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"Beidou" is far away and "application" is close by

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"The application of Beidou is only limited by imagination", which is the prediction of people in the industry at the initial stage of China's Beidou satellite navigation system.

Beidou satellite navigation system (hereinafter referred to as "Beidou system") is a global satellite navigation system independently built and operated by China focusing on the needs of national security and economic and social development. It is an important national space-time infrastructure that provides all-weather, all-time and high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for global users. With the official opening of the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system and the successful completion of the "three-step" development strategy, China's Beidou is moving towards global services at a rapid pace of scale and industrialization.

The first Beidou scale application international summit held in Changsha, Hunan Province in mid September showed that China's satellite navigation industry now has about 14000 enterprises and more than 500000 employees, relying on the layout and implementation of national industrial policies, the promotion of all parts of the country and various market players, the construction of satellite based and ground-based enhancement systems, auxiliary positioning systems and other infrastructure, The industrial chain covers chips, modules, boards, terminals and operation services, and its application involves all aspects of economic and social development and people's daily life. Under the background that the outline of the 14th five year plan clearly proposes to deepen the promotion and application of Beidou system and promote the high-quality development of Beidou industry, the industry is generally optimistic about the application prospect of Beidou "far away and near". It is expected that the relevant output value will reach 644 billion yuan by 2025.


On September 16, at Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the audience visited the Beidou satellite navigation system application achievement exhibition. Photographed by reporter Chen Sihan

The "Beidou" of "far away from heaven" is used around us

Automatically avoid pedestrians or obstacles, change lanes to overtake with dotted lines, maintain a safe distance from the car in front, and deal with complex sudden road conditions... In the blocks of Meixi lake and Yanghu Lake in Changsha City, Hunan Province, these old drivers can only turn around in the past, and white electric intelligent Internet connected vehicles "robotaxi" can be completed automatically. The staff of Hunan Apollo Zhixing told the economic information daily that the robotaxi terminal IMU operated by them integrates the positioning technology of Beidou satellite navigation system, which can carry out high-precision centimeter positioning of the vehicle and provide positioning escort for automatic driving.

In Xiangjiang new area of Changsha, relying on the intelligent driving technology integrated with Beidou navigation and L4 low-speed intelligent unmanned cleaning vehicle, they diligently clean the road garbage in the closed or semi closed park; L4 low-speed self driving retail car, which automatically sells snacks on closed or semi closed park roads; The self driving bus has also opened the open roads in the urban area to undertake the task of bus operation; Hello bicycles and mopeds have built-in Beidou positioning module. Using technology that can achieve sub meter positioning accuracy, the customer complaints caused by vehicle "positioning drift" during Hello travel every month remain at a low level of 1 / 10000 compared with the total riding orders

Beidou system not only guides "black technology vehicles" through the streets and lanes in big cities, but also plays an accurate early warning role for geological disasters in remote mountainous areas.

On June 24, June 30 and July 6, 2020, the Beidou satellite high-precision geological disaster monitoring and early warning system installed in leijiashan, panping village, Nanbei Town, Shimen County, Hunan Province issued orange early warning of landslides for many times. After receiving the early warning, the local government quickly organized villagers to avoid danger and transfer, arranged personnel to patrol the mountains, and implemented traffic control. Less than an hour after the implementation of the last risk avoidance measure, about 3 million cubic meters of mountain "poured" down in two times. Cadres and people in Nanbei town and panping village said that without the Beidou warning, the consequences would be unimaginable.

At the first Beidou scale application international summit, the reporter learned that the beidou-3 system built in 2020, as one of the four major satellite navigation systems in the world, has many own characteristics and advantages: the space segment adopts three kinds of orbital satellites to form a hybrid constellation, which has more high orbit satellites and stronger anti occlusion ability compared with other satellite navigation systems, Especially in low latitudes, the performance advantage is more obvious; Beidou system provides navigation signals of multiple frequency points, which can improve the service accuracy through the combination of multiple frequency signals; Beidou system innovation integrates navigation and communication capabilities, and has multiple service capabilities such as positioning and navigation timing, satellite based enhancement, ground-based enhancement, precision single point positioning, short message communication and international search and rescue.

In the specific applications of Beidou system at home and abroad, in addition to vehicle navigation and earthquake disaster early warning, there are many "powerful" martial arts:

Beidou intelligent video monitoring and alarm system has been installed and used on tens of thousands of "two passengers and one danger" vehicles in Hunan and other places. During the driving process, once the driver closes his eyes for more than two seconds or many times, the system will automatically give a prompt. 17 unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, not wearing seat belts, smoking, answering and making phone calls are included in the recognition category, and real-time voice alarm can be given. Since January 1, 2020, the alarm data of unsafe driving behavior of "two passengers and one danger" vehicle drivers in Hunan Province has decreased from more than 40000 times a day in the initial stage to more than 1000 times at present, with a decline rate of 97%, and the level of vehicle safety guarantee has been significantly improved.

