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Photo collection of kinghelm company's 2021 summary

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In the past 2021, Shenzhen Gold Hangbiao Electronics Co., LTD. (www.bds666.com) continues to grow and develop, develop many new products and increase many new colleagues, and achieve performance growth of more than 30% every quarter. Located in Longhua, Shenzhen, Jinhaibiao headquarters has expanded from the original 360 square meters of office space to 666 square meters now. The antenna connectors and other products developed by jinhaibiao are producing and selling well. Kinghelm can not achieve such achievements without the efforts of our colleagues and the strong guidance of General Manager Song Shiqiang and Deputy General Manager Cheng Yujie.

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The neat, bright walkways of Kinghelm's new office


All colleagues of Jinhangbiao (WWW.BDS666.COM) have made a profound summary of the past 2021, and the 2022 work plan, and the company's vision for the future. Now we select some good ideas and PPT pictures to share.


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Selected pictures by Cheng Yujie, vice President of Kinghelm

Cheng Yujie, deputy general manager in charge of sales, said that the core competitiveness of Golden Beacon is "professional and dedicated in the BEidou GPS navigation industry, with a strong coordination within the team, and can serve customers quickly". The rapid development of Kinghelm in recent years is inseparable from its professional r&d and production technology and aggressive sales team. Kinghelm focuses on the production and sales of Beidou GPS antenna, RADIO frequency components, mini adapters, broadband data connectors, connectors and terminals. And automotive wiring harness, industrial connectors, military antenna special customized components and other three series of products.

The rapid development of Jinhaibiao is inseparable from the full guarantee of the supply chain. The supply chain manager digitally summarized the good product categories of Jinbao in 2021. The sales of BEidou GPS antenna WiFi antenna RF connection line is the stable foundation of the company. The sales of Connector plate end IPEX, SMA, TypeC, HDMI, socket connector and other products that Jinbao has laid out for several years also rise. The newly developed military antenna automobile motorcycle connector wire harness and so on began to ship.

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Kinghelm supply chain manager summed up to Jin Bao

Gold beacons rapid development in recent years, new product research and development is also important, gold beacons kinghelm hai-feng deng said, director of sales at the end of 2022 goals of 2200 product, the increase of the new products constantly, strengthening the study of product knowledge is an indispensable part of, pushing sales team colleagues can grasp to meet customer demand more accurate, At the same time to make an in-depth analysis of the market, strengthen the development of foreign customers.

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Deng Haifeng, director of Kinghelm, summed up the selected pictures

Gold beacons r&d director kang always said, it is because the gold beacons kinghelm team focused on research and development production of beidou GPS antenna, rf components, mini adapter, broadband data connector, connector, terminal series, and automotive wiring harness, industrial connectors, military antenna special custom components and other products, these techniques are common good microwave radio frequency technology, Professional R & D, professional sales team, and close cooperation between each department, can overcome all kinds of technical and product difficulties.

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Jin Haibiao Kinghelm sales engineer Chen Suwei - summary of work experience selected


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Summary and selection of Sales experience of Zhang Xiaoyan of Kinghelm


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The neat and clean gate of Kinghelm

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Jin Hangbiao Kinghelm Song Yuanming - summary of work experience selection

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Kinghelm Heli - Work experience summary selection


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Kinghelm Yang Bo work experience summary selection

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Summary and selection of Deng Haibin's working experience for kinghelm


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Summary and selection of work experience of Chen Haifeng, Hr Specialist of Kinghelm


图片 3(1).pngThe clean and elegant office environment of Kinghelm


Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics (www.bds666.com) Co., Ltd. and Sacco Micro SLKOR Semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) Co., Ltd. both take "integrity", "progress", "tenacity" and "details" as the corporate culture and code of conduct. Jinhangbiao Sacco micro puancheng real, further, perseverance, control details, handed over a satisfactory answer sheet. Keen on their own work, strict demands on themselves, straighten out the work position, always maintain a "modest" "cautious" "self-disciplined" attitude, in the leadership of the care and cultivation and the support of colleagues to help, study hard, aggressive, constantly improve themselves, carefully complete all kinds of work, perform the job responsibilities, Under the leadership of General manager Song Shiqiang, the future will achieve real "fame and fortune" and "promotion and salary increase".

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