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Academician Yang Yuanxi, an expert of Beidou, explained in detail the new development direction of Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS +) at ICG + 2016 conference

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two thousand and sixteen  year  seven  month  twenty-seven  Solstice  thirty  It was jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University    IAG/CPGPS  international  GNSS  an assembly     (ICG 2016) ”  Held in Shanghai. stay  At the meeting, Yang Yuanxi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a keynote report,  This paper introduces the Beidou satellite navigation system in detail from five aspects: the background and development process of Beidou satellite navigation system, the new development trend of Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS), the concept and assumption of BDS, the possibility mode of BDS and the key technology of BDS.  Beidou spacetime team is honored to come to the site to study academician Yang's report closely. The following is an overview of these five points,     The content was translated and catalogued by Beidou spacetime according to the English speech delivered by academician Yang Yuanxi at the meeting    

1. Background and development of Beidou satellite navigation system

       China's Beidou satellite navigation system has implemented the "three-step" development strategy. Since the construction of Beidou-1 system project was started in 1994, the development of Beidou satellite navigation has developed from the original Beidou-1 system to Beidou global system (also known as bds-3). Beidou-1 system adopts an active positioning system, which can provide positioning, timing, wide area differential and short message communication services for Chinese users. The construction of beidou-2 system project was started in 2004. On the basis of being compatible with Beidou-1 technical system, this system adds a passive positioning system, which can provide positioning, speed measurement, time service, wide area difference and short message communication services for users in the Asia Pacific region. At present, Beidou global system has five satellites for in orbit testing. These five satellites jointly develop inter satellite links and other test and verification work, and access the network in time to provide services. One belt, one road, and the surrounding countries will provide basic services in 2018. Around 2020, 35 satellites will be launched and networked,It can provide services to users all over the world

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2. New development trend of Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS)

       Focusing on the future, BDS faces the following main tasks: building a complete constellation system; Upgrade the ground operation control center to make it more stable; Improve the performance of satellite atomic clock; Provide global pnt services; Increase autonomous navigation capability; Add new signal frequency band; Make it compatible and interoperable with other GNSS; The satellite based enhancement system of BDS is also compatible with other GNSS wide area enhancement systems.

       To accomplish these tasks,BDS will further develop inter satellite link technology, new orbit determination strategy, integration with satellite based enhancement system, and multi frequency signal system.

3. Concept and assumption of BDS

       Academician Yang Yuanxi also made a detailed interpretation of the concept of "Beidou"."Beidou" has two meanings: first, it refers to the "Beidou" application, that is, the integrated application of Beidou and other electronic products, or embedding Beidou chips into other service terminals and service products to form other more functional services and applications based on Beidou location services; Second, Beidou integrates with other navigation systems, such as GPS system of the United States, GLONASS system of Russia, Galileo system of Europe, inertial navigation, astronomical navigation and physical navigation to form a multi system integrated positioning, navigation and timing (pnt) system, so as to form a global seamless pnt service system, which will have stronger continuity, observability and robustness. ".

       to make a long story short,The core elements of "Beidou" are: multi information sources, robust operation control system, integrated sensors, adaptive data fusion and pnt service of intelligent and unified data.

       The possible mode of Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS) is based on the above discussion,Academician Yang further introduced the possible model of "Beidou". It includes compatibility and interoperability with multiple GNSS systems, integration with ground radio navigation system (Doppler / Rolan / TACAN / Omega / VHF VOR / alpha / Wi Fi, etc.), integration with inertial navigation system, integration with other navigation means or spatio-temporal information generation means (micro atomic clock, geomagnetism, gravity, imaging, geographic information, sonar, astronomical information, etc.) And integration with quantum positioning system (QPS).

       The following figure shows the results based on these patterns"North" of"Dou"framework


4. Key technologies of Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS)

       Academician Yang shared the key technologies that may be applied in various modes of "Beidou", includingSuper stable chip level atomic clock, super stable IMU, chip integrated multi sensor, QPS and combined pnt, adaptive data fusion and parallel computing in multi-mode pnt information data fusion, etc.

       At the end of the report, academician Yang once again emphasized the advantages of the "Beidou" in the future, and said that the arrival of the "Beidou" era can not only drive industrial development,It will form great application potential.

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