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Kh-emi6857-6g filter recommended by kingholm

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       In order to expand business scope and increase sales, golden navigation markKinghelm company (www.bds666. Com) has continuously developed new products and put them into the marketKH-EMI6857-6G, and microwaveThe testing and debugging products of antenna such as darkroom shielding box are used together.


Golden beaconkinghelmDetection filterKH-EMI6857-6G


       kinghelmGolden beaconKH-EMI6857-6Gwave filtermainbe used for, RFPower test of wireless electronic products and wireless communication productsSensitivity testEMI testCoupling testEMC testingRF function testwait。 Applied to mobile phones, wireless routers, wireless network cards, Bluetooth devicesWLAN equipment, PDA equipmentRF and microwave equipmentGPS/BDS Beidou navigation and positioning productsSmart homeAnti theft lockAnd intelligent terminal equipmenttest



       Golden beaconKinghelm this paragraphKH-EMI6857-6GOscilloscope products, usingdoubleUSB2. 0Interface,Maximum currentbyDC-3A (kinghelmofKH this series cancustomizedProduct interfacestillhaveUSB3. 0.DB9,D25RJ45etc.)


       sizeby120(W)*68(D)*57mm(H)Attenuation value/Isolation degreeby
       600M---2.4GHz≥70dB ; 5.8GHz ≥ 65dB effective attenuation frequency range 100MHz ~ 6GHz


       Golden beaconKingelm (www.bds666. Com)Filter and other new products can be benchmarked with Korean onesTescom (www.tescom. Co.kr) products have served Huawei Huawei, Apple iPhone, ZTE, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other major customers.takeIn Alibaba1688(www.1688.com)Wanlian core city(www.hqbuy. com)At the same time, the initial sales.With the golden beaconWifi antennaGPS antennaBeidou antenna connecting line connectorPlate end seatType C connectorOther products, will beHard city of network agents(www.allchips. com)Core hunting net(www.ichunt. COM), Yunhan core city (www.ickey. CN), Weixiang Mall (www.oneyac. Com)Jingdong Mall(www.jd. COM), Huaqiang electronic network (www.hqew. Com), IC trading network (www.ic. Net. CN), Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc. Com), pinduoduo (www.pinduoduo. Com), offline agent Wuhan Mingjia Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd.Golden beaconKinghelm (www.bds666. Com) also launchedHigh performance bipolar Vivaldi6GantennagroupKh6g-0h-08 (dpva) and other products.



Golden beaconkinghelmHigh performance bipolar Vivaldi6GantennagroupKH6G-0H-08(DPVA)

       Golden beaconKinghelm will continue to produce and sell products such as Beidou GPS antenna connecting line connector board end seat, and more products such as RF and microwave will be launched.Welcome customers to golden beacon electronicswww.BDS666. com)Customized non-standard private mode RF testing equipment and private mode connectors.


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