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ZTE releases a new generation 4K Wi Fi 6 set-top box

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Recently, ZTE released a new generation of set-top box zxv10 b866v6-h that supports Wi Fi 6. The product innovatively applies Wi Fi 6 technology to set-top box products to provide home users with a new video experience with high rate, low delay and high stability, so as to help operators develop business rapidly and improve user stickiness. The product was unveiled at the 2021 World Mobile Congress (MWC 2021).  


ZTE's new generation Wi Fi 6 set-top box supports 4K ultra-high definition resolution. Based on Android TV operating system, it has rich video content ecology and can customize high-quality smart TV operating system solutions for operators. In terms of hardware, the set-top box adopts the latest chip scheme in the industry and is based on the quad core arm cortex-a55 architecture. It has superior performance and provides users with a smooth experience. In terms of software, ZTE took the lead in introducing the advanced video codec technology AV1 (Alliance for Open Media Video 1), and helped operators actively deploy AV1 content, so that users can enjoy a clear and smooth viewing experience and improve user satisfaction. In terms of appearance, the set-top box uses the design scheme won the if design award, with neat and generous lines and simple and ultra-thin shape, so as to truly repair both inside and outside.


As the world's leading provider of home media terminals, ZTE is committed to the R & D and application of high-quality products. In the future, ZTE will continue to work with operators to focus on the exploration and product innovation of home video business under the Wi Fi 6 scene, build a high-quality home terminal and build a bright future of smart home.  

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