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The golden beacon kinghelm is further spread in an all-round way - the products are sold well at home and abroad

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With the development of kingholm, the quality and product quality are strictly controlled, which has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. More and more Beidou GPS antenna, connector, adapter, adapter, RF connection and microwave RF customers are the preferred manufacturers. Now it has become a well-known manufacturer in China, realizing a year-on-year increase of 40% in production and sales at home and abroad.


Due to the US sanctions against China, there was a shortage of chips in the semiconductor industry this year, and there was a "core shortage". The antenna and other products of kinghelm are 1:1 demand products with chips. Therefore, kinghelm was also hit hard in this "core panic", but opportunities and risks coexist, Under the guidance and long-term vision of Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager and Ms. Cheng Yujie, deputy general manager, kinghelm did not limit itself to immediate interests, but made long-term decisions, which made kinghelm (www.bds666. Com) products sell well at home and abroad, and maintained the stable and healthy development of the company.

Front desk background wall of kingholm company


Antenna is a kind of converter, which transforms the guided wave propagating on the transmission line into electromagnetic wave propagating in unbounded medium (usually free space), or vice versa. In radio equipment, a component used to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. Kinghelm is a manufacturer focusing on Beidou GPS navigation and positioning antenna, communication antenna, Bluetooth antenna, wifi antenna, FFC / FPC antenna, ceramic antenna, etc. after years of development and efforts, kinghelm has now become a well-known antenna R & D manufacturer in China and won the trust of many customers. The following are the product types and models of each series of golden navigation mark:


Beidou GPS navigation and positioning antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm

Popular product models: kh-1612-ub7f, kh-1612-ub8f, kh-1612-ub8x, kh-gps / bd5056sma-3m, kh-dw-k580-wz

Beidou GPS vehicle positioning antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm


Communication antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm

Popular product models: kh-sim1616-8pin, kh-9752-6p6c, kh1 (4G) C-01


Bluetooth antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm

Popular product models: kh-3216-a27, kh-3216-a35, kh-5220-a56, kh2012-d002, kh-351525-tp


Wifi antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm

Popular product models: kh1nb (2.4G) c500-03-a / 3, khowf-02-j5


Wifi antenna - 2.4/5.8g-sma interface - Golden beacon kingelm


FFC / FPC antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm

Hot selling product model: kh-fg0 5-H2. 0-6PIN,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-8PIN,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-10PIN,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-12PIN,KH-CL0. 5-H2. 0-6PIN,KH-CL0. 5-H2. 0-8PIN,KH-CL0. 5-H2. 0-10PIN,KH-CL0. 5-H2. 0-12PIN,KH-1.0-H2. 5-12PIN,KH-0.5-H3. 25-6PIN,KH-FPC2. 4G-1.13IPEX-100,KH-FPC2. 4G-1.13IPEX-100-3239,KH-FPC4G-1.13IPEX-100,KH-FPC4G-1.13IPEX-100-6417


Ceramic antenna - Golden beacon kinghelm

Popular product models: kh-gps121204-wy, kh-gps252504-wy, kh-gps121204-wycx, kh2012-d002, hk-8010010-a3t


Bluetooth ceramic antenna-hk-8010010-a3t-golden beacon kinghelm


Whether it is radio communication, radio, television, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasure, remote sensing, radio astronomy and other engineering systems, all those who use electromagnetic waves to transmit information rely on antennas. In addition, in terms of transmitting energy with electromagnetic waves, non signal energy radiation also requires antennas. General antennas are reversible, that is, the same pair of antennas can be used as both transmitting and receiving antennas. The basic characteristic parameters of antenna as transmitting or receiving are the same. This is the reciprocity theorem of antennas.


In order to meet the needs of customers and better explore and develop, the company not only develops and produces antennas, but also USB, type-C, SMA, IPEX, HDMI, line to line to board, ffc-fpc, AD / DC power supply, RF coaxial connector, Ethernet (RJ45, RJ11), board to board, SD card, SIM card, D-sub / DVI / HDMI, audio connector, touch switch and dial switch, Shrapnel / spring, row pin, row bus, RF adapter / connecting wire, wiring / crimping terminal and other products. The following is the introduction of relevant products and models of jinhangbiao (www.bds666. Com):


USB connector - Golden beacon kinghelm

USB # is "universal serial bus", and its Chinese name is universal serial bus. This is a new interface technology that has been widely used in the PC} field in recent years. USB interface has the characteristics of faster transmission speed, supporting hot plug and connecting multiple devices. It has been widely used in all kinds of external equipment. Popular product models: kh-af90dip-112, kh-2af90dip-1715, kh-usb-am-hx3, kh-usb-am-2712, kh-usb-am-4p-cb, kh-3.0usb-am-9p, kh-usb90-am-4p, kh-usb180-am-4p


