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China mobile communication took the lead in launching the second generation 5g module supporting 3GPP R16 protocol

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On February 10, China Mobile Communication announced that it was the first to launch the second generation 5g NR communication module supporting 3GPP R16 protocol - sub-6ghz module rx520f series, rx520n series and millimeter wave module rm530x series.


The 5g NR modules released this time adopt the latest Qualcomm snapdragon ™ X65 and X62 5g modems and RF systems will meet the industrial applications with higher requirements for enhancing mobile broadband and reliable communication capabilities, accelerate the commercialization of 5g technology, and bring the advantages of mobile broadband into the large-scale implementation of fixed wireless access, industrial Internet, mobile computing, intelligent medicine, private network and other scenarios.

Among them, new products of shift 5g module supporting sub-6ghz only band include rg520f (LGA package) and rm520f (m.2 package) based on Xiaolong X65 platform, rg520n (LGA package) and rm520n (m.2 package) based on Xiaolong X62 platform.


At the same time, the second generation of modules rm530f and rm530n supporting sub-6ghz mmwave with 5g network connection will be launched, which are encapsulated in m.2 to facilitate end users to make full use of the advantages of mmwave's large bandwidth and sub-6ghz wide coverage.

It is worth noting that the second generation 5g module of shift far fully supports TDD / FDD 5g sub-6ghz carrier aggregation (CA) in three combined modes of FDD TDD, FDD FDD and TDD TDD, which can effectively improve 5g coverage, capacity and transmission rate by integrating existing 5g spectrum resources.


Compared with the previous 5g module, the second generation 5g module will also support R16 enhanced features and further enable the landing of 5g industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of vehicles and other applications through ultra reliability and low delay.

The maximum peak download rate of high-end series modules based on Xiaolong X65 platform is 10Gbps, which can fully meet the applications with extreme speed requirements such as 4K / 8K ultra-high definition video transmission.


Qian penghe, CEO of China mobile communications, said: "We are pleased to launch the industry's most advanced 5g communication module based on Qualcomm's latest Xiaolong 5g modem and RF system. Its significance is not only to improve the transmission rate, ultra-low delay, reliability and power consumption, but also to enable 5g, an advanced technology, to expand to a wider range of IOT vertical markets, application scenarios and business models. I believe that mobile The far leading 5g product portfolio will benefit thousands of industries and raise its automation level, production efficiency and service level to a new level.We are very happy to promote innovation and provide customers with the best service.

Sun Gang, vice president of Qualcomm product marketing, said: "Xiaolong X65 is our 4th generation 5g modem to antenna solution. It is designed for global 5g deployment. It has unprecedented powerful performance and technological innovation, has leading advantages in network flexibility, capacity and coverage, and can meet the needs of a variety of 5g sub fields. We are glad that mobile communication will be the first to adopt this solution and launch it Enterprises of module products bring exciting opportunities for many industries and applications. "

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