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Kinghelm Company Developed Kinghelm New Product Series Type-C SMA Interface, Etc.

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Kinghelm Company (www.bds666.com) has developing Beidou GPS antenna, automobile antenna and automotive wiring harness connector, and Kinghelm brand antenna cable products are sold to BYD AutoNanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd and XPeng Motors in large quantities. 


Beidou GPS Antenna and SMA Connectors Are Processed in Kinghelm Factory 


Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com), said that no progress means regression in enterprise development. In order to adapt to Beidou GPS antenna industry and social development, on the basis of the previous products of Beidou GPS antenna, harness RF connector and USB, Kinghelm Company uses the original factory buildings, mechanical equipment testing instruments, and skilled workers, etc, developed Kinghelm brand KH series SMA connector, SMA terminal, IPEX connector, microwave RF antenna connector, type-c interface data transmission connector, bus bar connector, pin bar connector, 3C digital products HDMI interface, data transmission VGA interface and other products.


Type-c Interface -KH-TYPE-C-L10-6P Connector

With the development of communication technologies such as 5G millimeter wave, Beidou GPS antenna products that allow wireless connection between devices and terminals to locate and navigate will also be widely used. Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Industry, Internet and other industries will explode. These are all inseparable from information and data transmission.These intelligent hardware should use Beidou GPS antenna cable, RF connectorUSB connector, pin connector, bus connector, HDM data interface, VGA interface and other products. The era of "Internet of Everything" is about to break out, and Kinghelm Company is ready for it.


Kinghelm Factory



Kinghelm's Beidou GPS antenna and other products, together with the Slkor brand products of its affiliated company Slkor Company (www.slkormicro.com), provide customers with quality products and meticulous services. Slkor provides customers with MOSFET, LDO power management IC, AC/DC, silicon carbide MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, ESD diode, TVS diode, Hall component, Schottky diode, triode and other products.

The trademark "Kinghelm" was originally registered by Kinghelm Company, which has a very high popularity and reputation. The series of products researched, developed and produced by  Kinghelm Company are widely used in the fields of satellite navigation and positioning, mainly include: RJ45-RJ45 interface, connector, RF connector, transfer line, coaxial connector, type-c interface, type-c pin header, female header connector, SMA-FPC-FFC water joint, hdmi interface,USB connector, terminal, leadwire, terminal board, binding post, terminal block, RFID positioning and navigation antenna, communication antenna, antenna connecting line, glue stick antenna, sucker antenna, 433 aerial, 4G antenna, Beidou experts GPS antenna, etc., the products above are sold with factory prices you are welcomed to contact us online or by telephone.



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