There are three USB interfaces: usb1 1 and USB2 0, and USB 3 0 Theoretically usb1 1 can reach 12mbps / s, while USB2 0 can reach the speed of 480mbps / s, and can be downward compatible with usb1 1。


Type-C connector kh-type-c-24p-t9 87 golden beacon kinghelm


Type-C connector - Golden beacon kinghelm

Type-C is a connection interface of USB interface, which can be inserted on both sides, with a size of about 8.3mm & times; 2.5mm, like other interfaces, it supports USB standard charging, data transmission, display output and other functions. Popular product models: kh-type-c-6p, kh-type-c-6p-t, kh-type-c-16p, kh-type-c-16p-t, kh-type-c-24p-t9 87,KH-TYPE-C-L10-14P,KH-TYPE-C-L10-6P,KH-TYPE-C-L10. 5-6P,KH-TYPE-C-W.SMT-6P,KH-TYPE-C-W.SMT-16P,KH-TYPE-C-L9. 3-24P


Type-C is a USB interface appearance standard. It has a smaller volume than type-A and type-B. it can be applied to both PC (master device) and external devices (slave devices, such as mobile phones). Type-C has 4 pairs of TX / RX branch lines, 2 pairs of usbd / D -, a pair of SBU, 2 cc, 4 VBUS and 4 ground wires.



Sma-rf coaxial connector kh-sma-kfd236-g-golden beacon kinghelm


SMA connector - Golden beacon kinghelm

SMA connectors are suitable for microwave applications in the frequency range up to 26.5ghz. Applications such as telecommunication, network, wireless communication and testing and measuring instruments. It has the characteristics of wide frequency band, excellent performance, high reliability and long service life.


Hot selling product models: kh-sma-k5513-g, kh-sma-ke-z, and kh-sma-ke-8-g, kh-sma-ke-ke-8-g, and kh-sma-ke-ke-8-g, kh-sma-ke-like-like-a-hot-on-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-selling product models: kh-sma-ke-ke-ke-k-k-k-k-a-g, kh-sma-k-k-513-k-k-k-k-k-z, kh-sma-ke-z-z-z, and kh-sma-ke-ke-z-z-z-ke-z-ke-ke-ke8-ke8-8-8-8-8-37 (11) - 28 (11) - 28), kh1cc-01-01-01-01-f-f-f-a / 3, khb-f-f-a / 3-A / 3-3-3-3-a / 3, kh- k514-13n, kh-fs90-sma11l, kh-4g-sma-108, KH0(4G)-01-JD,KH-SMA-K513-18G,KH-IPEX-SMAKWE,KH-IPEX-SMA-W-80,KH-SMA-P-8496,KH-N-SMA-Z,KH-122-SMA-100,KH-DW-K580-WZ,KHB135-38(11)-28-A/3,KH-122-178SMA-100,KHB180-37(13)-28,KH-122-SMA-240,KH-122-SMA-80,KH-SMA-KFD236-G


SMA connector is a widely used coaxial connector with small screw connection, which has wide frequency band Excellent performance High reliability Long service life. SMA connector is suitable for microwave equipment.



KH-FPC2. 4g-1.13ipex-100 IPEX terminal WiFi Bluetooth FPC antenna golden beacon kinghelm



IPEX connector - Golden beacon kinghelm

The application range of IPEX connector to SMA, such as telecommunications, network, wireless communication and detection and measurement instruments. Hot selling product models: khhb80-37 (11) - 28, where the (RG113) - 11) - 28, where the (RG113) - 100-29, and kh-ipeex-smamaking is a hot hot sell. Product models are a hot sell. Product models are a hot sell. Model models are a hot sell. Model models are a hot sell. Model models are a model for models: kh80-37 (11) - 28 (11) - 28 (11) - 28 (11) - 28 (11) - 28 (11) - 28 (11) - 28 (11) - 28-11 - 28-28-28-28-28-28-28, kh-ipexssma-w-200, khh1nb (2.4G) (2.4G) c500-03-03-a / 3, kh-fs90-sma11l, kh-ipeex-sma11l, kh-making-a-a-making-a-making-a-a-a-sma. What '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''s a- tx100-ipex, KHA(RG1.13)-TX120-IPEX,KHA(RG1.13)-TX120-IPEX,KHA(RG1.13)-TX150-IPEX,KH-GPS121204-WYCX,KH(RG1.13)-TX30-IPEX,KH-081-TX80-IPEX3,KH-081-TX100-IPEX3,KH-081-TX150-IPEX3,KH-081-TX30-IPEX4,KH-081-TX80-IPEX4,KH-081-TX100-IPEX4,KH-081-TX120-IPEX4,KH-081-TX150-IPEX4,KHB135-38(11)-28-A/3,KHB180-37(13)-28,KHB(RG178)-150-28, KH-IPEX-SMA-W-60,KHB65-37(11)-28-A/3,KH-IPEX-SMAKWE-Q100H,KHB150-39(11)-28,KH-IPEX-SMAKWE-B150H,KH-IPEX-SMAKWE-Q50H,KH-IPEX-SMAKWE-Q150H,KHB(RG178)-180-28,KH-IPEX-SMA-W-180,KH-IPEXSMAKWE-Q120H,KHB200-38(11)-28