On some intelligent construction machinery produced by Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Xiangjian heavy industry and other enterprises, the on-board intelligent terminal completes positioning data acquisition through Beidou satellite signal, which can provide customers with online detection, fault early warning, operation optimization and other services. It can also rely on Beidou data to build the Internet of things system, integrated monitoring system, disaster monitoring and early warning system of construction machinery Emergency linkage, command and dispatching system, etc. to provide remote monitoring and support services for working conditions, so as to help the smooth completion of the project and the safe operation of equipment.

For ships sailing in rivers, lakes and seas, the ship position instrument periodically transmits the name and position information of relevant ships to the terminal of AIS automatic identification system, and the relevant data is obtained through Beidou antenna. On the vast water surface without reference, the ship can accurately grasp the direction and route and reach the designated water area safely, whether at night or in rainy and foggy days.

After Beidou precise positioning terminal is installed in urban gas pipeline network, the whole process data of detection operation can be read and uploaded, and accurate coordinates can be loaded synchronously to realize gas leakage trend analysis, pipeline network risk calculation and dynamic risk assessment prediction.

In the field of general aviation, the application of Beidou system can well solve the problems of "dare not release" and "can't fly" caused by "can't see, shout and connect"; In the field of agriculture, Beidou navigation integrates 5g and other technologies into agricultural production, circulation, service and other links. There are more and more agricultural machines equipped with agricultural Beidou application terminals, such as machine plug-in, machine throwing, fertilization, deep application, plant protection and flight prevention. The "unmanned agriculture" led by the Internet of things and big data is beginning to replace the traditional farming mode of watering and fertilizing by experience

"From usual positioning, taxi, Express query, bus information and tourism, to early warning and search and rescue under emergency conditions, and even receiving and sending text messages without communication network in the future, Beidou, which is in remote space, is almost everywhere in our life and plays a great role." Shi Guoqiang, deputy general manager of Changsha Haige Beidou Information Technology Co., Ltd.

After the "start", usher in the "critical point" of outbreak

At present, the society's acceptance and recognition of Beidou system are increasing day by day. After the "start" in 2020, Beidou application is ushering in an explosive "critical point".

It is understood that with the continuous breakthroughs in core technologies, Beidou system has been widely used in the fields of transportation, agriculture, forestry and fishery, hydrological monitoring, meteorological forecast, communication timing, power dispatching, disaster relief and reduction, public security and other fields, serving important national infrastructure and producing remarkable economic and social benefits. Navigation services based on Beidou system have been adopted by e-commerce, mobile intelligent terminal manufacturing, location services and other manufacturers, and have widely entered the fields of mass consumption, sharing economy and people's livelihood in China. New models, new formats and new economy are emerging.

At Changsha Haige Beidou Information Technology Co., Ltd., technicians showed reporters the key components of the "dolphin" series Beidou satellite navigation application they developed. Shi Guoqiang said that the company can provide multi-source integrated navigation and positioning modules, complete machine comprehensive application products and key technology solutions. "At present, there are many key core technologies in the scale application of beidou-3 global satellite navigation, and we are committed to becoming the world's top navigation and positioning enterprise."

In Hunan Zhongsen Communication Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that the quality inspection engineer was testing the Beidou satellite navigation application instrument. Liu Jingjing, a staff member of the company, said that Zhongsen has been established for more than 10 years. Its products focus on the development of Beidou chips, modules and terminals. At present, its products have covered the fields of transportation, marine fisheries, water conservancy and emergency rescue, with an annual output of more than 100000 sets. At the same time, the company is also one of the main suppliers of Beidou handheld user computers in China.

At Hunan Satellite Navigation Information Technology Co., Ltd., technicians introduced the newly developed portable satellite navigation information acquisition and playback equipment and satellite occlusion and multipath signal simulation system for complex three-dimensional scenes. Peng Dingqian, a staff member of the company, said that the overall annual output value of Beidou navigation ground system level verification environment and simulation and test equipment is expected to reach about 1 billion yuan. At present, the company has developed rapidly in related fields, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%, and the turnover will exceed 100 million yuan this year.


The technicians of Hunan Satellite Navigation Information Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the satellite occlusion and multipath signal simulation system for complex three-dimensional scenes. Photographed by reporter Su Xiaozhou

Miao Honglei, head of the company's R & D organization at Huazi Technology Co., Ltd., said that they applied the satellite clock synchronization device independently developed and produced by Beidou system, and the clock accuracy can reach within 200ns (nanosecond, 1 nanosecond = 10 negative 9th power second). It is used in power generation, substation, civil aviation, railway, transportation, real-time communication systems and other fields requiring high time precision control, At present, it has been applied in more than 3000 sites; In remote mountainous areas, deserts and other sparsely populated areas without communication network, the intelligent measurement and control terminal developed by the company uses the two key functions of Beidou system communication and time service to monitor the ecological base flow and meteorology.

According to the reporter, many places in China are enthusiastic about supporting the industrialization of Beidou application.

