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The Past, Present, Future of Shenzhen Huang Qiang Bei

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    A name card showcasing the successes of China’s reform and opening up as well as the economic prosperity of Shenzhen can be found in Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei, which is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It is also known as the two major centers of electronic information industry, one South and one North, together with Beijing Zhongguancun. Hua Qiang Bei Business Circle in Futian District of Shenzhen and Dongmen International Trade Business Circle in Luohu, Shenzhen are equally famous. Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei won the honorary title of “China’s First Electronics Street”, is the distribution center of electronic components products, has more than 50 professional markets of various kinds, is the core area of Greater Hua Qiang Bei to serve the surrounding communities inspiring Shenzhen. Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei has created many business miracles, like Ma Huateng(who set up Tencent), Wu Haijun( who established Shenzhou Computer) all made their fortunes here. I use Ma Huateng’s products, QQ and Wechat every day, The office of Kinghelm&Slkormicro located in the barida buliding  of Hasee , Hua Qiang Bei “meter counter” out of more than 50 billionaires. In Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei, Wanjia Department Store had a turnover of 3 million yuan per day with an area of 3000 square meters, ranking first in the world in store efficiency. Manha’s Esprit clothing store has the highest turnover in Asia; The street shop on the first floor of SEG Plaza sells 300,000 one square meter, and Hua Qiang Bei street has a managed area of 1.45 square kilometers with a GDP of more than 200 billion yuan. Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei, the successful rush to life [sensitive word], I have a few brothers who bought just Rolls-Royce, Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei, the situation is not as good as ordinary people for people who loses their capitals, and the phone of the lady who sent me the Bentley model last year could not get through. Hua Qiang Bei wealth stage, wealth stories and failed accidents are staged one after another.



The First Street of China Electronics of Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei

Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei is not only the location and administrative division, but also the core of Hua Qiang Bei business Circle, which serves the whole China, inspiring the whole Asia and connects the whole world. Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei, with Hua Qiang Bei Road as its core, starts from Shennan Middle Road in the south, Hongli Road in the north, Huafu Road in the west and Shangbu Road in the east, covers an area of 1.45 square kilometers. The Futian District government established Hua Qiang Bei Street in 2009 in order to strengthen its service for “China’s First Electronic Street”. Hua Qiang Bei is a comprehensive business circle, covering surrounding large high-end communities such as Huangmugang, Baihueling Great Wall, Yannan Road, South Hua Qiang, South Futian, Gangsha, Tianmian and other natural villages, meeting the needs of family units for eating, drinking, playing, entertainment, tourism and shopping, covering the life circle half an hour’s drive. Hua Qiang Bei also has electronic and digital 3C market, mobile phone market, watch market, security market, electronic gift market, foreign trade clothing market, more than 50 smart wear markets. Hence, it attracted a lot of professionals during working period.



Electronic World Building 2, Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei

What makes Hua Qiang Bei famous is Hua Qiang Bei Electronic Street! It is a distribution center for electronic components, a trading center for electronic and digital products, and a reservoir for electronic components. These are the main functions of Hua Qiang Bei. New Asia Electronic Market, new and old Hua Qiang Electronic Market, Metropolitan 100 Market, Gaoke Electronic Market, Seg Square, etc., all make Hua Qiang Bei famous and attracts a large number of people! The disassembling materials of electronic components from Chaoshan, the field effect tube of Slkor, the electronic switch of connector from Cixi, the connector in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, the Beidou GPS antenna connector of Kinghelm of Golden Airlines, the inventory materials of European, American and Southeast Asian OEM companies, etc., can be found in the electronic market of Hua Qiang Bei.




