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Golden beacon kinghelm - launches new anti metal RFID Tag Series

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With the advent of the information age, intelligent electronic products and intelligent management are more and more widely used. As information acquisition and transmission, GPS Beidou positioning navigation antenna, RFID tag, connector, terminal block, connector and board end seat are used more and more widely, and there are more and more kinds. In order to better meet the needs of customers, Shenzhen jinhangbiao kinghelm company, jinhangbiao www.bds666 Com has released a number of new products, RFID tags. Let's take a look at these new products with Shenzhen Golden navigation mark electronic Xiaobian!


RFID tag is actually an electronic tag. RFID tag, commonly known as "RFID", is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification. RFID tag is a non-contact automatic identification technologyRF signalAs the wireless version of bar code, RFID technology has the advantages of waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, encryption of data on the label, larger storage capacity, free change of storage information and so on. Golden beacon company has also developed and produced "kinglem" RFID tags. Let's see the RFID tags launched by golden beacon electronics.



Metal resistant RFID tag kh-rfid-852011-golden beacon kinghelm


This product can be widely used in indoor and outdoor asset management and patrol inspection management. It can achieve good RF performance when installed on metal and non-metal surfaces. The product has stable and reliable performance. It is a leader in similar products.


Product parameter diagram of anti metal RFID tag kh-rfid-852011 - Golden beacon kinghelm



Metal resistant RFID tag kh-rfid-pcb8020-gold navigation mark kinghelm

Parameter specification drawing of anti metal RFID tag kh-rfid-pcb8020 - Golden beacon kinghelm



Parameter specification drawing of anti metal RFID tag kh-rfid-pcb8020-2-golden navigation mark kinghelm




UHF UHF anti metal tag kh-rfid-1352212-golden beacon kinghelm

UHFTechnical parameters of metal labels

Product Name: UHF UHF anti metal label

Product size: 135mm & times; 22 mm × 12 mm

Chip: Alien H3

Operating frequency: 860 ~ 960MHz or customized frequency hopping or fixed frequency operation in other frequency bands

Support agreement: ISO18000-6B, iso18000-6c (EPC Gen2)

Reading and writing distance: 5 ~ 10m, depending on the gain of the reader antenna or the use environment

Base material: ABS shell, ultrasonic packaging

The memory capacity of EEPROM is 512 bits in total, of which 96 bits are EPC coded and 64 bits are used as the system

The parameters are locked as ID number and distribution and circulation management data when leaving the factory and cannot be changed.

Programmable memory capacity EPC area 96bits is a user application development area, which can be divided into bytes as needed

Format function and lock read-write operation.

Tag read / write reads EEPROM data in a single tag memory. The average minimum time for reading EEPROM data per 32bits is about

1.4 ms ; The average minimum time for writing is 30ms per 32 bits

The anti-interference performance of the tag adopts anti-collision communication protocol; Effective binary tree anti-collision mechanism, no

Limited and affected by the number of tags in the workspace, it can effectively read more than 50 Tags per second.

Operating temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

Storage temperature: - 15 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Single weight: 15g / piece

Background of kinghelm front desk


The above are the updated products mainly promoted by kingholm. With the development of kingholm and the strict control of quality, the product quality can be widely recognized by many customers at home and abroad. These are inseparable from the guidance of general manager song Shiqiang and deputy general manager Cheng Yujie. They have always advocated the relaxation of the way of literature and martial arts, achieved positive and enterprising, worked hard, had a peaceful attitude, learned to relax themselves and let the team develop healthily.


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