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What should I pay attention to when installing Beidou communication antenna? What are the classifications?

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The application of communication antenna technology has greatly facilitated our daily life. Beidou communication antenna technology is the most frequently used communication technology. Many friends in life may not be familiar with this technology. Of course, friends who have just come into contact with this technology know less about it. Let's talk about what to pay attention to in the installation of Beidou communication antenna? What are the classifications?


  1、 Selection of Beidou communication antenna

General user consideration type

To meet the requirements of radio wave coverage, the required antenna can be selected from omnidirectional or directional antennas; Another aspect is to consider the electrical performance of the antenna, including the frequency bandwidth, rated power, gain and so on.

  2、 Precautions for Beidou communication antenna installation

1. Avoid the shelter of tall objects

It is best to avoid trees, high-rise buildings, iron towers, etc.

2. Lightning strike prone areas should be avoided in Thunderstorm prone areas

The antenna head should preferably be placed within the range of lightning rod to avoid lightning stroke. When erecting Beidou antenna, pay attention to avoid the air outlet.

  3、 Classify from a wide variety of Beidou antennas

(1) Polarization mode

It is divided into linear polarization and circular polarization.

(2) Placement method

It is divided into built-in antenna and external antenna.

(3) Power supply

It is divided into active and passive.

(4) Divided by direction

Omnidirectional and directional antenna.

The purpose of Beidou communication antenna installation is to better receive information and better facilitate our life. If we plan to install Beidou antenna satellite, many installation precautions need to be paid attention to. Only by avoiding the installed minefield can we better facilitate our life and achieve the ideal effect in information reception.


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