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2021 golden navigation mark company Conghua 2-day Tour

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It's sunny and warm

Spring is comingAbundanthowever

Conghua two-day tour



       two thousand and twentyIn a hurry, this year we worked hard and worked hard for our ideals and goals.


       two thousand and twenty-oneIt has come. This year, we will continue to move forward with our vision and longing for the future. stayonemonthtwenty-threeRijin navigation markkinghelmThe company organized headquarters personnel to visit Conghua.Bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city,Without the pressure of work,All around us is the laughter and laughter of our colleagues.



       Our first stop is hereBaishuizhai. "The sea boat plank road is the most popular tourist route in Baishuizhai park. It is also the only hydrophilic plank road built with sea boat wood in China. It is known as the first-class boutique project in domestic scenic spots. It suddenly opens up when you enter baishuizhai,The state of mind is like being washed again,Breathing fresh air,There was a sigh in my heart that there was such a beautiful picturesque scenery in the concrete city.We chatted and took photos along the plank road. We were close like a big family.



       From Baishui village, it is close to dinner time. We drive directly to the hot spring hotel of xiawanna hot spring resort. Oriental xiawanna is the first Latin style town in Guangzhou. It is close to Liuxi River. The surrounding environment is beautiful. There are beautiful mountains and rivers on both sides of the river. With a little adjustment, we enjoy a delicious dinner in baiheting Chinese restaurant and try all the local specialties. Of course, the hot spring hotel has few hot spring projects. After a full meal, colleagues lie in the hot spring to discuss every scenic spot during the day, wash away the fatigue during the day, and leave the laughter and laughter of their families.


       After a night's rest, in the morningnineAt 1:00, we drove to Liuxihe National Forest Park. The energetic colleagues on the bus came to a singing competition, which indicates that today is another day of vigorous tide.


       Breeze blowing willow bank, misty rain hazy Peach Blossom Island. Such fresh and beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River has emerged many times in my dream. Then we took a boat tour"Guangzhou mother river" is called Liuxi River. There are mountains in the water and water in the mountains. The mountains and rivers embrace each other, as beautiful as Penglai fairyland. Looking at the lake, the water and the sky are the same, and the blue waves are Wanqing. It is worthy of being a "natural oxygen bar" with fresh air.



       Happy times always pass very quickly. We ended our trip to the island in Xingao cailie,"Mother River" left our laughter, but good memories and happy mood have been brought back, and will continue……


       At the last stop, we came to the farmyard orchard and enjoyed the joy of harvest. As soon as we entered the orchard, we saw many paddle fruits standing on the branches full and sweet. Colleagues carrying small bamboo baskets, humming songs, followed suit and explored the big and red fruits under the leaves, like exploring treasure. When you find the target, gently stroke it with your hand, it will be full of red and joy……  In everyone's lingering mood, everyone embarked on the journey home with half in their belly and one in their bag. Through this picking, we not only harvest fruits, but also have fun with our family.



Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhangbiao, said that this trip is not only an affirmation and comfort to our colleagues of jinhangbiao for their hard work in the past year, but also an opportunity for everyone to relax physically and mentally and a good time to go out to study. The important thing is to reflect how to integrate the team spirit into the follow-up work on the basis of the company's care for employees, What is more important is to create an atmosphere in which all employees are united, cohesive, active and forge ahead. At the same time, we hope that in the coming year, we will continue our efforts to push our company's Beidou antenna products to more application fields, make a contribution to China's Beidou cause and let us move towards a higher goal.


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