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Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology: more than 600000 5g base stations and more than 150 million 5g terminal connections have been built

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Today, the 2020 China International Information and Communication Exhibition was held in Beijing. At the ICT Leadership Forum held at the same time, Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of industry and information technology, said that China has built the world's largest optical fiber and 4G network, more than 600000 5g base stations and more than 150 million 5g terminal connections.

       2020 is the closing year of China's decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way and the 13th five year plan. It is the historical intersection of two 100 year goals. In the past 13th Five Year Plan period, the Ministry of industry and information technology will resolutely implement the strategic idea of strengthening the country through network, pool the wisdom and strength of the whole industry, promote the rapid development of information and communication industry, and become a strategic Basic and leading industries. In this regard, Liu Liehong introduced the development of China's information and communication industry from the following four aspects.

 First, the communication industry has achieved high-quality and leapfrog development. China has built the world's largest optical fiber and 4G network, with the full popularization of fixed and mobile broadband, and the network rate has ranked at the middle and upper level in the world. Optical fiber above 100m has become a common choice. Mobile communication technology has caught up with and surpassed, realizing a historic leap from 1g blank, 2G follow, 3G breakthrough and 4G synchronization to 5g lead. 5g commerce has been accelerated. More than 600000 5g base stations have been built and opened, and the number of 5g terminal connections has exceeded 150 million.

 Second, the Internet industry is growing, and a number of world-famous Internet enterprises have emerged. China accounted for four of the seven global Internet companies listed on the Fortune Global 500 this year. By the end of September, the total market value of China's listed Internet companies had exceeded 16 trillion, a year-on-year increase of more than 60%. New industries, formats and models of the Internet are booming. E-commerce and mobile payment lead the world. In 2019, the online retail volume reached 10.63 trillion yuan and the transaction scale of mobile payment reached 347.1 trillion yuan.

 Third, accelerate the process of industrial digital transformation. The information and communication industry is deeply integrated with traditional industries. The "Internet" and "intelligence" have added new economic momentum, driving the vigorous development of new business forms such as "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture and smart tourism. Industrial digitization has changed to a stage of high-quality development. In 2019, the scale of China's digital economy reached 35.8 trillion, The contribution rate to GDP growth reached 67.7%.

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 Fourth, promote the integrated development of urban and rural public services. Universal telecommunication service is to realize the universal coverage of optical fiber and 4G networks in rural and remote areas, basically realize the same network and same speed between urban and rural areas, and the digital divide is closing. Rural e-commerce, distance education, telemedicine and other applications are widely popularized in rural and remote areas, which has promoted the equalization of public services and the continuous optimization of rural government services, Realize "let the data run more and let the masses run less".

 Liu Liehong said that today's world is experiencing great changes that have not been seen in a century. With the domestic cycle as the main body, the development pattern of domestic and international double cycle is taking shape, which has brought great opportunities for the development of China's communication industry and put forward higher requirements. We should adhere to the new development concept and accelerate the high-quality development of information and communication industry from a new starting point.

 First, speed up the construction of digital infrastructure and improve the ability of network services. Adhere to the principle of being moderately advanced, steadily promote the deployment of 5g network, form a benign model of "promoting use with construction", carry out the construction of gigabit optical fiber in 100 cities, strengthen the network promotion of gigabit optical fiber, guide the orderly investment and rational layout of data centers, solidly promote the all-round development of the Internet of things, deepen the universal service of telecommunications in rural and remote areas, and accelerate the promotion of 5g industrial Internet, Provide solid network support for high-quality economic and social development.

 Second, vigorously build an integrated application ecology to boost the digital transformation of the industry. We should give full play to the role of information and communication industry in enabling the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of industries such as industry, transportation, agriculture and energy, deeply tap the needs of industries, strengthen the innovation of application modes, drive the formation of application schemes that can be replicated on a large scale, strive to cultivate new growth points and form new driving forces, Continue to expand the scale of the digital economy.

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 Third, give full play to the guiding role of the government and optimize a good market environment. We will further implement the reform of "decentralization, management and service", create a fair, open and competitive industry development environment, strengthen network governance, strengthen network security, create a work pattern of joint management online and offline, and the cooperation of government, enterprises and industry organizations, strengthen innovation drive, integrate the forces of industry, University and research, improve the level of industrial chain, and encourage governments at all levels to introduce various support policies, Promote the common development of information and communication industry with local economy and society.

 Fourth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. In terms of technology research and development, promote joint scientific research, technical assistance and data sharing; In terms of infrastructure construction, we will strengthen connectivity and build an international digital link for policy communication, facility connectivity, industrial financing and information exchange. We will, as always, welcome enterprises from all countries to participate in the development of China's information and communication industry, share development achievements and achieve win-win cooperation. We also hope that all countries will work together to maintain a fair, just and transparent market environment and promote the healthy development of the global information and communication industry.

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