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What are the types of directional antennas?

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Introduction: as we all know, there are many kinds of antennas. Many kinds of antennas appear in people's sight. In people's daily life, the most common type of antenna is directional antenna. The characteristic of this antenna is that it can realize short-distance antenna transmission and ensure the stability of the antenna. So what types of antennas are there? What is the function?


1、 Non directional antenna

Non directional antenna is a type different from directional antenna. For some areas, this kind of antenna has a wide range of applications. This type of antenna has its own advantages. In the process of use, it can help people solve practical problems. It is very helpful to people, and it is also a type that many people will choose. It has the largest application range in vehicle radio and other places. By transmitting on-demand to all directions, it can improve the use signal of the radio and provide better signal experience for car owners.

2、 Directional antenna

Directional antenna is the most typical type of directional antenna, and its application range is also very wide. This type of antenna is used in many places. This antenna can achieve the purpose of transmitting to the designated place. In order to enhance the efficiency of point-to-point transmission, the antenna can also shield external interference.

3、 Different types have their own advantages

For the two types of antennas, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Directional antenna can ensure efficient point-to-point transmission and transmission efficiency, and also has anti-interference device, which can realize efficient transmission.

  directional antennaIn reality, it is widely used in many places.


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