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Five provinces, seven "5g + smart grid" landing application cases!

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5G+ smart grid is in full swing.

       On March 12, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Notice on Organizing and Implementing New Infrastructure Construction Projects (Broadband Network and 5G Field) in 2020".

       The "Notice" proposes seven innovative 5G applications in 2020, involving smart medical care, Internet+, smart grid, Internet of Vehicles, smart education, smart ports, and infrastructure construction of ultra-high-definition production and broadcasting systems.

       Among them, in terms of the large-scale application of 5G new technologies for smart grids, based on the new 5G network architecture and smart grid scenarios, the research and development of 5G end-to-end network slicing and resource scheduling systems will be carried out, and key network equipment and prototype systems will be developed to provide integrated 5G Technology's total solution for smart grid.

      So, what are the specific applications of "5G + smart grid"? Let's see it together next!

      Application of 5G+ Smart Grid in China Southern Power Grid

       5G+AI provides safe and flexible intelligent virtual private network services for the power grid, which greatly facilitates the digital transformation strategy of China Southern Power Grid. In the power distribution scenario, through 5G high-precision timing and low latency, the differential protection of the distribution network is realized, reducing the network construction cost by 50%; in the power transmission and transformation scenario, intelligent inspection is realized through 5G+AI, and the work efficiency is increased by 80 times. Through the end-to-end slicing technology and chip encryption technology, the security isolation of power grid services is guaranteed.


       At present, the application has been commercialized on a small scale in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and will be widely promoted to the five provinces of the southern network in 2021, with a scale of more than 10 million, and social and economic benefits of more than 5 billion yuan. In the future, 5G will be further extended to other comprehensive links such as electricity consumption, and applied to tens of millions or even billions of power terminals to effectively reduce the duration of power outages, comprehensively improve power supply efficiency, reduce people's electricity costs, avoid social and economic losses, and save power grid operation costs. .

     State Grid 5G + Beidou UAV power line inspection

      A few days ago, State Grid's first 5G + Beidou UAV power line inspection system completed research and development, joint debugging and test flight at State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, marking another important application of new technologies such as 5G and Beidou in the power grid.

      In recent years, in order to reduce the inspection work intensity of transmission lines, the UAV line inspection operation mode has begun to be promoted on a large scale. With the gradual implementation of this model, some problems have gradually emerged: First, the flight is "difficult to operate". If the inspectors want to capture the details clearly, they need to take close-up shots of towers and lines. Improper operation can easily lead to crashes or touch lines and cause accidents, affecting the safety and quality of flight inspections.

      Second, it is difficult to transmit data back. The images captured by the drone inspection are stored on the memory card by default. After completing the flight mission, take out the memory card and import it into the computer for analysis and processing. Images cannot be sent back in real time, which seriously restricts the timeliness of defect discovery. And if there is a risk of power information leakage through public network transmission, the channel for secure data transmission needs to be solved urgently; images are "difficult to analyze". The inspection pictures taken by drones need to be manually classified, and then enlarged one by one to check defects, label and name them. This series of picture analysis and processing processes takes up a lot of time, which restricts the improvement of the comprehensive efficiency of drone inspections.

      In response to the above problems, State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company integrated 5G slicing network and Beidou ground-based enhancement system to tap the potential of intelligent analysis of image defects, expand "5G+" and "Beidou+" industrial Internet applications, and form autonomous drone inspections and real-time images. A complete set of intelligent inspection solutions such as 5G transmission, intelligent defect identification, and automatic data analysis have greatly improved the efficiency and intelligence of line inspections, and promoted the application of Beidou, 5G and other technical power grids.

      State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Creates a New Ecosystem of "5G + Electricity" Win-Win

       On March 4, 2021, Jiangsu's first "5G + smart charging pile" was put into operation at the fast charging station on Xuxian Road, Gaoyou City, Yangzhou. The charging pile integrates functions such as car charging, 5G micro-station, smart lighting, and video surveillance. It can be used for multiple purposes, effectively save land resources, reduce construction costs, and help the construction of new smart city infrastructure.

        The construction of 5G micro-stations on charging piles this time is another practice of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power to help 5G network construction. "Originally, the construction of a 5G micro station required an average investment of more than 100,000 yuan, while the construction of a 5G micro station on a smart charging pile only requires an investment of 29,000 yuan, which saves about 70% of the original investment, and does not occupy additional land resources." State Grid According to Yu Xiang, director of the Science and Technology Internet Department of Yangzhou Power Supply Company, the promotion and construction of this kind of intelligent charging pile with small footprint, multiple functions and low investment can quickly create shared income value while serving the public and municipalities, and will further promote the emerging Internet. business development.



