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What is the principle of Beidou spiral antenna? In what areas?

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Guide: now many people will choose to buy vehicles. After purchasing vehicles, they will generally choose to install satellite navigation systems. Beidou satellite systems will be installed to varying degrees according to the needs of new vehicles. Due to the increasing demand of people, many enterprises and manufacturers continue to innovate the satellite navigation system in order to meet people's needs. The emergence of Beidou spiral antenna has accelerated the progress of the times and improved the accuracy of navigation. So what is the basic principle of Beidou spiral antenna? In what areas are they generally used.

1、 Operation principle of Beidou spiral antenna

Beidou spiral antenna is a navigation system built independently, and has two basic functions of receiving and transmitting. The material used is microwave medium with superior technical conditions. It is applied to microwave circuits with high dielectric constant and not easy to be damaged. It has the advantages of high quality, low dielectric loss and low temperature coefficient. After being applied to the antenna, it has a large selection range, flexible grasp of broadband size and high efficiency.

2、 Service characteristics of Beidou spiral antenna

Beidou screw system has strong flexibility, various feedback modes, convenient and simple processing, low original cost, and is more convenient for the design of integrated circuits. In addition, the system can also have anti-interference ability and be free from external interference for a long time. It has a wide range of applications and is a rare high-quality antenna.

3、 Beidou spiral antenna application field

The application fields of the antenna are mainly the use of communication base stations, satellite navigation systems and the operation of dielectric resonators. It has great advantages and application prospects in Beidou spiral antenna system industry. At the same time, it is gradually used in mobile phone equipment such as electronic countermeasure and radar communication.

The above has a general introduction to the Beidou spiral antenna. I believe you have a certain understanding and help in the principle and application of dielectric materials. The Beidou spiral antenna is safe, reliable and sensitive. It is an antenna very suitable for various fields.


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