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Smart solutions for nursing homes

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Project background: 


In 2019, population aged over 60 reached 250 million in China, accounting for 18% of its total population. The number is expected to improve by 20% by 2027 when we will enter deep aging society.

Policy level: 


According to the Guide on Elderly Falls Intervention Technology released by the former Ministry of Health, the industrial standard implemented from January 1, 2022 - Basic Specification for Falls Prevention of the Elderly in Senior Care Organization (MZ/T 185-2021), and by referring to elderly falls prevention and control methods and experience both at home and abroad, senior care organization, from the perspective of senior care organization preventing elderly from falling, are required to assess environment risk and falling risk and prevent and reduce elderly’s falling on senior care organization by the measures such as establishing preventive environment facilities, offering falling prevention education and doing functional exercise.

Current status: 


Implementing the Basic Specification for Falls Prevention of the Elderly in Senior Care Organization (MZ/T 185-2021) according to the Guide on Elderly Falls Intervention Technology released by formerly Ministry of Health means increase of service rules of old people's home, which needs more service personnel accordingly.

Needs of old people’s home


With further development of aging, weaknesses are displayed in various aspects such as service ability and management level of old people’s home. Therefore, part of human forces could be released by deploying intelligent care system for old people’s home, which, furthermore, could improve service level and working efficiency of old people’s home and lower customer complaint.

System framework introduction: Intelligent care system for ole people’s home is composed of image acquisition terminal, edge computing terminal, server software, client and network. 


System function introduction:

1. Warning and reminding function

In case of detecting an abnormal scene, video image will be enlarged automatically and displayed on large screen and the reminder may be sent by voice. 


2. Intelligent care function


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