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People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other domestic mainstream media forwarded Song Shiqiang's article about Huaqiangbei

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On July 18 and 19, 2022, some Chinas mainstream media forwarded Song Shiqiang's original article "Research on Huaqiangbei" successively, such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Yangcheng Evening News and IFENG News.


Song ShiqiangResearch on Huaqiangbei was reposted by People's Daily


Song Shiqiang's first job was in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. After years of study and efforts, he is now a researcher of private economy of Economic Development Center of the State Council, a member of electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, a expert of research on Huaqiangbei and a popular science columnist. Song Shiqiang has been paying attention to Huaqiangbei, studying Huaqiangbei and promoting Huaqiangbei. He has written many research articles on Huaqiangbei's economy, society, business logic and free market, flying the flag for the transformation and development of Huaqiangbei, which have been reproduced by many media.

Mr. Song was the former CEO of an international real estate listed company. He has invested and managed a list of companies such as Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., building the "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" brands. Both "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" are Chinese national high-tech companies and have obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights. In addition, Slkor is one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies in China, and its vision is to become "the leader of Chinas semiconductor industry".



Song Shiqiang
Research on Huaqiangbei was reposted by Xinhua News Agency


"Kinghelm Connecting Beidou" is the slogan of Kinghelm company. Starts from the development of Beidou antenna, Kinghelm has now developed and produced microwave antenna, RF cables and electrical signal connector and other products, embracing the intelligent era for Internet of Everything.  Song Shiqiang has a wide reputation and influence in the semiconductor, Beidou positioning and navigation industry. As one of the renowned business leaders in Huaqiangbei Commercial Area of Shenzhen, Mr. Song is paying his best efforts to improve the business environment, hoping that Huaqiangbei will become a catalyst for reform and opening of Shenzhen's economic development.


Song ShiqiangResearch on Huaqiangbei was reposted by Xinhua News Agency


Huaqiangbei, located in Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a name card to show the achievements of reform and opening up in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and Huaqiangbei with Beijing "Zhongguancun" is known as the major center of electronic information industry in southern and northern China respectively. Huaqiangbei is also known as "Chinas First Electronics Street", why is Huaqiangbei so prosperous? Why Huaqiangbei Commercial Area is always in the unshakable leading position in the domestic electronic information industry? Then Mr. Song Shiqiang's original article "Research on Huaqiangbei" will discuss these issues from these ten aspects for you.


Song Shiqiang, CEO of Kinghelm and Slkor, elaborates from the following ten aspects:

ITiming and placeWhen mainland China opened its door to reform and opening-up, it just undertook the third international industrial transfer and made use of foreign capital and advanced technology and management. Shenzhen took the lead in developing by relying on Hong Kong, benefiting from policies and attracting labors from mainland China.


IIHuaqiangbei’s spontaneous market order and free marketThe wild growth of Huaqiangbei verifies the formation and development theory of "self-organizing social system"Shenzhen is a model of small government and big citizens, the government respects the market, take the lead in abiding by the law and play the role of night watchman and servant.There are no interference factors such as mechanical planning, command, monopoly and extortion, and everything is drived by the market-the invisible hand, which formed the information feedback system in Huaqiangbei, coordination in the spontaneous order, and the free market with sustainable development and internal drive.


IIIBetter industrial base of HuaqiangbeiShangbu Industrial Zone is an industrial park with electronic industry as the main body, including light industry and textile industry. In the 1980s, Shangbu-Huaqiangbei Area was the industrial highland of Shenzhen, which concentrated the most intensive and high-end industrial resources in Shenzhen. Five of the six municipal state-owned industrial enterprise groups are headquartered in Shangbu Area.


Song ShiqiangResearch on Huaqiangbei was reposted on websites by other media


IVHuaqiangbei spiritUnder the call of wealth, the increasing floating population in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei brought about the fierce competition, the immigrant groups were naturally daring and aggressive. The majority of Chaoshan owners in Huaqiangbei is known for its aggressiveness, and there is a proverb saying in Guangdong, A fierce dragon never dares not to cross the river,  these are blended in Huaqiangbei spirit!


VHuaqiangbei Electronics StreetHuaqiangbei is a distribution center and reservoir of electronic components, and its an also electronic trading centerHuaqiangbei can provide the coordinated-process service covering brand advertising, product display, information collection, physical experience, price comparison, business negotiation, money and goods delivery, and logistics.Besides, people can make the one-stop procurement of complete materials and find scarce things.


VIHuaqiangbei Professional MarketHuaqiangbei has about more than 50 electronic professional markets, with communication mobile phones supporting the majority. The professional market of Huaqiangbei also has the supporting ability of industrial chain and the benign industrial ecology, which can cover China and radiate the world, and it has a comprehensive advantage that other business circles do not have.


VIIHuaqiangbei Business AreaHuaqiangbei business area covers Huangmugang, Baihualing, Yannan Road, Huaqiang South, Futian South, Gangxia, Tian Mian and other large high-end communities and natural villages. In holidays, it also radiates further around the place, and Dongmen International Trade South Lake Road in Luohu District is another one of the two major business areas in Shenzhen.


Song Shiqiang
Research on Huaqiangbei was reposted by Yangcheng Evening News


VIIIThe advantages of HuaqiangbeiHuaqiangbei means the great Huaqiangbei and the extensive Huaqiangbei. The invisible advantages of Huaqiangbei are its siphon phenomenon and spillover effect. Huaqiangbei is not only the electronic information product trading center, but also has many functions such as information exchange, technology introduction, product display, product design creativity, logistics and distribution, enterprise incubation and so on. The talents, business ideas, goods, new products and innovative models coming out from Huaqiangbei are Huaqiangbei's contributions to the industry and become a part of Huaqiangbei culture.


IXHuaqiangbei’s challenge and crisisHuaqiangbei is faced with the depression and confusion after its savage growth. With the development of the economy and electronic information in Chinas inland cities, the local industrial ecology will give birth to the same kind of market, and also eliminate the radiation power of Huaqiangbei. What the Internet brings to Huaqiangbei is that information tends to be symmetrical and squeezes the gray area. The growth of Internet e-commerce has brought a comprehensive impact to Huaqiangbei. Of course, the opportunities for development and transformation are also hidden behind the challenges and crises of Huaqiangbei!


Song Shiqiang
s Research on Huaqiangbei was reposted by Shenzhen News


XHuaqiangbei cultureHuaqiangbei without culture will have no soul, and it is meaningless to study its future. Huaqiangbeis spirit of aggressiveness and daring is based on the fisherman culture and even pirate culture of Chaoshan people who dare to take risks, integrating the blood of Hunan people who can endure hardships and have much patience, and coupled with the Sichuan-Chongqing tradition, Huaqiangbei sublimated into a booming power in the infinite business opportunities. The above forms the unique culture of Huaqiangbei, enlighten our behavior, spread the brand of Huaqiangbei, publicize the value of Huaqiangbei, and make us recall Huaqiangbei and read Huaqiangbei.


Slkors store in Huaqiangbei


Mr Songs article Research on Huaqiangbei was also forwarded by other professional media, such as Shenzhen News, Tencent News, Sina, Sohu, EEFOCUS, and China Electronic Business.

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