The silhouette of Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei

The prosperity of Hua Qiang Bei Electronic street is inseparable from the excellent electronic information industry foundation of Hua Qiang Bei. It is a part of Shangbu Industrial Zone, which was planned to be an industrial zone of “internal introduction and external communication” mainly for electronics industry. Shenzhen has undertaken the third great transfer of international industries. Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei is different from other regions in which most of them are processed in bonded mode of “three to one supplement”. Shenzhen’s pillar industries are still clothing, toys, glasses and clocks. Cheng Yimu, consultant of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, introduced that Shangbu Industrial Zone, where Hua Qiang Bei is located, is the gathering city of Shenzhen’s electronic information industry. In the 1980s, it concentrated the earliest batch of technology enterprises in Shenzhen, including Sager Group, Energy Group, Petrochemical Group, Textile Group, Light industry Group (Leinda Group). The investment of various ministries and commissions in Shenzhen is concentrated in Shangbu Industrial Zone, machinery building and automobile building of the Ministry of Machinery Industry (formerly the Ministry of First Machinery), the China General Nuclear Power Building of the Ministry of Nuclear Industry (formerly the second Machinery Department), the China Aviation Garden of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, the China Electric Power, Aihua, Sunda, Jinghua and other buildings of the Ministry of Electronics Industry, the North Building of Zhenhua Group and the Ministry of Weapons Industry (formerly the fifth Machinery Department), the Hualian Building and the Shenzhen Textile Building of the Ministry of Textile Industry, and the Huayue factory of Guangdong Electronics Industry Bureau. Now electronic information has become the pillar industry of Shenzhen's development, and Hua Qiang Bei has made a contribution!



SEG Plaza and a corner of the banyan tree, Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei

Hua Qiang Bei Road named from the Hua Qiang Group is still standing in the north intersection of Hua Qiang, Hua Qiang Group is the predecessor of Guangdong Electronics Industry Bureau of Hua Qiang Electronics Factory, in 1979 moved from the north of Guangdong mountains to Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei, after more than 30 years of development, Hua Qiang Group is now a high-tech industry as the leading large investment holding enterprise group. Based on Hua Qiang Bei, Hua Qiang Group has built and operated the largest professional electronics market in China, where the second direct store of Slkor Micro Semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) is located. Hua Qiang Electronic website (www.hqew.com), which is a professional website of electronic components in China, is now the No. 1 business platform of electronic professional market in China. The popular cartoon celebrities Logger Vick and Boonie Bears are all from the creative works of Hua Qiang Group.

The development of Hua Qiang Bei cannot be separated from Sager Group. Mr. Ma Fuyuan, founder of Sager Group, Mr. Wang Dianfu, founding president of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Cheng Yimu of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce and other seniors are the witnesses of the development of Hua Qiang Bei , as well as the founders, builders and participants of Hua Qiang Bei economic miracle! Ma Fuyuan came to Hua Qiang Bei in Shenzhen in 1985. He is the founder of Shenzhen Sager Group, the first generation of multinational companies with Chinese characteristics. He once served as the president of Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce and made important contributions to promoting Shenzhen's electronics industry to the international market and Shenzhen’s export-oriented economic development. After Wang Dianfu took over as the chairman of Sager Group, he facilitated the joint venture between Sager Group and international electronics giants such as Hitachi, Samsung and stmicroelectronics, and built Sager Electronics Plaza, driving Hua Qiang Bei to become the first electronics street in China. Old comrade Cheng Yimu is a professional cadre assigned to Shenzhen by the Ministry of Electronic Industry, who once served as an executive in Saige Group and Hua Qiang Group. With strong organizational and communication skills and solid theoretical foundation, Cheng Yimu first summed up the concept of “Greater Hua Qiang Bei”, namely, Hua Qiang Bei’s pioneering, influential and radiant force, which is reflected in Hua Qiang Bei’s siphon effect of front shop and back factory” business model, and the spillover effect of the once ubiquitous Hua Qiang Bei Seg electronic market model! Mr. Cheng Yimu is in good health and energetic. He also actively leads the entrepreneurs of Hua Qiang Bei and offers suggestions for the transformation and development of Hua Qiang Bei.



Chairman of kinghelm&slkor Song Shiqiang

With the support of the Shenzhen Special Zone government, Hua Qiang Bei Electronic Market opened in March, 1988. In the first floor of the Sager Industrial Building at the intersection of Hua Qiang Bei Road and Shennan Middle Road, Sager Group opened the first electronic supporting professional market in mainland China using the original industrial plant. Although it was only 1,400 square meters in the beginning, only more than 160 manufacturers from Shenzhen and the mainland and 10 Hong Kong businessmen moved in, it was a pioneering move at that time. Business was so brisk that it soon expanded to eight floors of the building, with a new three-story Sager New Market opening next door. Across the street, the Hua Qiang Group took advantage of the trend and transformed the factory where the Sanyo televisions were made into the Hua Qiang Bei Electronics Market (now the old Hua Qiang Electronics Market). Early merchants came to Hua Qiang Bei from Chaozhou and Wenzhou. They were the two groups of people who could do business and seize market opportunities best in China. At that time, the representatives included Wang Laobao of Yingtling, Lin Brothers of Zitaijing, Pan Licheng of Hengcheng Weiye, etc., and the owners of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Vientiane Electronics, Keweiqi and other companies also set up camp in Hua Qiang Bei. From the initial small counter, they have developed into a large scale company in Hua Qiang Bei. Established in 1987, Invenling is the earliest hybrid distributor in Hua Qiang Bei, where the business model of many merchants is derived. The Lin brothers’ Ztaijing Electronic Company, which is mainly engaged in diode and triode, was once the benchmark enterprise in Hua Qiang Bei and the earliest “domestic substitute” in Hua Qiang Bei. Pan Lao, who comes from Hengcheng Weiye is the model of Hua Qiang Bei entrepreneurs. He is still active in Hua Qiang Bei electronic circle at the age of more than 80.

