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Kinghelm congratulates the successful holding of the Slkor National Excellent Agent Awards Ceremony

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On March 25, 2023, Kinghelm branchoffice Slkor's annual national agent awards conference was grandly held in the banquet hall of Hilton Hotel. Dozens of excellent agent partners from all over the country were invited to attend. The conference comprehensively summarized Slkor's agent sales in 2022 , exchanged the development strategy and industrial planning, technical route, product layout, etc. of Slkor (www.slkoric.com) in 2023, and presented awards to the outstanding agents of the previous year.



Slkor 2022 Outstanding Agent Awards Ceremony Poster


Song Shiqiang, general manager of Slkor, Li Jianxiong, technical director of Tsinghua University, He Junju, vice president of Slkor, Cheng Yujie, vice president of Kinghelm, and other leaders attended the conference. , Conspiring to create a new chapter in Sacco's micro business.



Slkor's leadership gathers with agency partners



Agents invited to participate include: Arrow SMIC (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Tongwangda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Beichen Starlight Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhijiechen Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Yixin Technology Co., Ltd. , Liaoning Jiuze Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Baodi Zenghao Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fukuan Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huachuang Shengshi Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huazhongxin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Genie Trading Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Liexin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meiyan Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shilianxin Technology Co., Ltd., and Xinshilian Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.



Founded in 2015, Slkormicro is a well-known semiconductor company with a history of nearly ten years. With the concept of "being a leader in China's semiconductors", Slkor continues to develop markets across the country. Among them, Slkor's partners all over the country have contributed a lot to its business development and market deepening. The time of their relationship with Slkor varies, and they are distributed all over the country, but they have always stood together with the company's brand and made indelible contributions to Slkor's development today.


slkor is a national high-tech enterprise and one of the outstanding domestic brand enterprises of Huaqiang Electronics in 2022. slkor (www.slkoric.com) has obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights for its originality. It is currently a semiconductor enterprise with rapid and steady development in China one. Sacco products high, medium and low voltage MOSFETs, thyristors, bridge stacks and other power devices, Schottky diodes, ESD, TVS, slkor general-purpose diode triodes, and power management chips, Hall sensors, high-speed optocouplers and other series, and kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) Beidou GPS antenna RF connector filter and other products are widely used in smart phones, laptops, robots, smart homes, Internet of Things, LED lighting, 3C digital products and other fields.


Slkor's 2022 Excellent Agent Awards Ceremony Dinner was successfully held in the auditorium


At the beginning of the event, Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Slkor, introduced Slkor's development strategy and industrial planning. Mr. Song Shiqiang, researcher of private economy of the Economic Development Center of the State Council, member of the electronic information expert bank of China Association for Science and Technology, and business research expert of Huaqiangbei. Song Shiqiang has been deeply involved in Huaqiangbei for many years. The "SLKOR" and "Kinghelm" brands created by Song Shiqiang have emerged from Huaqiangbei and are gradually becoming the top echelon of the semiconductor industry.



Song Shiqiang introduced Slkor's development strategy and industrial planning to the agent partners


Song Shiqiang expressed warm welcome and sincere blessings to the arrival of all partners. He expressed the hope that in the future, Slkor and Kinghelm will continue to work together with all agents and partners to develop a win-win situation. At the same time, he made a summary of Slkor's work in 2022 in terms of market development, industrial planning, and product promotion, and shared the strategic development direction of Slkor in 2023. In the future, Slkor will also insist on win-win cooperation with various partners, go hand in hand, and create a better future.



Song Shiqiang, general manager of Slkor, delivered a speech at the dinner


Subsequently, Mr. Li Jianxiong, the technical director of Slkor and a well-known expert from Tsinghua University, trained everyone on Slkor's technical route and product layout. Slkor insists on strategic design and layout of products, and uses Slkor's official website and various media platforms to attract traffic and trigger in-depth upgrades and breadth expansion behind the product. At the same time, Slkor firmly believes that to make any product, you need to have core competitiveness first. Only when you have core capabilities can you motivate customers to choose us and continue to choose us, so as to promote the long-term operation of the enterprise.



Multiple applications of Slkor's products


In the afternoon, Slkor and its excellent agent partners visited Slkor's Huaqiangbei store. Slkor's image store opened in Huaqiangbei, the design is simple and elegant, which fully demonstrates Slkor's product categories and company culture. Agents visiting the Slkor image store can not only deepen their understanding of Slkor's products, but also let people feel the brand image of Slkor intuitively. During the visit, the agents gave Slkor products a high evaluation and praised Slkormicro's products.



Agent partners visit Slkor's Huaqiang North Store 1 and Store 2


In the evening, a dinner was held at the Hilton Hotel next to the Slkor headquarters. At the banquet, awards were awarded to the outstanding agents that Slkor has cooperated with so far, and I expressed my sincere thanks to the agents for their support and recognition. Among them, Mr. Wu Bo, the vice president of Shenzhen Lichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., as the representative of the award-winning agent, delivered a passionate speech, congratulating the smooth holding and complete success of the conference, and also expressed his new hope for the future development of Slkor bless.



Mr. Wu Bo, Vice President of Shenzhen Liketronic E-Commerce Co., Ltd. delivered a speech


In the sound of exciting music, every winner of the annual awards was filled with joyful smiles, and the awards ceremony brought the conference to its climax. So far, the Slkor National Excellent Agents Conference has come to a successful conclusion.



Slkor's 2022 Excellent Agent Awards Trophy


Only by working hard and Yang Fan can we move forward through the waves, and only by looking far ahead can we make steady and long-term progress. Slkor attaches great importance to the construction and maintenance of the agent system, and is committed to providing all-round support for partners. In the future, Slkor (www.slkoric.com) and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) will also continue to deepen the market, increase investment in production and research, and join hands with partners from all over the country to take advantage of the momentum and create greater glories!


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