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What are the GPS module antennas? What are the advantages?

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GPS module antenna is an essential structure for signal receiving or transmitting equipment. For example, the most frequently used mobile phones, radios, televisions, UAVs and other devices contain GPS module antennas. Although we often contact, we know little about this kind of antenna. Next, let's learn what kinds of GPS module antennas are divided into and what are their advantages?

1、 From polarization mode

GPS module antenna can be divided into vertical module and circular module in terms of planning mode. As the name suggests, the difference between the two is that there are differences in the design and arrangement of internal materials. Generally, the signal reception and transmission range of circular module is wider, so the received signal is also stronger, and the use effect is better than that of vertical module. Circular module is also the form adopted by most equipment on the market.

2、 From the installation method

The installation position of the antenna is different. The GPS module antenna can be divided into built-in type and external type. As the name suggests, the type of external antenna is to place the antenna outside the equipment. This way makes the volume of the equipment very large, which is not conducive to the handling of the equipment and does not conform to the development trend. Now the trend of modular antenna is developing towards miniaturization and intensification, and the type of internal antenna has become the mainstream of design.

3、 Is there an external power supply

With or without external power supply, the GPS module antenna can be divided into active antenna and passive antenna, which is distinguished from the power supply mode. The active antenna also has a signal amplifier, which needs an external power supply. The received signal effect is very good, while the passive signal has no signal amplifier and no external power supply, so the signal effect is greatly reduced.

There are many classification methods of GPS module antenna, and the application scenarios are also different.


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