      "At present, we are gradually transforming the '5G+smart charging piles' on the charging piles that have been built. In the next step, we will cooperate with the municipal planning and combine the construction of new charging stations to comprehensively promote such '5G+smart charging piles' in the province." Zhao Yue from the Business Development Office of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power and Internet Department introduced. At the same time, the company will gradually expand the sharing scale of basic resources such as site sites, pipe trenches, and optical cables, expand from traditional physical resource sharing to Internet business, continue to play the role of the power grid platform hub and connection, and build a shared and co-governed energy ecology lock up.

      Hebei Unicom and Hebei Electric Power to build a "5G + power" demonstration project

      On October 20, 2020, the "Relay Protection Demonstration Project of Distribution Network Based on 5G SA Network" jointly tackled by Hebei Unicom and State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company passed the acceptance of the expert group, marking the first "relay protection demonstration project based on independent networking architecture" in China. The 5G + edge computing "power protection demonstration project was officially put into operation.

      Relying on the ultra-low latency characteristics of the 5G+MEC network, the project has created a "model room" for wireless and digital upgrade of power equipment in the distribution network in Xiong'an New Area, realizing the "plug and play" of new energy and mobile loads. and high-speed automatic recovery of power failure and power failure, the core technology is internationally leading, and several applications are pioneered in the industry.


     State Grid Hebei Electric Power Applied "5G + Artificial Intelligence" Smart Video Surveillance System

      In September 2020, State Grid Hebei Electric Power Co., Ltd.'s innovative application of "5G + artificial intelligence" smart video surveillance system was officially launched. For more than a month, relying on this system, State Grid Hebei Electric Power has achieved a panoramic view, real-time monitoring of 33 power supply business halls, 20 charging stations, 3 metering lines and storage capacity of about 20,000 smart meters per day. The smart meter library has improved the quality and efficiency of power supply services, and the customer service complaint rate has dropped significantly.

      The "5G + artificial intelligence" smart video surveillance system comprehensively sorts out and integrates the monitoring of business scenarios such as power supply business halls, charging stations, marketing operation sites, electric energy meter automatic verification lines and intelligent warehouses, so as to realize the queuing of personnel in business places and the unavailability of personnel on site. 46 types of abnormal events such as wearing helmets and non-new energy vehicles occupying charging positions are automatically captured and intelligently identified, and closed-loop management and control are formed for immediate alarm handling. The system simultaneously opens the three-level operation authority of provinces, cities and counties, and can carry out integrated cascade monitoring according to the responsibility interface to ensure that abnormal matters are dealt with in a timely manner, enhance marketing service capabilities, and improve customer satisfaction.

     Intelligent substation inspection robot: 7× 24-hour high-frequency inspection, 1 hour to complete 3 days of work

     Pengcheng Substation is a 5G centralized application demonstration site in the "5G + Smart Grid" ecosystem of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau. The project was awarded the 5G Smart Model Project at the "Lighting Shenzhen, 5G Smart City Conference" in Shenzhen.

      It is understood that the daily load of the Pengcheng substation accounts for about 20% of the Shenzhen power grid. It is an important hub substation that sends power to Shenzhen after the implementation of the Northwest Yunnan DC project. heavy.

       In the Pengcheng substation, a small robot is blinking its electronic eyes, carefully scanning every screw in the power station, and even transmitting the data back to the control room terminal. The 500 kV Pengcheng Substation, which has just been renovated, is a new generation of 5G smart substations of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid. This inspection robot is the mechanical guard in the substation.


      Now, under the empowerment of 5G, the staff only needs to tap on the computer, and the inspection robot in the substation can work freely in an instant. I saw it slowly advancing along the set trajectory, and the head camera turned from time to time to identify and read the switches, pressure plates, indicator lights, meters, etc. on the equipment, and the high-definition video image information was sent back to the command center. The time is as low as 1 millisecond, and it is almost "no sense", and the inspection efficiency of power grid equipment can be improved by 270%.

      "5G + UHV" promotes power grid transformation and upgrading

       On June 2, 2020, Qinghai-Henan ± 800 kV UHV DC project (referred to as "Qingyu DC" project) Henan converter substation construction site, a 5G intelligent robot is equipped with a VR holographic camera and an infrared thermal imaging camera. And 4K visible light camera, automatic inspection on a specific route, when encountering obstacles in front, it can also realize ultrasonic automatic obstacle avoidance.

       This is an application scenario of 5G technology in the construction site of the "Qingyu DC" project - Henan converter substation construction site. It is also the first time that 5G technology has been applied to the UHV infrastructure site in the province, fully considering the preliminary construction and later operation. to meet the needs of the intelligent infrastructure construction site and the intelligent converter station in the later stage.

       The "Qingyu DC" project is my country's first UHV channel specially constructed for clean energy delivery. As the highlight of the "new infrastructure", the application of 5G technology in the conversion substation in southern Henan reflects the combination of new infrastructure and projects, the combination of substation resources and social resources, the combination of energy revolution and digital revolution, and has great strategic significance.


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