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Terminal wire automobile harness processing factory golden navigation mark kinghelm electronic introduction what is puncturing terminal wire

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With the development of electronic technology and the continuous enrichment of electronic products, the demand for electronic products has become larger and larger, including terminal connectorsLeadwireThe development of technology and processing technology such as wire harness has become better and better, and it is more convenient for customers to use. Many people ask the RF wire rod engineers of kingholm company (www.bds666. Com) about what thorn isBroken terminal wire? In fact, the piercing terminal wire also belongs to the category of terminal wire, but the piercing terminal wire has obvious structural characteristics. As a terminal wire harness processing manufacturer with rapid development in the industry, jinhangbiao company briefly introduces it as follows:



The 0.6mm pierced terminal wire sold by kingholm in Lichuang mall

1. Golden beacon kinghelmPunctured terminal wire, simple installation, direct conductive connection to prevent oxidation and no false welding, so as to ensure good electrical connection without damaging the conductor.
2. The insulated wire of kingholm can be used as cable branch without peeling, and the joint is completely insulated. Tapping points can be made at any position of the cable. The installation space requirements are minimal, the cost is saved, and the requirements for miniaturization of electronic products are met.

3. Kinghelm piercing terminal wire can reduce production cost, improve production efficiency, unique joint design, reduce production energy consumption, realize environmental protection manufacturing, semi-automatic process and provide high reliability. It is widely used in PCBA and other products.



Kinghelm gold navigation mark 0.8mm pierced terminal wire


The advantages of the piercing terminal wire connector developed, produced and sold by kingholm can achieve efficient and reliable tap connection and play the role of a bridge connecting various functions. The products are used for board-to-board connection between motor and motor, water pump, air compressor, washer, generator, transformer, electric tools and PCB board.


kinghelmGolden beaconType-CConnectorKH-TYPE-C-6P


Golden beacon kinghelm(www.bds666.com)Based on the previous research, development and production of Beidou antenna and GPS antenna connecting line, the company launchedHDMI interface connector. HDMI interface is a special digital interface suitable for image transmission,It can be used for cable TV set-top box, DVD player, personal computer and PC, TV amusement device, integrated amplifier, digital audio and television, andIt can transmit audio and video signals at the same time.HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080p, but also support digital audio formats such as DVD audio, eight channel 96KHz or stereo 192Khz digital audio transmission, and can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals with high quality.A variety of kinghelm brand HDMI interfaces and HDMI connectors developed and produced by golden beacon company have a very good response effect after they are put into the market! The application advantage of golden beacon HDMI interface is that only one HDMI line is needed to transmit audio and video signals at the same time. At the same time, due to wireless digital / analog or analog / digital conversion, it can obtain higher audio and video transmission quality, which is widely loved by consumers.



kinghelmGolden beaconType-CConnectorKH-TYPE-C-6PSpecification for


Beidou BDS is not only the business of golden beacon kinghelm company, but also the business of golden beacon company and general manager Mr. Song Shiqiang. Mr. Song Shiqiang, founder of golden beacon company, is a private enterprise development research expert of the economic development center of the State Council. He has been actively giving advice and suggestions for Shenzhen's economic development and reform. Mr. Song Shiqiang has published many papers on macroeconomic research and Shenzhen's economic development in authoritative media, providing new ideas and new perspectives for Shenzhen's economic development and system reform, On his microblog bds666, he has been cheering for Hua qiangbei and Beidou. Golden beacon is an enterprise developed from Huaqiangbei. Kingelm is a brand sprouting and growing in Huaqiangbei. Huaqiangbei lecture hall is the place where Mr. Song Shiqiang, as the gold medal lecturer of Huaqiangbei, publicizes for everyone. Mr. Song Shiqiang has always paid attention to Huaqiangbei, studied Huaqiangbei, wrote a large number of articles, analyzed and sorted out the traditional Huaqiangbei business model, thought and explored for the development and transformation of Huaqiangbei, made suggestions and suggestions for purifying Huaqiangbei's business environment, and hoped that Huaqiangbei would always remain young and become a representative of Shenzhen's prosperity and a business card for the display of the great achievements of reform and opening up.



Huaqiangbei, also known as the never-ending exhibition of electronic components, products such as Beidou GPS antenna connector board end seat of kinghelm brand of golden navigation mark (www.bds666. Com) company, and products of Sarkozy micro semiconductor (www.slkormicro. Com) invested by song Shiqiang, That is, slkor brand diode triode Hall element, MOS FET and silicon carbide power device products are sold well in Huaqiangbei stores, so as to better and more directly serve Huaqiangbei traders and customers.


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