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How to choose wifi antenna? How can we ensure a good signal?

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Now many people still know something about WiFi networks, especially the wifi antenna, which has emerged now, is deeply concerned by people. Of course, when using this antenna, people consider the problem of signal. How can we ensure the signal of this antenna.

1. Place in the middle of the whole layout

Wifi antenna signals are transmitted around. Just as waves spread around, it is reasonable to put the router in the middle in order to receive WiFi signals in the whole cyberspace. Walls, glass and other shields will weaken the WiFi signal. If the signal is weak, you can approach the direction. Since the Wi Fi signal is transmitted around in parallel with the router, neither from top to bottom nor from bottom to top, the router can lean against the high wall.

2. The antennas should all stand up

Wifi antenna is not just for beauty and shape. The antenna inside is divided into 2.4G and 5g antennas. When in use, all antennas must be erected, not only part of them. You can also surf the Internet, but the Internet is easy to be unstable and often interrupted. Put it in an empty place. In addition, it shall not be placed with microwave ovens, microwave ovens and other equipment that interfere with wireless signals. Do not interfere with Wi Fi signals to reduce sundries around the router. In this way, the WiFi signal is natural and the good network speed is faster.

3. Ensure that the signal in it

The score of dual band router is 2.4G and 5g. The 2.4G signal can pass through the wall better than 5g, but the network speed is not faster than 5g. Therefore, if you cross the wall, these characteristics determine the preparation of a special antenna for receiving GPS signals.

Since you want to make sureWifi antennaIf the signal is better, you still need to pay attention to these points when placing, so as to complete the placement of this antenna through the appropriate position.


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