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How to install Beidou Positioning antenna? What are the installation precautions?

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When it comes to positioning, I believe you must have heard of Beidou Positioning. At present, the most commonly used positioning antenna is Beidou Positioning antenna. Maybe some friends have just heard of it and don't understand itBeidou Positioning antennaInstallation methods and relevant precautions, let's talk about them below.


1、 Installation requirements of Beidou Positioning antenna

The front of Beidou antenna must directly receive satellite signals, so any shielding objects that play a role in shielding during installation, including the metal body of the car, underground garage, iron plate and buildings, should be paid attention to.

2、 Precautions for Beidou Positioning antenna

1. The arc surface of Beidou antenna must face upward

In order not to affect the final acceptance of fresh fruits, the arc surface of the Beidou antenna must face upward, not vertically or upside down.

2. It is better to tear off the thermal insulation film near the top of Beidou antenna

The metal wire inside the thermal insulation film has a certain shielding effect on the signal, so if you ensure the signal acceptance effect, you can choose to tear off the thermal insulation film.

3. Try to choose the ideal installation position

To ensure good positioning effect, it is recommended that you choose the position with higher installation position or less signal obstruction.

4. Try to ensure the flatness of Beidou Positioning antenna installation

During installation, it is recommended that the inclination should not exceed 45 degrees.

The Beidou Positioning System is very convenient to use. It can solve our navigation problems well when we travel. However, no matter how good the system is, we also need to pay attention to the installation. If we don't pay attention to the matters needing attention in the installation process, the signal reception may be ignored, which may bring great inconvenience to our life, Therefore, understanding the installation precautions of Beidou Positioning antenna can give better play to its performance.


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