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Founded in 2007, Shenzhen Jinwan Marriage Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech and dual soft certification enterprise. Gold Airlines label company originally achieved more than 10 invention patents and software copyrights such as BDS / GPS navigation positioning.


 KINGHELM products Beidou GPS antenna KHYG-GPS-3M-SMAJ


Jinhang State Company mainly develops "Kinghelm" brand series BDS / GPS antenna dual-mode two-in-one air, Russian de Galonas Galonss antenna, European Galileo Galileo antenna, four-in-one antenna, WiFi antenna, Chip ceramic antenna, APP antenna, BDS / GPS navigation antenna, BDS + GSM two-in-one, BDS + GPS positioning antenna, WiFi antenna, Bluetooth headset TWS ceramic antenna, car suction cup antenna, radio meter wireless water meter wire meter, still have a notebook antenna, ship sail sea antenna , Home DVB-T digital TV antenna, can wear a built-in antenna, PCB hardboard antenna, FPC flexible board antenna, patch ceramic antenna, antenna jumper, antenna feeder, 433 antenna, 868 antenna, 915 antenna, 2G antenna, 3G Antenna, 2.4G antenna, 4G antenna, 5G antenna, 5.8G antenna, Spring antenna, router antenna, antenna connection line, antenna switching line, all Netcom antenna, high gain antenna, LORA antenna, NB-IOT antenna, RTK antenna difference antenna, base station antenna, tower antenna, ETC antenna, GNSS antenna, high precision RTK antenna, timing antenna, RFID label, transfer tab, IPEX / SMA seatboard end, various connector connector design, production and supporting engineering antenna series complete sets of products.


KINGHELM products 4 generation IPEX board end seat KH-IPEX4-2020


Gold Airlines Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) antenna connection line products are widely used in car navigation positioning, TWS Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, intelligent logistics, automatic distribution, wisdom cold chain, smart security, smart family , Smart city, smart transportation, vehicle network, new energy vehicle, wireless communication, railway traffic, public security defense border inspection and other fields. Applicable to Huawei, ZTE, Datang, Xiaomi and other equipment products, and China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Tower and other operators.


 KINGHELM product RF cable KHB240-37 (13) -28


Jinhang standard Kinghelm Company in Dongguan Tangxia self-owned factory, there are multiple aging testers, salt fog test machines, automatic cutters, automatic roll machines, plug-in test machines, drop testers, crimping machines, peaks Welding, automatic punch, Agilent 6G network analyzer, two luxury Satimo microwave darkroom, have experienced high-quality engineers, can provide customers with sample debugging, sample analysis, copy board and other services. The company 's management is strict. The ISO9000 certification obtained is obtained.


Gold Airlines Kinghelm Products CHIP Bluetooth Ceramic Antenna KH3216-A55


    The board of the Kinghelm of Jinhang label can directly replace Murata, Hirose, TE CONNECTIVITY Thaike Connector, Hirose, Molex Mo Shi Terrace, etc., cost-effective. Provide fast and high quality services for our end customers. Widely used in GPS Beidou Navigation, Vehicle Position, GPS / Beidou Location Equipment and "Two Guanyi" all-in-one, wireless router and other electrical equipment. It can also be used in the related product. Platforms such as the Passenger Mall (www.szlcsc.com), Huaqiang Electronics Mall, Alibaba (https://dgic2010.1688.com/) are in a large number of sales.

   Jinhang standard Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) also has an Beidou antenna, the inside of the Beidou antenna, GPS antenna, Beidou GPS car antenna, GPS Beidou antenna, Beidou RTK antenna, Beidou antenna shell, antenna connection line, WiFi antenna, GNSS antenna, high-precision Beidou antenna, Beidou Measurement antenna, GPS dual mode positioning, high-precision positioning system, Beidou GPS + 4GGSM combination antenna, automotive antenna, GPS Beidou Glonass Galileo module, Beidou communication module, GPS module compatible, Beidou Module GPS Module GPS Module Dual Mode Location, Beidou Module GPS Module WiFi Module Bluetooth Module, Beidou Module GPS Location Module GPS Module Dual Mode Position, Beidou Module GPS Module GPS Module, Beidou Module Chip, Two-Big GPS Module, Beidou Module CNSS GPS positioning module, Beidou navigation positioning module, WiFi antenna, high-power WiFi antenna radiation big, iPhone 3G WiFi antenna, iPhon6S WiFi antenna, HD2 WiFi antenna, iPad WiFi antenna, iPad WiFi antenna, 4 diamond WiFi antenna,Line, USB cable, HDMI cable, VGA cable, OTG cable, HDMI HD cable, audio cable, TV computer cable, car connector, line connection wire connector, underwater connector, computer connection Line, display cable, zigbee ceramic antenna, ceramic antenna GPS antenna, active GPS ceramic antenna, broadband ceramic GPS antenna, ANT ceramic antenna, PCB antenna and pure copper antenna, RFID ceramic antenna, CC2530 ceramic antenna, RFID ceramic antenna, CC2530 ceramic antenna.


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