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What are the types of WiFi antennas? What are the functions?

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Guide: in order to make it easier and faster for our mobile phones and electronic devices to receive signals from wireless networks, we generally use Wi Fi antennas for signal enhancement and transmission. Wifi antenna has a key determinant for micro signal transmission and transmission. So what are the types of Wi Fi antenna production in the market and what are their functions?


  1、 Built in antenna

In wireless network reception, we have a common built-in Wi Fi antenna, which is mainly used in mobile phones or computers. At present, electronic watches and some children's electronic appliances will also be equipped with such built-in Wi Fi antennas. This built-in antenna has low manufacturing cost and can also receive and transmit Wi Fi signals.

  2、 External antenna

The second type of Wi Fi antenna is the external antenna, which is divided into two types: one is a non-standard antenna and the other is a standard antenna. Their role is to strengthen the wireless network signal. The manufacturing cost of the external Wi Fi antenna is higher than that of the built-in antenna, but its signal reception performance is higher than that of the built-in antenna. But its aesthetic performance is slightly inferior to the built-in antenna. The exterior needs more design to cover up its abruptness.

  3、 Performance antenna

In addition to the two common types of Wi Fi antennas, we may add more functional Wi Fi antennas for common electronic devices through the continuous development of technology in the later stage.

  Wifi antennaThere are few types of Wi Fi antennas. For the production needs of some electronic equipment, the types of Wi Fi antennas need to be selected according to the functions required by electronic equipment and the production cost of electronic equipment.


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