well as the management and development of Kinghelm and Slkor, which are very popular and have a high rate of reprinting and visits. Therefore Kinghelm and Slkor brands are gradually recognized and familiar to the audience.


Fourth, the anti chain of our company's website. We often add anti chains of the websites of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) and Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) in our articles. Our slogan "Kinghelm Connects Beidou" and "Slkor is determined to become the leader of domestic semiconductor industry" often appear on our WeChat official accounts "Kinghelm Beidou Expert" and "Slkor SiC Expert". We also put our website QR code in customers' mobile phones and other mobile terminals with more inclusions, which can facilitate customers to identify the QR code and enter our website to browse without inputting English words and numbers,!

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The QR code of Slkors website

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The QR code of Kinghelms website


Fifth, all-round publicity. We focus on the websites of Kinghelm and Slkor, establish publicity and information release platforms such as WeChat official account, Weibo, TikTok, and short video to form a small media matrix. With his influence in the electronics industry and strong writing skills, Mr Song Shiqiang also published a lot of industry research articles about "Huaqiang North Business Research" and "Domestic Substitution" of the Development of the Semiconductor on these media platforms such as "elec fans", "Huaqiang electronic world", "Lichuangs community BBS", "the album of electrical engineering", "Xinchacha", "Xinsanban", "ITTBANK", "Xinshiye", and he put forward lots of suggestions for the development of electronic components and information industry, virtually increasing the popularity and reputation of the company!


Mr. Song concluded that the company Kinghelm developed very fast this year. More and more new staff join our team, and we will take more and more training, so that the company will be more competitive and provide better service for customers!

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The corporate culture of Kinghelm: Progress, Integrity, Tenacity, Detail


Brief Introduction of Song Shiqiang

     On top of being a private economic researcher of the Economic Development Center of the State Council, Song Shiqiang is also a member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, and a commercial research expert of Huaqiang North. Mr. Song was the former CEO of an international real estate listed company. He has invested and managed a list of companies such as Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., building the "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" brands. Both "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" are national high-tech companies and they have obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights. In addition, Slkor is one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies in China, and its vision is to become "the leader of the domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry".


      "Kinghelm Connecting Beidou" is the slogan of Kinghelm company. Beginning from the development of Beidou antenna, Kinghelm has developed and produced microwave antenna, RF connection line and electrical signal connector and other products, embracing the intelligent era for Internet of Everything.  Song Shiqiang has a wide reputation and influence in the semiconductor, Beidou positioning and navigation industry. As one of the renowned business leaders in Huaqiang North Commercial Area of Shenzhen, Mr. Song is striving to make his best efforts to improve the business environment, hoping that Huaqiang North will become a catalyst for reform and opening the window of Shenzhen's economic development.


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