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Figa speech Xie Jun: development of Beidou system and its application in aviation

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The author notes that a change in the revised proposal has aroused market repercussions,Article 12 the original "motor vehicles approved for registration shall comply with the national safety technical standards for motor vehicles" is revised to "motor vehicles approved for registration shall comply with the national safety technical standards for motor vehicles, and electronic signs shall be installed as required".One stone has aroused thousands of waves, and the market's attention to electronic license plates has increased rapidly.

The electronic license plate is the electronic ID card of the car

So, what is electronic identification? The definition of motor vehicle electronic identification is the electronic identity card of motor vehicle. The electronic license plate is installed on the identification window of the car windshield. Such a card itself does not need energy supply and can be used for a long time.

Traditionally, we register and register the vehicle according to the vehicle frame number information, and then issue a license plate number. However, this method may be false when identifying the road. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether it is its own license plate or a set of license plates, but this problem does not exist in the electronic identification of vehicles.

Because the electronic license plate chip will store information related to the vehicle, including the license plate number, use nature, vehicle type, insurance information and so on. Vehicles equipped with electronic identification can automatically, non-contact and continuously complete vehicle identification and 24-hour monitoring. Even if the information is collected remotely at the speed of 200 km / h, the accuracy of identification can reach 99.9%. Even if the vehicle number plate is blocked, defaced and altered, it can not escape the eye of the electronic license plate recognition system. It has the recognition effect that the traditional physical license plate can not achieve, and its encryption method also ensures the security and stability.

For benchmarking etc, the demand of industrial chain needs policy promotion

When it comes to electronic license plate, we have to mention et. both electronic license plate and etc originate from mature RFID technology, but they are different in application purpose, leading department and technical indicators. It can be said that the function of electronic license plate is more powerful than that of etc, and it is even expected to become an iterative technology of etc.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of public security, as of March 2021, the national car ownership was 287 million, and by the end of February 2021, the national etc users were 226 million.

In addition to the innovative technologies that are continuously promoted from top to bottom in policy, there are also some overlaps in the functions of electronic license plate and etc. at the same time, there are many discussions on the potential competition between them in the market. Electronic license plate and etc have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are expected to coexist for a period of time.

Non parking, unmanned operation and cashless transaction are the three main features of etc, led by the Ministry of transport. The electronic license plate can realize automatic, non-contact and non-stop vehicle identification and monitoring, which is used for national vehicle real identity recognition, led by the traffic administration bureau of the Ministry of public security.

Although the two overlap in function, they are different in construction cost, technical realization and other aspects. Etc can not realize vehicle accuracy recognition and monitoring, and the electronic license plate is not connected to the payment system. At the same time, the main application purposes of the two are different. It is expected that the two may coexist and exist on the vehicle in the future.

On the industrial side, more people are concerned about whether electronic license plates will form a rush to load like etc in 2019?

Some people believe that the large-scale and efficient boarding of etc has specific timing and geographical factors. In addition to the policy promotion of the Ministry of communications and other ministries, it is inseparable from the competition between commercial banks for new car owner customers under the market competition at that time. At that time, many banks launched discounts such as 10% off the national high-speed fee and sending OBU cards.

What is the significance of promoting electronic license plates?

Relatively speaking, in addition to ensuring the authenticity and recognition accuracy of the license plate, the electronic license plate can also write vehicle insurance information and regional information in the reading and writing area of the electronic logo, which will bring some functional expansion compared with our traditional license plate.

Nationwide, electronic license plates have been piloted in many cities, including Wuxi, Shenzhen, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan and other places. Different cities will focus on different landing angles, control concepts and capital investment. For example, Wuxi focuses on the control of public transport vehicles, while Wuhan will cooperate with some large-scale security activities, In addition, some industrial vehicles will be applied in other places.

How big is the industrial space of electronic license plate? Some data show that the potential market scale of electronic license plate in China will be about 83 billion yuan in 2020. Based on the compound growth rate of 8% of car ownership, it is estimated that the total industrial scale of China's electronic license plate market will be about 122 billion yuan by the end of the 14th five year plan, that is, 2025. It can be seen that the potential industrial space scale of electronic license plate is still relatively large.

From the perspective of future promotion, it may be better to manage these special vehicles first.Because the number of these vehicles is relatively small, they are more important at the level of traffic management and need priority control.

The current pilot is indeed more for specific vehicles and industries, because the resistance to installing electronic signs in specific industries is less.For the owners of ordinary passenger cars, the current forced installation is indeed unrealistic, and the effect of its pilot may not be so obvious, so basically, most of the pilot still do some monitoring on the vehicles of the industry.

So the question is, is there a conflict of repeated construction between electronic identification and etc? It is generally believed that,Etc can be understood as the bank card of the vehicle, which realizes non-stop charging according to the passing track of the vehicle,This is not in conflict with electronic signs. Although there are similarities in technical evolution, the reading devices of the two are different. In addition, the layout points of motor vehicle electronic signs in road testing equipment can be regarded as a supplement and encryption to the existing traffic control equipment on the road, so as to help the original control equipment better capture vehicle information.

From the perspective of national promotion, at present, in addition to the top-down promotion of the installation of electronic license plates by the Ministry of public security, it is also necessary to introduce third-party commercial institutions other than car owners and supervision, such as insurance and banks, for joint promotion, and the formation of this business model and the opening up of the information and capital flows of the three parties still need some time to verify.

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