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Kinghelm Launched the High-Performance Bipolar 6G Antenna Group KH6G-0H-08(DPVA)

Release date:2021-12-26Author source:KinghelmViews:778

The new antenna products developed by Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) have been put into the market. After launched the filter KH-EMI6857-6G which can be used with the microwave shielded box, it also launched the high-performance bipolar KH6G-0H-08(DPVA) 6G antenna.

 Kinghelm High Performance Bipolar 6G Antenna Group KH6G-0H-08(DPVA)

I. Main Functions and Scope of Application:

The KH6G-0H-08(DPVA) 6G antenna group of Kinghelm can be widely used in wireless communication products such as 5G/6G mobile phone test, Bluetooth, Wifi, data card, etc., and also in Beidou BDS/GPS, digital broadcasting, automobile remote control, RFID, TPRS, ZigBee, UWB, WiMax, LTE and the R&D, production, quality inspection, experiment and certification departments of various small wireless communication devices, and in the radio frequency antenna OTA couple test.

II. Performance Index of Kinghelm 6G Antenna Group KH6G-0H-08(DPVA):

Overall dimensions: (L) 95 x (W)86  x (H) 1 mm     

Surface color:

 About 30g


The new products of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) such as the filter KH-EMI6857-6G and the high-performance bipolar 6G antenna group KH6G-0H-08(DPVA) can be used as the benchmarking products of Tescom (www.tescom.co.krmade in South Korea, and will be sold in the platform www.szlcsc.com firstlyMore products of Kinghelm such as WiFi antenna, GPS antenna, Beidou antenna, connecting line, connector, board end connector, type-c connector will be sold through the network agents Ichunt (www.ichunt.com), Ickey (www.ickey.cn), Hqbuy (www.hqbuy.com), Allchips (www.allchips.com), Oneyac (www.oneyac.com), Hqew (www.hqew.com), IC (www.ic.net.cn), Alibaba 1688 (www.1688.com), Jingdong (www.jd.com), Pinduoduo (www.pinduoduo.com) and offline agent Wuhan Mingjia Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd., etc..


Customers are also welcomed to come to Kinghelm Electronics (www.bds666.com) to customize products such as non-standard private module radio frequency detection equipment and private module connectors.


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