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Development trend of China's satellite navigation and location service market in 2021

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Since the construction of beidou-3 project was started in 2009 to the promotion and application of beidou-3, with the continuous expansion of the application field of China's satellite navigation system, the satellite navigation industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system, the service performance of navigation products has been continuously improved, the application scope has been continuously expanded, and the market scale has increased rapidly. At present, China's satellite navigation and location service industry is in a rapid growth stage.

In addition, with the strong support of national strategy implementation and macro policies, and on the basis that all localities regard the satellite navigation industry as the focus of innovation, China's satellite navigation and location service industry has ushered in the upgrading and development changes brought about by technology integration innovation and industrial integration development. In the future, the development of China's satellite navigation and location service market will usher in these five market development trends.

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Although satellite navigation technology has not entered China for a long time, with the development of the market and the progress of technology, China's navigation and location service industry is gradually taking shape, and a complete industrial chain is taking shape. From 2012 to 2019, the scale of China's satellite navigation and location service industry grew steadily at an annual growth rate of about 20%.

At present, China's satellite navigation and location service industry chain has formed a complete internal cycle. Throughout the development of navigation industry in the United States, Japan and other countries,China's navigation and location service industry will eventually develop into a navigation information service system dominated by operators, dominated by PND and PDA carriers and supplemented by OEM carriers.

In the white paper on the development of China's satellite navigation and location service industry (2020), it also puts forward the development priorities of navigation and location related services based on beidou-3 navigation system:

  • Based on the technical advantages of Beidou 3, it will comprehensively promote seven services: basic navigation service, ground-based enhancement service, satellite based enhancement service, global short message communication service, regional short message communication service, search and rescue service and precision single point service;

  • "+ Beidou" will take the needs of all walks of life as the premise, make full use of Beidou technology to serve industrial transformation, upgrading, upgrading and leapfrog development, and gradually promote the all-round development of spatiotemporal information service industry within ten years;

  • The integration of navigation and communication will enter the practical operation period. In particular, during the deployment and development of 5g, we can make full use of existing resources, including navigation and communication resources, strive to build a spatio-temporal multi-source, perception, transmission and service integrated network, use the crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and mass innovation mode, make concerted efforts to promote infrastructure construction and include service providers and consumer users, Achieve co construction, sharing and win-win results.


With the development of the planned routes of many Leo broadband communication satellite constellations in the world, constellations with hundreds or thousands of satellites began to design communication and navigation as an integrated load. Among them, the integration of space-based navigation and communication is expected to be carried out first, followed by the integration of ground-based communication and navigation. The integrated operation of 5g and WiFi networks may become the development trend in the future.


Navigation application has changed from single constellation to multi constellation compatibility mechanism

Satellite navigation has become the only means to replace traditional navigation, positioning and timing in most countries and regions.

In the four application fields of sea, land, air and space, where dynamic or static positioning, attitude determination, timing and navigation information are needed, satellite navigation information will be used to drive the rapid development of satellite navigation application industry. In the future, the development trend of global satellite navigation system is that satellite navigation applications will change from single constellation to multi constellation compatibility mechanism, and satellite navigation system will develop to multi polarization system.

The realization of multi system integration development is mainly based on the cooperation and compatibility of several major satellite navigation systems in the world.Under the existing circumstances, current users can switch to different satellite navigation systems according to different needs, which fully reflects the complementarity of different satellite navigation systems and can also bring better improvement to the accuracy and availability of the system.

At present, China has signed an agreement with the United States in November 2017 to realize the RF compatibility between Beidou satellite navigation system and GPS satellite navigation system in the signal field. At the same time, China has signed an agreement with Russia in August 2019, indicating that Beidou satellite navigation system will also be compatible and interoperable with GLONASS satellite navigation system.

Specialization and branding  

According to the data of the 2020 white paper on the development of China's satellite navigation and location service industry previously released by China satellite navigation and positioning Association, the overall output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry reached 345 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 14.4% over 2017. Among them, the industrial core output value directly related to the R & D and application of satellite navigation technology, including chips, devices, algorithms, software, navigation data, terminal equipment and infrastructure, reached 116.6 billion yuan, accounting for 33.8% of the total output value.

It can be clearly seen that the development of China's satellite navigation and location service industry has taken shape, and the development of industrialization must move towards specialization. Only specialization can have brand products.At present, there are specialized production enterprises in China, such as manufacturers specializing in satellite navigation antenna, vehicle terminal and navigator hardware, as well as enterprises specializing in electronic map and system integration and information service.


Intelligent transportation is still an important market for civil applications

It is understood that since Beidou global navigation system was put into service for more than half a year, it has been widely used in the fields of transportation, agriculture, forestry and fishery, hydrological monitoring, meteorological forecast, communication system, power dispatching, disaster relief and reduction, public security and other fields. It has been integrated into the national core infrastructure and produced remarkable economic and social benefits.

Especially in the transportation industry, the promotion and application policy of the transportation department for Beidou products in the civil market is an important factor in the development of the navigation product market in the transportation field.At present, the Ministry of communications has planned many demonstration projects in the Beidou field, including land projects, water projects and civil aviation projects.In the future, some application demonstration systems for infrastructure monitoring and infrastructure construction will be added according to changes in the situation,It can be predicted that China's transportation field will become an important application market of navigation and location service industry.

Taking Guangdong as an example, the collective proposal on promoting the development of the ecological chain of Beidou emerging industries submitted earlier proposed to develop the intelligent transportation industry of Guangdong Province Based on Beidou satellite positioning data and combined with big data and artificial intelligence technology.


Integration and innovation to promote industrial upgrading

With the completion and official opening of the beidou-3 navigation system in 2020 and the reduction of the incremental space of the traditional application market of the domestic traditional satellite navigation industry,The promotion of integration and innovation of "Beidou +" and "+ Beidou" will replace and become the main growth point of satellite navigation application market.Among them, space-time information, as the rigid demand of intelligent perception, is the core technology of intelligent service development in the future. Integration and innovation is the inevitable choice of industrial development and the key factor of Beidou's upgrading and leapfrogging.

At present, China's satellite navigation and location service industry chain has entered the strong development period and heyday of application and service from the construction and development stage of navigation system. In the future, the development focus of China's satellite navigation and location service industry will shift to the integrated development with various industries, and give full play to the powerful role of satellite navigation and location service industry in the transformation and integration of traditional industries,Including unmanned systems, Internet of things and other new space-time technologies and service industries that can realize intelligent integration and interconnection of all things based on satellite navigation.

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