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Kinghelm was invited by Shenzhen microwave communication technology application industry association to participate in ZTE's visit and exchange

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In order to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the alma mater, further strengthen the organizational strength of the special committee, summarize and report the past work, explore the next development strategy of the special committee, and promote the exchanges among the directors of the special committee, the Council of the special committee for advanced manufacturing was held in Beijing in the afternoon of April 25th.



In the afternoon of April 25th, 2021, the Council of Advanced Manufacturing Professional Committee of Tsinghua Alumni Association was held in Tongfang Science and Technology Plaza. Luo Jianbinacademician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, former dean of Tsinghua University School of Mechanical Engineering, and president of Advanced Manufacturing Professional Committee of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Yang Liudeputy Secretary-General of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Mei Xiaopengassistant Secretary-General of Tsinghua Alumni Association and Secretary-General of Tsinghua Alumni Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship Competition, Tian Xingyandirector of Communication Department of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Liu Houdeassociate Professor of Automation Department of Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, and Song Shiqianggeneral Manager of Kinghelm attended the meeting.

More than 70 executive directors, directors, academic committee members, secretariat members and alumni representatives attended the meeting. Luo Jianbei, former chairman of Tsinghua Science Park Incubator Co., Ltd. and Party Secretary of Tsinghua University Computer Department, Zhu Fang, Chairman of Shenzhen Tsing-Yuan Investment Management Co., Ltd., Dong Jun, Chairman of Tsinghua Technology & Innovation Holdings Co.,Ltd., Hu Zuohuan, President of Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Xiaohao, Vice President of Tsinghua University Institute of Ocean Engineering, Li Xiaohong, director and deputy party secretary of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, Yao Wei, general manager of Beijing Hangxing Machinery Manufacturing Corporation, and other board representatives, Li Shuangshou, Director of Tsinghua University, Fundamental Industry Training Center, Zhang Tao, Dean of Automation Department of Tsinghua University and Vice President of Information Science and Technology College, Lv Zhigang, Party Secretary of Tsinghua University, Professor of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, Secretary Schwarzman Scholars, Chief Professor Gao Xudong and other academic committee representatives, Sui Shaochun, deputy general manager of Avichengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., Ma Mingxing, Secretary General of the Committee, Liu Houde, Associate Professor, Department of Automation, Shenzhen Graduate School, Tsinghua University, and Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com), attended the meeting. Bai Xiaoyi, executive deputy secretary general of the special committee of the conference, presided over it.

In the opening speech, Mr. Yang Liu, on behalf of the Alumni Association, welcomed all alumni back to school on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of their alma mater to participate in the celebration ceremony. She fully affirmed the work achievements of the special committee, and pointed out that the special activities such as "China Power-Made in Tsinghua China Tour" and "Investigation and Research on High-end Bearings" were carried out with great vitality, which created a good case of innovation cooperation in Industry-University-Research and achieved good social response. On this basis, three expectations are put forward for the special committee: First, playing a greater industry influence to serve alumni, and fully mobilizing the resources of directors and experts to provide help and support for young alumni; Second, playing a greater emotional appeal to serve the school well, effectively convey the needs of school development, and promote alumni to participate in school construction; Third, playing a greater ability of resource integration to serve the society well, and effectively aggregate the strength of alumni to expand the radiation range.


Teacher Yang Liu Made A Speech


Ma Mingxing made a work report of the special committee on behalf of the secretariat. In 2020, the special committee will strengthen alumni contact, and more than 1,700 real names will be registered; Carry out the Advanced Manufacturing Finals of the Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship Competition, travel to Changshu Station and Luoyang Station in China, organize a group to dock with Yangquan in Shanxi and Beihai in Guangxi, and continuously serve alumni; Jointly hold thematic forums with the branch of Mechanical Department to support the discipline construction of the school; Carry out investigation and research on high-end bearings to promote innovation and development of bearing industry. This year, the special committee will focus on organizational construction, brand activities and industry research.


Secretary-General Ma Xing Made A Report On The Work Of The Special Committee


At the last meeting, the Council voted to change the term of the second Council of the Special Committee, elected a new Council, academic members and members of the secretariat, and issued letters of appointment.



Academician Luo Jianbin Awarded The Appointment Letter To The Vice President And Secretary General


Alumni Association Yang Liu, Mei Xiaopeng and Tian Xingyan Presented The Appointment Letter To The Executive Director


Academician Luo Jianbin and Secretary-General Ma Mingxing Awarded The Appointment Letter to the Deputy Secretary-General.


Later, Mei Xiaopeng gave a special lecture on the Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship Competition. First of all, he said that he was very happy to witness the growth of the special committee. After four years of development, the special committee effectively linked the top alumni in the industry and gave full play to the leading role of resources; Pay attention to the contact breadth of alumni, so that the special committee has a wide representation. The Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship Competition gave birth to the Advanced Manufacturing Committee, and continued to inject resources into the Advanced Manufacturing Committee; The establishment and development of the Advanced Manufacturing Committee has greatly helped and supported the development of the Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship Competition. The Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship Competition and the Advanced Manufacturing Committee will go hand in hand to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tsinghua alumni.


Teacher Mei Xiaopeng Made a Speech


Zhu Fang, Hu Zuohuan, Wang Xiaohao, vice-presidents of the committee, Sui Shaochun, an invited alumnus, and Zhang Sai, director of the committee, shared the themes of scientific and technological innovation and venture capital, manufacturing transformation, manufacturing innovation service, advanced manufacturing industry development, entrepreneurial experience and perception.


Vice President Zhu Fang


Hu Zuohuan, Vice President


Vice President Wang Xiaohao


Invited alumnus Sui Shaochun


Director Zhang Sai


The attending directors, experts and alumni discussed the development strategy of the special committee, and fully expressed their opinions on how the special committee can give full play to the advantages of the platform to build an innovative ecology, serve the technological innovation of enterprises and help the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Alumni attending the meeting expressed their willingness to provide resources support for the development of the special committee, open up the golden channel of Industry-University-Research, and make greater contributions to building alma mater, helping alumni and serving the society.




Discussion on Development Strategy of Special Committee


Song Shiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen Kinghhelm Electronics Co., Ltd. said that some Beidou GPS antenna cables produced by Kinghhelm Company are standard products, and some technological processes are suitable for automated and standardized production. Advanced intelligent manufacturing is very suitable to be popularized and applied to Kinghelm products of Kinghelm company. It can not only strengthen the control of production, process, quality and product consistency, but also improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness, reduce costs and enhance benefits, and play a positive role in promoting the company's development. Kinghelm will participate in more activities in this field in the future!



Song Shiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.


Finally, Academician Luo Jianbin, President of the Special Committee, delivered a concluding speech on behalf of the Special Committee, thanking all alumni who supported the work of the Special Committee, and affirming the work achievements of the Special Committee in the past year. Academician Luo pointed out that the special committee has set up a platform for alumni to share resources through brand activities such as the Third Innovation Competition, which has contributed to a number of school-enterprise docking. By carrying out the "High-end Bearing Investigation and Research" project, it is exploring new ideas of "improving weaknessesshoring up weak spots" of China's high-end bearings in the future, boosting the breakthrough in localization of China's high-end bearings and providing strong support for the development of manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, he hopes that all the directors, experts and alumni will actively make suggestions and suggestions for the work of the special committee, support the platform construction of the special committee, and jointly lead the development of advanced manufacturing industry.


President Luo Jianbin made a concluding speech.



In addition, all the alumni took a group photo and gave best wishes for the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University.



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