HDMI golden beacon kinghelm

High definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is a fully digital video and sound transmission interface, which can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, televisions, game consoles, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and television sets. HDMI can send audio and video signals at the same time. Because the audio and video signals use the same wire, the installation difficulty of the system line is greatly simplified. The kingholm team also has our own HDMI base. The best-selling product model is kh-hdmi-19p-cu


Kh-hdmi-19p-cu-hdmi connector - Golden beacon kinghelm


Line to line - line to board - board to board connector - Golden beacon kinghelm

These three types of connections are not entirely different. The following two reasons explain this type of overlap. Firstly, the design scheme of the same connector only needs to be redefined after a slight change in the connection mode, that is, it becomes a new design scheme suitable for another type of connection mode; Secondly, a cable can be equipped with a line to line connector at one end and a line to board connector at the other end during assembly, and the golden navigation mark line to line to line to board to board connector

There are many popular product models, such as kh-zh1 5WF-02A,KH-XH-4A-Z,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-30PIN,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-40PIN,KH-ZH1. 5WF-03A,KH-XH-2A-Z,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-24PIN,KH-ZH1. 5WF-04A,KH-ZH1. 5LF-04A,KH-FG1. 0-H2. 0-10PIN,KH-FG0. 5-H2. 0-20PIN,KH-FG1. 0-H2. 0-4PIN,KH-XH-2A-W,KH-XH-6A-Z,KH-ZH1. 5LF-06A,KH-ZH1. 5WF-06A,KH-ZH1. 5WF-05A,KH-15EDGRC-3.81-2PG,KH-XH-4A-W,KH-ZH1. 5LF-03A。


Ethernet Connector - Golden beacon kinghelm

RJ45 is a kind of connector for information socket (i.e. communication outlet) in wiring system. The connector is composed of plug (connector, crystal head) and socket (module). The plug has 8 grooves and 8 contacts. RJ is the abbreviation of registered jack, which means "registered socket". In FCC (Federal Communications Commission standards and regulations), RJ is the interface describing public telecommunications network, and RJ45 of computer network is the common name of standard 8-bit modular interface. Popular product models: kh-rj45-56-8p8c-d, kh-pcb-6p6c, kh-5224-8p8c, kh-rj45-59-8p8c, kh-rj45-56-8p8c, kh-rj45-58-8p8c.


RJ11 interface is very similar to RJ45 interface, but there are only 4 pins (8 for RJ45). In computer system, RJ11 is mainly used to connect modem. Popular product models: kh-9801-6p6c, kh-9801-6p6c


RJ45 network interface | connector-kh-rj45-56-8p8c-d-golden beacon kinghelm


Dial switch - Golden beacon kinghelm

Most of them are used in the program control board to control the performance of components and parts, and the circuit is on and off. Therefore, the dial switch will also be called program switch, address switch and the most familiar dial switch according to the industry sector. Hot selling product model: kh-bm2 54-4P,KH-BM2. 54-6P,KH-BM2. 54-8P


Touch switch - Golden beacon kinghelm

The key factors affecting the quality of the light touch switch are the protection, solderability, conduction reliability, service life, hand feeling, production process and installation size of the light touch switch. The first factor is the pin substrate. The pin substrate of the light touch switch is brass or phosphor copper (low-grade iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the pins are basically silver plated, The SO2 gas in the air will oxidize when silver meets, which will directly affect the solderability and contact resistance of the switch. Therefore, the silver plating thickness and silver plating process of the base material of the pin must be controlled in place for a high-quality light touch switch. Kingholm hot selling product models: kh-404015-aj, kh-303015-aj, kh-2435-caj, kh-3635-caj


