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What should be paid attention to when purchasing RF coaxial connectors?

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For a specific purpose or project, choosing the right connector is not as easy as it seems. There are many kinds of connectors, from RF coaxial connector to PCB connector, insulation displacement or IDC connector to ring connector.

Each different type of connector has its own functions. The key is to select the correct type, whether it is PCB connector, IDC connector, RF coaxial connector or any required type.

The purpose of this article is to provide some important tips to help you select the appropriate connector for a given circuit or device.

A method is needed to select the right connector - whether it is power connector, PCB connector, IDC connector or anything else. In order to select the right type, the right decision needs to be made.

How to select connectors

Useful sequences can be considered when selecting appropriate connectors for a particular location in a particular circuit or system.

Although manufacturers provide detailed specifications for their products, they still can not complete the best choice of circuits or systems, and the use of logical methods can provide great help.

Connector application: the first step in selecting one or more connectors may be to define its purpose. Whether connectors are needed, such as panel, cable to circuit board, cable to chassis, etc., will determine many of its characteristics.

Consider the current situation: the current level required by the connector will affect many overall characteristics. Low current connectors are usually very different from connectors carrying high current. The current required by the connector is one of the most important factors in selecting it. If high current levels are considered, specific types of connectors are suitable, and these connectors are usually large, and smaller connectors can also be used if low current levels are required.

Take a look at the space and shape required: the space and shape available for connectors also play an important role in the decision-making process, which usually controls the type of connector used.

Environmental protection requirements: environmental protection requirements play an important role in selecting any connector. Many connectors are only suitable for good environment, while others may need to work under poor conditions such as temperature, humidity and vibration. In some cases, it may be necessary to seal the connector to reduce the entry of moisture. Sometimes, if you want water to be waterproof, not just water to be waterproof. It must be part of the decision-making process.

Some connectors are unlikely to withstand considerable vibration, but those connectors that may withstand vibration must have constraints, locking mechanisms, or methods to ensure that they will not separate. Push on connectors may be suitable for use in offices or laboratories, but things usually operated and moved in vehicles need to be firmly connected and maintain a firm fit. Also remember that the equipment will vibrate during transportation, and the connectors should also be selected and remembered.

Solution: most connectors have some form of or optional strain relief. Stress relief is particularly required when vibration may occur or when connectors need to be connected and disconnected.

EMC and filtering: in some cases, filtering is necessary, especially for EMC requirements. Some connectors can choose to do additional filtering, or they are already included.

Voltage problem: always check the rated voltage of the connector, especially when high voltage is used. In some cases, it may be necessary to leave the floating pin around any high voltage carrying pin.

Whether you want to select a power connector, PCB connector or IDC connector, it is always useful to use the logical method to select the correct connector for a given project. Today, with a wide variety of connectors available, the choice may be confusing, and it will be very helpful to provide a way to provide a reasonable decision-making method.


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