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Golden navigation mark: model and characteristics of pin connector

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What is the row pin? How much do you know about the row pin? To understand the row pin connector, you need to understand the specification and model of the row pin and its related electrical characteristics. Well, let's talk to you:PinDo you know the model and characteristics of the connector?

    I. specification and model of pin connector

In the industry, row needles are mostly named according to the spacing. There are three common models: 1.27 row needles, 2.0 row needles and 2.54 row needles. The front is the distance between the pins of the row pin connector. The types of needle arrangement in the industry are divided into straight needle, curved needle and patch needle arrangement, also known as SMT needle arrangement, which is named according to the appearance or use mode of needle arrangement. Similarly, according to the number of connection pins, the types of row pins are also increasing, and there will be single row, double row or even multiple rows, resulting in more connector products.

Second, the electrical characteristics of the row pin connector

In most cases, the pin arrangement is mainly used for the transmission of electrical signals between plates. Therefore, as a conductor of electrical signals, the pin arrangement specifications and models will have values such as current, voltage and resistance, because it is used in many electronic digital products, precision instruments and meters, smart home electronics and other products. Most of these products are high-tech products with perfect functions and exquisite appearance. With consumers' pursuit of simple life such as convenience, convenience, easy storage and easy disassembly, pin connector and other derivative connector products have moved towards the road of fine, precision and high performance.

Therefore, with good transmission function, accurate transmission of rated electrical signal is of great significance to the complete operation of finished products.

Through the above introduction, the specifications, models and electrical characteristics of the pin connector should be familiar. The above is the relevant content introduction brought to you by the Xiaobian of Shenzhen Golden navigation mark Electronics Co., Ltd. thank you for reading!


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