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A party with salt-free party -2022 Sichuan-Chongqing electronic person

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"Sichuan Express is unscrupulous%% During the preparation of the party, many times have been subjected to new crown epidemic and harassment, so the Huaqiang North boss in Chuanyu hopes that I have reported this unusual party, there is salt to taste the flames and sauce sauce. I am thinking about the brain. There are too many dedicated people who have a lot of people with sponsoring. WeChat red envelopes, I am excited, I will give you a plate.




Shangge Industrial Yang Heng

Yang Heng is the boss of the male No. 1 host of this party! Shang Ge Index is a black horse in an integrated circuit agent distribution industry. It has been established for three years to break the 1 billion mark, and it has also been fiercely in the singing. Yang Heng came from the man who came out from the bigba mountain.

Yang Heng, Chairman of Shangge Industry


Yang Heng's host is very good. It is also a singer who is sold by Shu Yi innovation MCU. His singing is in the bridge hole under the Sichuan Music Academy to the Nine-eyed bridge. According to CCTV Han Dafu, he is like a two-piece knife of the Chinese team's football. Under the driving of high-capacity of high-capacity, herself in the high-capacity of high-rate pulmonary volunteers, and the thunder is not covered. The momentum of ringing has enabled the atmosphere of the audience to the first climax.



Under the stimuli of the Sichuan sausage bacon in the table, the most soft hometown in the heart of the fellow, and there is still a long-awaited water in the heart of the hometown. Under the driving of the hormone dopamine in hormone kidney, Qinghua Under the urination of alcohol, under the induction of the boss's Niang Niang Chanel COCO perfume, everyone eats, drink, as music, follow the actors on the stage! The atmosphere was burned, swept the mood of the haze affected by the new crown epidemic a few days ago. Director Song Director Sarko, Sarko, Song Director, quietly hiding in the horns, and knew that this evening was properly properly, these days have been focused on the hot waist to stop the cavity, start Hu eats sea. According to the feel of the Viagra scene, it is estimated that Director Song Director Song is three or five pounds tonight.

Moderator Xie Qire, Yang Heng, Wang Ya Wen

Bogo and Director

The main planners and organizers of this event are Bogo and Director, and it is a brother who is trusted by everyone. Pochi, Wu Bo, is the vice president of the wind, the vice president of Zhucheng Mall, the talents of the electronics industry, relying on a god pen, refers to the sources of the wisdom of the Western sleeve. The director named Song Shiqiang, is the small boss of the title of the title of Sarko Micro Semiconductor Slkor and Jinhang Standard Electronics Co., Ltd., the old and the old and the north of Huaqiang rely on a mouth, mixed and mixed and mixed a circle, is Huaqiang The part-time consultant of the northern boss girl and the old friend who only handed.


Huaqiang North is the most handsome bald Bogo and Song Director

    Wu Bo rely on a pen, writing the article gentle "full of flowers, three thousand passengers%% The illegitimate is known to why it is whipped, and the stock price of many electronic industries listed company has been flying up and down with his pen. Director Song relys on a mouth, and eats white and drink in Huaqiang North. The trend of the BMW car end of the expiration of his expiration is installed in the second-hand Maotai. If you are everywhere, you will eat, drink the boss mixed circle, and meet the boss of Huaqiang, the big brother, the brother, the brother, the sister, and have accumulated a lot of resources!

The Bogo and Song Director are the most famous light heads in Huaqiang North. It has been taking each other. It has been hit. Bogo's high-nose is finely smelling rose. Brothers and sisters have guaranteed the success of the party. Bozhi said that in the commercial speaker, the Director Song said that the hometown is a relationship with a friend. This year is the second year, I hope that everyone will contribute to the information resources, and do something for the Sichuan-Chongqing e-person, the party will do it. Will continue in the future, the evening is getting better!

 beauty group

    The Sichuan, the Sichuan Sibeors, there are exclusive beauty group "10%% They have got a hall, not the boss's mother's business backbone, and the kitchen is under the kitchen. I can make a fried cook for food. I have educated my children at home, and I have got the color wolf! Of course, there are still few people who have no advice, they can be better than those of the martial arts! Bogo and Director are referees!


  Ten is the host of this program, and the male host Yang Heng hosted this program. Their style is generous to know how to be physically practiced, and the style of the woman! Xie Jiarong is the boss of Zhongyi Zhizhi Company, Wang Yawen has a chip trading company, or Alibaba 1688 senior lecturer, SME salary management consultant, all love Shenzhen love to rent a fake package!