Row needle / row mother picture - Golden beacon kinghelm


Needle and carrier - Golden navigation mark kinghelm

Pin: a kind of connector, English Name: pin header. This connector is widely used in PCB circuit boards in electronics, electrical appliances and instruments. Its function is to act as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit and undertake the task of current or signal transmission. It is usually used together with the busbar to form a plate-to-plate connection; Or it is used together with the electronic harness terminal to form a board to line connection; It can also be used for plate to plate connection independently. Because the specifications required by different products are different, there are also many types and specifications of the row pin. According to the standard of the row pin connector in the electronic industry, it can be roughly divided into five categories: 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm and 0.8mm. According to the number of rows, there are single row pin, double row pin and three row pin; According to the packaging rules, there are SMT (horizontal / vertical), dip (direct / curved), etc. Popular product models: kh-a2541wr-2p, kh-a2541wr-4p, kh-a2541wr-8p, kh-a2541wr-10p, kh-a2541wr-12p, kh-a2541wr-20p, kh-a2541wv-2p, kh-a2541wv-4p, kh-a2541wv-8p, kh-a2541wv-10p, kh-a2541wv-12p, kh-a2541wv-14p, kh-a2541wv-16p, kh-a2541wv-20p



Busbar: a kind of connector, English Name: female header. It is a universal connecting device widely used in electronics, electrical appliances and instruments, which mainly plays the role of current or signal transmission. It is usually used together with the row needle to form a plate-to-plate connection. Popular product models: kh-a2541hwv-6p, kh-a2541hwv-8p, kh-a2541hwv-10p, kh-a2541hwv-12p, kh-a2541hwv-16p, kh-a2541hwv-14p, kh-a2541hwv-18p


Connecting line - adapter line - RF Kha (rg316) - tx650-sma - Golden beacon kingelm



RF connection / adapter - Golden beacon kinghelm

Connecting line is an important carrier for carrying data and power exchange, and its waterproof performance directly affects the function and service life of products.

Adapter line is a special cable used for connecting components and adapter board, or connecting between plug holes on adapter board.

Models of hot selling products are models of hot selling hot hot selling products: models: khhb80-37 (11) - 28, where the (RG113) - 100-29, where the KHB (RG113) - 55-29, where the kh-ipeex-making makes the best of the nation ''s best of all-selling models: the model of the hot hot hot hot sales. Models of the hot hot selling products: the kh80-37 (11) - 11 - 28 - models of hot selling products are models: models of the kh80-37 (11) - 28, where the (11 - 11) - 28, the kh-ipexer4-sma-081-180-180mm; the kh-ipeex4-sma-sma-a-a-081-180mm, the kh-ipex-smakwis-113-113-113-100-100-28-sma-sma-that's-08081-081-29-100-28, where where where (113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - - 80-28, KH-IPEX3-SMA-RG081-150mm,KHB135-38(11)-28-A/3,KH-IPEX3-SMA-RG081-100mm,KHB(RG178)-150-28,KHA(RG316)-TX650-SMA

RF connection line - waterproof IPEX to SMA antenna adapter line waterproof joint line feeder - Golden beacon kinghelm


With the rapid development of modern society and the continuous progress of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the safety of various electronic products, and the quality and functional requirements of electronic products are higher and higher. As the carrier of data and power exchange between equipment and equipment, equipment and machine, machine and machine, its importance is self-evident. The waterproof requirements of electronic products have become one of the basic elements of the quality of more and more electronic products, especially the connecting devices carrying wired transmission data and power supply. Its waterproof quality directly affects the function and service life of products.


Wiring / crimping terminal - Golden beacon kinghelm

Wiring terminal is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection. It is divided into the category of connector in industry. With the higher and higher degree of industrial automation and the more strict and accurate requirements of industrial control, the consumption of wiring terminals is gradually increasing. Hot selling product model: kh-ph-pt2 0,KH-VH-PT3. 96,KH-XH-PT. TJC3


Wiring / crimping terminal - Golden beacon kinghelm


The plug-in series wiring terminal is a type of wiring terminal and an electronic component used to realize electrical connection. It is usually used in the distribution box for convenient wiring and generally bears small power. Popular product models: kh-15edgrc-3.81-4pg, kh-zbk200r-4p-gs, kh-15edgrc-3.81-5pg, kh-zbk400r-2p-5.08gs, kh-zbk400r-4p-5.08gs, kh-zbk400r-3p-5.08gs, kh-zbf400r-3



With the development of the electronic industry, more and more terminals are used, and there are more and more types. In addition to PCB board terminals, there are hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals and so on.


The above is the general series of products of golden navigation mark. With the development of golden navigation mark kinghelm and the strict control of quality, the product quality can be widely recognized by many customers at home and abroad. These are inseparable from the guidance of general manager song Shiqiang and deputy general manager Cheng Yujie. In the crisis of epidemic situation, chip suppression in China and power restriction order in the United States, kinghelm can grow steadily and achieve a 40% increase in production and sales over last year. At the same time, it is also inseparable from the golden beacon, which has always advocated the way of literature and martial arts. Only by being proactive, struggling, having a peaceful attitude and learning to relax can the team develop healthily.


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