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What is the difference between WiFi external antenna and built-in antenna? How to make a choice?

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Introduction: WiFi external antenna is the key factor for mobile phones to receive Wi Fi signals, and the production of antenna is also the focus of routers. At present, there are mainly two types of Wi Fi antennas. What are the differences between these two different types of Wi Fi antennas? As a manufacturer, how to select the type of antenna.


1、 Signal gap

The common difference is that the signal of WiFi external antenna is better than that of built-in antenna. Because the external antenna does not have too much interference when receiving the signal, it can simply transmit the signal, but the built-in antenna will be affected by various currents, resulting in obstacles to the received signal.

2、 Differences in cost production

The manufacturing cost of built-in Wi Fi antenna is lower than that of Wi Fi external antenna. Generally, inspirational antenna is mainly used in some electronic products with strict appearance design. For example, our commonly used mobile phones and computers use built-in Wi Fi antennas. If this kind of electronic product with strict appearance design is used as WiFi external antenna, it will be very unsightly and not conducive to sales. High cost will affect consumers' impression and view of products.

3、 Differences in appearance

After the continuous version upgrading and improvement of WiFi external antenna, many electronic products no longer consider the problem of signal reception and cost, but pay more attention to the appearance of electronic products. With attractive appearance, electronic products can occupy more sales share in the market, so Wi Fi external antenna has received more praise.

  WiFi external antennaThere are three key differences from the built-in antenna. As an electronic equipment manufacturing company, select the category of Wi Fi antenna according to your actual situation.

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