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How about smart antenna WiFi? What role does it play?

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With the increase of intelligent mobile terminals, high-quality wireless network has become the rigid demand of enterprise mobile office. People tend to complete various tasks on mobile terminals. In the past, enterprises used to use network transformation, but now they prefer mobile Internet. However, with a good mobile experience, smart antenna WiFi has been used well. What are the functions of this antenna.

Function I. signal tracking

Smart antenna WiFi technology is also an important technology to enhance wireless signal performance in recent years. At present, many traditional antenna designs based on fixed field are used in the signal transmission of typical wireless routers and wireless access points. Therefore, with the movement of field wireless devices, they can not follow sensitively and dynamically. Therefore, the corresponding angles between the antenna and the signal receiver are different, the same high-speed signal cannot be received, and the transmission performance cannot be enjoyed at any time.

Role 2: complete network coverage

Smart antenna WiFi adopts dynamic field design, which can further strengthen the change combination of dynamic field types and generate more than 700 types of propagating radiation fields. Automatically detect the actual position and moving path of the mobile device holder in the shape field, dynamically adjust the type of wireless signal transmission field, and improve the accuracy and coverage of point-to-point signal reception.

Function III. resistance to interference

Moreover, the smart antenna also has anti-interference function. Large and smart antenna technology can detect various interference signal sources at any time and dynamically convert the type of propagation radiation field to avoid interference and ensure signal integrity.

So nowSmart antenna WiFiIt's still very good. It does play a certain role, so it can become a kind of product that can be applied in major industries.


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