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How to make cable customization? What are the precautions?

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Introduction: Cable customization is a common production technology in the electronic equipment manufacturing industry. In the electronic equipment manufacturing industry, there are many electronic parts that need to connect different types of electronic equipment first, mainly to provide accurate communication signals and strong power signals for various electronic parts in the electronic industry.


1、 Provide a series of products

Professional cable customization manufacturers can provide a full range of products for various electronic parts manufacturers. Different types of series products have different requirements for cables. The appearance of cables and the special performance of cables will affect the later design of electronic equipment.

2、 Start with the sample

If the demander needs to make limited customization, the more common way of purchase and communication is that the manufacturer provides samples for the demander. Large scale procurement and production can only be carried out after confirming the appearance and various needs of the samples. Usually, the manufacturer communicates with the demander and will quickly send the samples to the demander for confirmation.

3、 Provide customized services

Professional cable customization manufacturers can provide customized services for various electronic industries. Compared with purchasing ordinary cable antennas, they need to increase some service costs. However, this customization cost is inevitable in order to give electronic devices stronger or more distinctive functions.

The process of cable customization and the precautions in on-site customization need to be understood in detail, and many details of cable customization are not reflected in the article. When the cable customization service is provided, we can continuously communicate with the manufacturer in detail, and then cooperate to determine.

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