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What is the self-made method of WiFi external antenna? Is the operation process simple?

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Guide: mobile phones can't live without antennas, but now designers are becoming more and more high-end. They have adopted new technologies to hide antennas in mobile phones, which belong to built-in antennas. But when it comes to the antenna problem, it is undeniable that the external antenna signal is better than the built-in antenna signal. So many netizens want to make their own WiFi external antenna, so how to make and install it? The above is the introduction of the method. The whole process is actually relatively simple.

1. Primary modification

Take the 3G card as an example. A new one must have a shelf life. If there are any problems when it is disassembled at this time, it will be difficult to repair it later. So how to improve the signal without damaging the 3G network card? Through the modification of wireless network card, WiFi external antenna can be made. Cut open a can and use a USB cable. Connect to the online class and connect the other end to the can.

2. Intermediate modification

Making WiFi external antenna through a pop-up can looks like making toys for children. It doesn't look good at all. Then I can see another antenna modified through aluminum alloy pot cover. The middle of the pot cover can just pass through the hole of the USB extension cable, and then the back is fixed with plexiglass and long screws, otherwise it's good to shake. Such an antenna looks very beautiful, and has better signal than a can, and the manufacturing method is quite complex.

After the self-made method of WiFi external antenna introduced by the above text, do you find that the signals of mobile phones have become better? In addition, the power consumption of mobile phones has become lower, and mobile phones are more durable. After learning the above method, you don't have to worry about no signal in the quilt anymore.


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