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Kinghelm Sincerely Recruits Agents

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       Established in 2007, Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with both software product certification and software enterprise certification, a senior member of " GNSS and LBS Association of China", an enterprise that has obtained ISO9001(04617Q13625ROS) quality management certification system, and is improving IATF16949 automobile quality management system. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Beidou GPS satellite navigation and Internet of Things terminal hardware and the provision of logistics information intelligent platform solutions.


Kinghelm Won the Certificate of Military and Civilian Integration Product


Products such as "Kinghelm" brand series of Beidou antenna and GPS antenna launched by Kinghelm are widely used in satellite positioning and navigation, Internet of Things, smart cities, new infrastructure and new energy vehicles, logistics information monitoring and settlement and other fields. www.bds666.com information system platform should be used combined with Kinghelm series RF hardware (WIFI antenna, antenna cable, Beidou GPS antenna, RFID tag, ceramic patch antenna), etc. At present, in order to further explore the domestic market, the company is now looking for agents all over the country.



Kinghelm's Factory Located in Tangxia, Dongguan City.


1. Company conditions: A professional and mature sales team with pioneering spirit. Have a certain knowledge of radio frequency, microwave and other technologies and related products, and be able to assist Kinghelm Company in product sales and provide services to customers.


2. Market scope: Need Beidou GPS terminal, mobile intelligent terminal, vehicle positioning and navigation, industrial communication, information intelligence, smart city, new energy vehicles and other related customer channels.


Product Pictures of Beidou Antenn and Beidou Module Connecting Line Supplied by Kinghelm for Sinotruk


3. Cooperation mode: Form a long-term and stable strategic development relationship with Kinghelm Company. Kinghelm can provide all-round technical training, brand support and business support for agents. To achieve the expected performance of Kinghelm, there will be a share reward of Kinghelm Company (Kinghelm has been invested by Tsinghua fund investers).


4. Advantages of cooperation: Kinghelm brand has a high reputation, good reputation, perfect management, excellent quality and complete qualification in the industry. The product has a large market capacity, a large profit margin, and 20 years of rapid development. Kinghelm's Beidou antenna module has been supplied to Sinotruk, Nanjing Ford and Nanjing Golden Dragon for a long time, and the newly developed new energy battery connection line has been imported into Daewoo by our Korean agents. Chengdu Eicbuy Technology, our agent, has imported Kinghelm's Little Pepper Antenna into Changhong Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Reecam Tech. Ltd. and has supplied Kinghelm's 4G blade WiFi antenna to Zhuzhou CRRC (www.bds666.com/page37).



Some Product Application Diagrams of Kinghelm


Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to develop with you, if you are interested, please call Mr. Cheng at 0755—83044319 or contact through WeChat and mobile phone 13066963301, for more details, please enter www.bds666.com.


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