Today, "Ten Perfect" is the first ST brand, the ST brand MCU, the ST brand, McU, the big beauty, and the Director Song is referred to as Huaqiang North P Sister. P sister's eyes are high and energetic, this time, the martial arts of Wu Zetian in the Hanfu Townfield, and finally squatted. Piennam, the P Sister, Feng Guanxia, the Golden Robe, and Yong Rong, the rich, wealth, the domineering side, leaking the king, let Huaqiang North boss flourifies the impulse of the flimation. Mr. Jiang Xiangyang, Suri Electronics, wiped the water difference, and rushed to sign the WeChat.

Huaqiang North P Sister Pu Jianrong (middle)

It is also known that "Huaqiang North Wei Xiangyu" Zhao Yanni, live away from the boss of "Wulin Quality%% The evening show has been kung fu. There are other beautiful women, each has a variety of features, so that the evening will look forward to the flow of light.    The beautiful women of "Ten" have performed an elegant robe show last year, and this year dedicated the amazing full of Hanfu! Huang Wei is a perfect organizer and the value of the value, and also serves as the party's financial officer to clarify the account. The Shenzhen Xihua Electronics, Shenzhen Xihua Electronics, deeply trust in the power industry, she also hosted the programs of the gold coin, so that the guests were very refreshing!

Huang Wei is hosting children's programs

Husband Chengdu Viagra and Han Qing
Viagra is Huang Wei (non-Yang Wei), is the boss of Chengdu Collection Industry. We welcome him from Chengdu to support Shenzhen construction. He said that the spicy heat of Chengdu lotus pool is tired, thinking of Shenzhen Huaqiang North to eat Longjiang pig's foot meal. He met the director Bogo to engage in two big bear hugs. He seriously greasy big belly, and put the director to the signing wall, and the powerful arm is in the abutment of the small waist of Bogo. Viagra said that the director last time I helped you Surko slightly sold 1 million MOS tube, you gave me a batch of agents. This time I want to help you sell 1 million antenna of 1 million Beidou B3, sold to Chengdu's military enterprises and research institutes, you must take the blue flop in the three cups this evening to take out the claws.

Treasure Viagra and Beauty Wang Bi 

There is also the brothers of Chengdu Rongqi Silicone Zhang Han Qing, and the danger of being separated from the epidemic is here to come over and participate in the e-party of Sichuan. Like Slute Semiconductors are the same as Sarko Micro Slkor, and also MOS tube and power devices for silicon carbide. The evening has done deep communication with Sarko Micro Song, see if there is any combination, develop together!华强北全球通小全

    The hot Huaqiang North Xiaoxia, the whole name, Quan Xianyu, Bogo sent the outside Huaqiang North Bai Xiaosheng bag to listen, was sealed by the Song Director as the global pass. Quan Xianyu is the gold medal salesman of Huaqiang Electronics Network, and the heart is more legs and fast, and now I have successfully taken the Director of Huaqiang Northern Song Dynasty on the beach, becoming the number one younger brother of Bogo and white gloves in Huaqiang North.

Huaqiang North Package

Xiaoquan is to participate in the work of studying, in the event of the organizing committee, in the activities of the two Sichuan people, wearing a needle lead communication coordination, running the legs and grinding the mouth but saying that it is no regrets in this life in Wanzhou, but also let the wife also Participate in the ranks of everyone!

Big Jiayuan Xu Wei

Dajiayuan Purchasing Network CEO Xu Wei

   The party gradually gifted, there is a person to make everyone feel very touched, just known as the red brother of the electronic circle, CEO Xu Wei. She is an anti-cancer fighter. She also created a big source purchase network. Big Jiayuan is a public welfare electronic component information published a large platform. The main fans are the purchase of small sisters of the terminal factory. The procurement of Miss Sister's head pain And will tell them "Red Sister". She is wearing a decent red dress standing in the stage of the stage, saying that after more than 20 times of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the party. Xu Wei sponsored 10,000 yuan in cash for the party, and the organizing committee will give Xu Wei to Xu Wei. The brothers and sisters of the Sichuan-Chongqing electronic circle blessed Xu Wei to make the red fire of the business, the health and healthy and healthy and healthy, and the days were happy and creating the next glory of life. And her name Xu Wei, the clothes wearing the clothes, the same number of Dajiayuan Electronics, the outer number of the e-brown, all the way!

Under the initiative of Po, Song Director, the organizing committee of this annual meeting and the subsequent personnel of the Launtel, sang "I and my motherland" together with the guests, and thank you again for this year's annual meeting. Sponsorship Entrepreneurs, as well as brothers and sisters who participate in the annual meeting of the annual meeting, the evening is successful! And everyone is coming again next year!


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