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Analysis of golden beacon: detailed explanation of basic design of automobile harness

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Then, let's talk about the editor of golden beacon Electronics:Automotive wiring harnessDetailed basic design of the relevant content

I Automobile Harness & middot; definition

The power supply and various electrical parts on the vehicle are physically connected through the harness, which is distributed all over the vehicle.

If the engine is compared to the heart of an automobile, the harness is the neural network system of an automobile. It is responsible for the information transmission between various electrical parts of the whole vehicle.

II Automobile Harness & middot; Design process

1. Determine the electrical functions of the whole vehicle and give corresponding requirements.

2. Determine the electrical load requirements of the whole vehicle and give relevant special requirements.

3. Draw electrical schematic diagram and circuit schematic diagram of the whole vehicle.

4. Power distribution of the whole vehicle (including grounding wire).

5. Determine the wire specification, wire protection, fixation and through-hole mode.

6. Distribute the circuits contained in the protection device and determine the capacity one by one.

7. Draw 3D harness layout.

8. Draw two-dimensional harness diagram.

9. Confirm the dimension of two-dimensional harness drawing with three-dimensional harness layout drawing.

10. Approve and put into operation.

1) The two power supplies (generator and battery) equipped on the vehicle must be connected in parallel;

2) Various electrical equipment are connected in parallel and controlled by their respective switches;

3) The ammeter must be able to detect the charging and discharging current of the battery. Therefore, when the battery supplies power, the current must pass through the circuit composed of ammeter and battery.

However, the starter current with large power consumption and short working time is an exception, that is, the starting current does not pass through the ammeter;

4) All types of vehicles are equipped with safety devices to prevent short circuit from burning out electrical equipment.

III Automobile Harness & middot; Key points of design

1. Draw electrical schematic diagram and harness function diagram according to electrical function requirements.

2. Distribute energy for each electrical subsystem and circuit according to the electrical schematic diagram, including grounding wire.

3. Determine the harness wiring form according to the distribution of electrical components of the electrical subsystem.

4. Determine the harness protection mode and via protection according to the direction of the harness.

5. Determine the fuse or circuit breaker according to the electrical load.

6. Determine the wire diameter according to the fuse capacity.

7. Determine the color of wires according to the function of electrical appliances.

8. Determine the connector of harness according to the connector of electrical parts.

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