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Why develop Beidou? 27 years ago, China was forced to hurry

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After the flood and rainstorm in South China, a sudden landslide collapsed in Shimen County, Hunan Province. Fortunately, there were no casualties    

 Before the landslide  Shimen County  fourteen  household  thirty-three  people  Received early  Beidou satellite  Issued alerts  Timely evacuation  

 all the time  When each Beidou satellite is launched  Except looking up at the stars  Lament the magic of science and technology  We don't know  Beidou satellite is very important to our daily life  What is it  How important


1983Korean Airlines007flightAfter taking off from New YorkBizarre entry into Soviet airspaceIt's getting darkMany times in the Soviet UnionFire warningThe airliner did not notice

 When it was about to fly out of Soviet airspace  Shot down by a missile


 According to the black box survey  Because the captain  Operation error  Standard flight mode not implemented  Geomagnetic navigation  Failure  Causing the aircraft to deviate from the predetermined course  Aircraft  Break into airspace by mistake

 Two years later  stay  Global GPS Seminar  upper  The United States made it clear that  in order to  Ensuring Homeland Security  Emergency response  The United States will be in special circumstances  Three measures are taken for GPS

 a. Reduce each other's navigation accuracy

 b. Change coding at any time

 c. Regional management

 In order not to be controlled by others  Bu Qingjun found an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  Chen Fangyun  Discuss together  Satellite positioning plan  

 American GPS ranging  Four star positioning  In order to save money  Chen Fangyun designed  Two star positioning  First meet domestic navigation and positioning     

 Satellite navigation is very complicated  Launch around the earth  twenty-four  Satellite  formation  Three different track surfaces  Weave into a  network  People can see it anytime, anywhere at the same time  Four stars  Research and development of GPS system in the United States  It's based on this principle

 China Gang  reform and opening-up  Limited national strength  The satellite positioning plan had to be suspended     
 until  1993  China Galaxy  Carrying stationery, hardware, mechanical parts, dyes and other goods  From Tianjin Port  It is planned to be shipped to the Middle East

 The GPS signal of the sea area where the galaxy is located is turned off  The ship was forced to drift on the Indian Ocean  thirty-three  day

 in limine  The project team is not enough in one room  twenty  Work in a square meter room  No satellite in hand  From the other two satellite programs  Spare two satellites  It also designed an exclusive function for Beidou——  Short message


1995Project stuckFirst ridgeIt can not solve the problem of "fast catch and follow" of satellite signals

 When everyone is at a loss  Wang Feixue    Yong Shaowei  and  European steel  Three doctors haven't graduated yet  twenty  Year old boy  Took out a set  "All digital" scheme     three people  In a less than  ten  Square meter Laboratory  Take it  four  Ten thousand yuan fund  Around a more advanced computer  time consuming  three  year  The test got the first batch  "Quick catch" data   


2000Beidou 1First shotAfter the United States and RussiaChina has become the third in the worldCountries with satellite navigation systems

2002In order not to rely too much on GPSEU initiatedGalileo satellite programhereChinese sideBeidou 2In case of technical bottleneckEU lacks R & D FundBoth parties decideJoint development 

 Chinese payment  two point seven  After 100 million euro franchise fee  Not only  No access to core technology  also  No right to speak  Completely excluded  therefore  China decided to go it alone   

here  Holding the Big Dipper by the throat  Second ridge


Hydrogen atomic clock

Satellite positioning in space  Time is used to calculate space  The atomic clock is  Timing tool   

 at that time  only  U.S.A  and  european union  Master atomic clock technology  before  China buys atomic clock from a European company  But after China decided to go it alone  Temporary again  Do not sell  The scientists had to wheeze  Here we go  Independent research and development of atomic clock     fortunately  It only took two years  Chinese atomic clock launched  three hundred  10000 year error only  one  second


 Beidou-2 goes to heaven  Solved  Asia Pacific positioning  Then  The second year  Wenchuan emergency  M S8 earthquake  The epicenter Yingxiu Road, power and communication were interrupted  Lost contact with the outside world  Tens of thousands of people are unknown     earthquake  twenty  Hours later  First force  Break through the death line  March into Yingxiu on foot  With the help of one  Beidou terminal  Finally sent a distress message  This is from the epicenter to the outside world  First message  

2009After solving the positioning problems in China and the Asia Pacific regionBeidou 3 began to look around the worldestablishGlobal positioning systemHead onThe third test


Unable to establish ground stations overseas

Since it is not allowed to be built abroad  Let's just build a bridge for the global satellite

 The post-80s generation of Beidou team  Proposed  "Inter satellite link"  A clever move

Here comes the problemWhere is the inter satellite link?

To be precise, it is to connect global satellites. As long as one satellite is in China's airspace, all satellites can be connected to domestic ground stations through it  


 To put it bluntly, it is to pull all satellites to a shared position in a group  

2017Equipped with "wechat group" technologyBeidou 3Successful launch

2020June 23rdThe last satellite of Beidou system was successfully launched in Xichangthustime consumingtwenty-sixyearlaunchfifty-fiveSatelliteinvestmentone hundred and twentyRMB100mnthirty10000 participantsSpanning three generationsChina Beidou has completed the deployment of global satellite navigation system


 twenty-six  Years later  Our fishing boats and ships  In case of danger and threat  Not only can guarantee  Real time field positioning  It can be sent out immediately  one thousand  Word for help  No longer controlled by others

 Thanks for that  Beidou team  of  thirty  ten thousand people  puff and blow  Silent study  nine thousand four hundred and ninety  Day and night

 although  Beidou technology looks unfathomable  

 The functions of positioning, communication and timing are very grounded  

 Beidou Guide  Dragon into the sea  Shenzhou flying  Mozi Guanyu  Heavenly palace wandering  Jade rabbit running to the moon  

 Beidou is to achieve global positioning and regain the initiative     Now your majesty has a Book of honor, and there is a big dipper in heaven. Fighting is the mouthpiece of heaven, and the minister is also the mouthpiece of his majesty.  ——Post Han Dynasty & middot; biography of Li Gu  

It is also realizing the dream of the ancients  Romantic cosmic dream     As the world  Astronomy developed first  One of the countries  The ancients loved the Big Dipper deeply  The Xia Dynasty used it to determine  the first month of the lunar year  and  June  The Warring States period used it to determine  all directions  and  spring, summer, autumn and winter  

The handle points to the East, and all the world is spring; The handle points to the south, and the world is summer; The handle points to the west, and the world is autumn;  The handle points to the north. It's winter all over the world.  ——In the Warring States period, he Guanzi · circulation,  The Zhou Dynasty used it to drink  

 Poets of all dynasties used it to drink and write poetry
 As the only existing  Four ancient civilizations  China's Beidou plan is pointing to the future  It continues  Five thousand years of Chinese history     here  Beidou team is sitting on the space-time shuttle  In the team  eighty  and  ninety  after  Singing  "Stars in the sky participate in the Beidou"  Responding to Du Fu  

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