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What are the classifications of 4G communication antennas? What are the basic knowledge?

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When it comes to communication technology, I believe everyone has heard of it, but more friends' understanding of communication technology stays in listening and speaking, and they don't know much about real and detailed relevant knowledge4G communication antennaTechnology as an example, let's talk about the classification of 4G communication antennas? What are the basic knowledge?


1、 What is 4G communication antenna

The so-called 4G communication antenna refers to a device that converts the high-frequency current or the energy of the waveguide situation into electromagnetic waves and transmits them to a regular direction, or restores the electromagnetic waves from a certain direction into high-frequency current.

2、 Classification of 4G communication antennas

1. It is divided according to its purpose

Television antenna, radar antenna and communication antenna, etc.

2. It is divided according to the frequency band of the operation

Microwave antenna, short wave antenna and ultrashort wave antenna, etc.

3. Divided according to the nature of direction

It can be divided into directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna and so on. The omnidirectional antenna here is 360 DEG in the horizontal direction; Can carry out uniform radiation, and there is a beam with a certain width in the straight direction; The directional antenna shows a certain angle of radiation in the horizontal direction and a certain width beam in the straight direction.

4. Divide according to appearance

Planar antenna and linear antenna, etc.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the current communication technology is constantly developing. For example, the newly launched 5g technology is more advanced than 4G, and it is also gradually applied to life. More knowledge of relevant communication technologies in daily life can be more convenient. Therefore, here we can increase our knowledge of 4G communication antenna, More convenient conditions for their own convenient communication.


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