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How does WiFi directional antenna work? Why get good application?

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Many people may not know much about the antenna. In fact, the existing antenna can still get good applications, especially the WiFi directional antenna, which can provide some convenience for people's life and work. What's the role of this antenna now.

  1、 Can complete network coverage

For a wireless base station using an ordinary antenna, the range of this area is completely determined by the radiation pattern of the antenna. After installation on site, if the antenna is not replaced, the radiation pattern cannot be changed and it is difficult to adjust. The radiation pattern of WiFi directional antenna can be completely controlled. When it needs to be adjusted, the network optimization can be simplified through software to reduce manual participation.

  2、 Avoid interference

WiFi directional antenna system is its own jamming system, and the capacity limit mainly comes from the interference of the system. The smart antenna adjusts the excitation mechanism for each antenna element, optimizes the antenna arrangement mode, aligns the zero point with the interference direction, greatly improves the output signal ratio of the array, suppresses interference, improves system quality and improves system reliability. The increase of signal ratio also means the increase of system capacity.

  3、 The sensitivity of receiving is improved

The signal received by the base station is the sum of the signals received by each antenna device and receiver. Using the high-power synthesis algorithm, the total received signal increases without considering the multipath propagation conditions.

As long as you understand, you can still find the current situationWiFi directional antenna, indeed, it plays a certain role and can be well applied in major industries and fields. Therefore, this antenna can bring certain convenience to people and meet people's needs in use.


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