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Golden beacon: IPEX interface} external antenna and PCB on-board antenna comparison

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    So, the editor of Golden Navigator will share with you today: IPEX interface external antenna and PCB onboard antenna comparison

    When it comes to the Bluetooth module, there is one thing I have to mention, that is the antenna. What is that antenna? An antenna is a component used to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves.

The function of the transmitting antenna is to effectively convert the high-frequency current energy of the transmitter into electromagnetic energy in space; the function of the receiving antenna is just the opposite.

So the antenna is essentially an energy converter.

    Anyone who knows Bluetooth should know that the Bluetooth module can successfully complete short-distance data transmission without considering the location or direction of use.

But proper Bluetooth antenna design will help to achieve better transmission quality.

For example, compare the two types of antennas commonly used in Bluetooth modules on the market: the IPEX interface external antenna and the PCB onboard antenna.

    The IPEX interface is connected to an external antenna. Its advantages are: the direction of the signal is good, the efficiency is high, the anti-interference ability is strong, and it can be far away from the interference on the main board.

And there is no need to do too much debugging and matching. As a terminal manufacturer, you only need to connect an IPEX antenna outside. Of course, there are also disadvantages: high cost and troublesome assembly.

    The advantages of PCB onboard antenna are: low cost, no need to assemble the antenna separately, not easy to touch and damage, and easy to assemble, but there are gains and losses-----

PCB antennas are susceptible to interference on the motherboard and are relatively inefficient, sacrificing performance.

    Note: Because the short-range data transmission itself is relatively stable, the effect of the antenna on the Bluetooth module is similar when it is near.

But the distance is far, the external antenna will have obvious advantages.

    Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd., as a well-known Bluetooth module supplier in China, has deeply cultivated the BLE market and has launched a variety of Bluetooth modules.

For example, a Bluetooth 4.2BLE module with an external antenna with an IPEX interface: HY-40R204I. What is adopted is TI's CC2640R2F scheme.

    The above is the introduction of the relevant content brought to you by the editor of Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd., thank you for reading!


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