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Smart campus solutions

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1. Project background


Students are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation, the safety of students and campus life need our focus. So combined with the safety of the students management, campus entrance guard, campus of consumption and the wisdom of the school itself informationization need each application scenarios, such as warburg technology launched a school bus safety management system, students' safety management system, campus information system in a body's comprehensive wisdom campus solution, for the construction of new campus wisdom, render a.

2. System scheme introduction

The comprehensive smart campus solution consists of intelligent hardware terminal, network communication, cloud service software and so on.

Intelligent hardware terminal: responsible for front-end data collection and upload, cloud linkage, including vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal, student security terminal, campus access control terminal, campus consumption terminal, campus attendance terminal, etc.

Network communication: including wired network, wireless network; Responsible for data transmission;

Cloud: responsible for the calculation and storage of business data, function display, reports, remote device control, settlement, etc., as the core of the smart campus solution;

3. System topology


The school can flexibly configure required function modules based on actual application scenarios.

4. Introduction of smart campus system


 system software composition

Smart campus system software consists of server software, PC client, and public account (school role, parent role, and teacher role).


System software Functions



 Public account


Display the interface of the public account of the teacher role


Display the interface of the official account of the parent role


5. Intelligent terminal introduction

55.1 校车安全终端介


5.2 校车安全终端安装示意图


5.3 校车安全终端功能介绍


5.4 学生安全终端介绍



5.5 学生安全终端功能介绍



6. Company Introduction


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