Before I involved in Slkorwww.slkormicro.com, I was still in a small mountain village in Xichong County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. While herding cattle, I memorized English words and fanned a gadfly on my face with a book. The first time I heard about the talent market in Shenzhen located in Hua Qiang Bei was on TV. Similarly, I  heard that talent was a resource and could be traded freely just like we sold chicken in Fuxing Farm. It was an innovation at that time! My dream at that time was to have a chance to visit Hua Qiang in Shenzhen and buy a digital watch. Dr. Zhu Junshan, who graduated from the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also became involved with Sager Group and Hua Qiang Bei in 1992. Dr. Zhu, from Guiyang County, Chenzhou, Hunan Province, worked as a technician in a joint venture packaging factory of Sager Group. Now he is a member of the International Sealing Survey Society. Now I have become a popular market economist in Hua Qiang Bei. Dr. Zhu Junshan led more than 600 fellow townspeople to Hua Qiang Bei to sell electronic components and become rich.

Years have passed, yet the old building is still standing to the southwest of the large banyan tree’s subway entrance. The charm has been connected with the ascent and ascent of Hua Qiang Bei and these years have seen the banyan tree base grow more and more lush!


Crowded personnel market of Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei

Song Shiqiang from Slkor (www.slkoric.com) thinks that before 1994, Hua Qiang Bei was the past. It was the layout of electronic information industry by Hua Qiang Bei government in the early stage of reform and opening up, combined with the general trend of industrial transfer and demographic dividend, that the first generation of pioneer cattle in Hua Qiang Bei accumulated material foundation. Ma Fuyuan dared to integrate resources to set up Seg Group, Wang Dianfu was the first to successfully marry Seg Group with foreign high-tech enterprises, Hua Qiang Group guided to build up Hua Qiang Bei electronic market, Wang Laobao and other Chaoshan brothers strive for a world in Hua Qiang Bei, Dr. Zhu Junshan rushed into Shenzhen, I, a shepherd boy’s vision for Hua Qiang Bei. All of them embody th “Hua Qiang Bei Spirit” of daring to fight, dare to innovate and dare to take risks. They are also the germination of Hua Qiang Bei entrepreneurial spirit, which will be sublimated into “Hua Qiang Bei Culture” in the future.


Slkor Semiconductor has obtained the qualification of national high-tech enterprise

A brief introduction of Song Shiqiang

Mr. Song Shiqiang is a researcher of private economy in the Economic Development Center of The State Council, a member of Electronic Information expert Database of China Association for Science and Technology as well as an expert on business research in Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei. He used to be the CEO of a listed international real estate company. Now he invests in Shenzhen Slkor Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Golden Navigation Electronics Co., LTD., creating Slkor Micro “SLKOR” and Golden Navigation label “Kinghelm” brands.

Slkor micro and Golden Beacon are national high-tech enterprises, software copyright and original innovation patents are numerous. Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) is currently one of the fast and steady development of semiconductor enterprises in China. The company’s vision is to become “the leader of domestic semiconductor enterprises”. “Golden Beacon, connect Beidou”, from the development of Beidou antenna, Golden beacon kinghelm (www.kinghelm.com.cn) R & D and production of microwave Beidou GPS antenna, radio frequency connection line and electrical signal connector products, embrace the intelligent era of the Internet of everything. He has a wide reputation and influence in the semiconductor and Beidou positioning and navigation industry. He had been working hard in the electronics industry for many years, and was constantly striving for a better business environment of Huang Qiang Bei. He hoped that Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei would become a window of reform and opening up and a name card of economic development of Shenzhen.



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