Hunan Province, which is at the forefront of Beidou application industry in China, has proposed the development goal that the main business income of Beidou industry in the province will reach 50 billion yuan and the terminal installation capacity will exceed 1 million sets by 2025, and has established ten major projects for Beidou's large-scale deepening application, such as intelligent Internet connected vehicles, smart city construction, disaster monitoring, early warning and command and dispatching, It is planned to make every effort to build a "Beidou" 100 billion industrial cluster.

As the technical source and core technical support for the construction of Beidou satellite navigation system, Changsha, Hunan focuses on supporting Beidou's application demonstration, market expansion, R & D innovation and platform construction in the fields of intelligent networked vehicles and geographic information. At present, hundreds of "Beidou" large-scale enterprises have gathered in Changsha CLP software park and other places.

In other parts of the country, Beidou application industrialization is also regarded as a "blue ocean" for development. At present, Shandong has launched the "Beidou kinetic energy" project, striving to build a universal basic platform for Beidou's accurate space-time information perception and intelligent service; Liaoning promotes the upgrading of satellite navigation and positioning reference stations and accelerates the application innovation of Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system; Shanxi and other places have also launched supporting policies and other measures to deploy and accelerate the large-scale and industrialization of Beidou application

In the field of large enterprises, the "Tencent map" launched by Tencent is integrated with Beidou satellite system, using the accurate location data provided by Beidou system, combined with Tencent's AI and big data and other technical advantages to provide services with accurate navigation technology; China Southern Power Grid released the "14th five year plan" application plan of Beidou satellite navigation system to promote the online operation of an operation service platform integrating basic modules such as Beidou location service, short message communication management and time-frequency monitoring; China Mobile released the "5g Beidou high precision positioning" Xingyao action road test plan

In the past two years, with the gradual formation of the profit model of China's Beidou application industry and the gradual emergence of the "money making effect", many enterprises are constantly adding investment in the "space-time market" around the application of Beidou system. The person in charge of a leading enterprise in the Beidou application segment said that in recent years, many "space-time intelligent enterprises" relying on the Beidou system have obtained financing. The main investors of their company are venture capital funds from private enterprises, state-owned enterprises and various backgrounds. The major shareholders are generally optimistic about the growth prospects in this field and want to continuously increase capital and shares, and no one is willing to reduce the share proportion.

"Adolescent troubles" look forward to "taking advantage of the situation"

According to insiders, China's Beidou application industry chain has improved its infrastructure and service capacity in the past few years, and is constantly exploring and giving full play to the performance and potential of Beidou system.

However, the reporter also learned that as a "latecomer", Beidou system needs to compete with other "preconceived" satellite navigation systems, and some "adolescent troubles" need to be paid attention to. For example, the policy support system still needs to be improved, talent factors restrict the development of Beidou industry, lack of demonstration and guidance of leading enterprises, lag in the construction of application ecological environment, homogeneous low-end competition, etc.

Industry insiders believe that at present, China's Beidou system application is changing from infrastructure construction to industrial development, from promoting navigation technology to "Beidou" enabling related industries, and from typical demonstration to systematic promotion. In the key "transition period", we need to take advantage of the situation to stimulate the application, promotion and innovation of Beidou system and improve the competitiveness of Beidou application products from the following aspects:

Strengthen policy guidance and support.

The national and provincial levels need to strengthen the "top-level design" of strategic planning and public policies, combined with the construction of major project evaluation system, and clarify the development objectives and steps of Beidou industry, development priorities and project support at each stage. We should build an all-round policy system from the aspects of finance, taxation, science and technology and foreign trade, and take the Beidou system infrastructure as an important part of the new infrastructure for project planning.

Establish a guarantee mechanism for "fund products".

The "fund" is to explore the establishment of Beidou navigation application fund. "Product" is to encourage financial institutions to carry out intellectual property pledge financing; Financing guarantee institutions can be encouraged to help small and micro enterprises increase credit and financing; Encourage private capital and other capital to enter the Beidou application industry market.

Build a "leading standard" pattern.

"Leading" is the establishment of Beidou leading enterprise. We can explore taking state-owned assets as the leading factor and absorbing social capital, focus on areas with competitive advantages, give policy support and industrial application support, and form a situation in which state-owned "leading" enterprises lead the rapid development of private enterprises; We can also explore and promote cross integration, such as promoting the integration of information and communication industry with strong capital and Beidou satellite navigation industry, and cultivating leading enterprises characterized by "5g Beidou" or "Internet of vehicles Beidou".

"Standards" are to formulate upstream and downstream product standards for automatic driving, geographic information and other applications with advantages and development prospects, study and establish the framework of Beidou application standard system, focus on benchmark construction, data acquisition and processing, navigation and location services, emergency support services, and strive to promote the formulation and revision of industry application urgently needed, common and basic standards, Promote the popularization and application of Beidou in the fields of consumption, transportation, geographic information, emergency support, etc.

"Characteristic infrastructure" should be carried out simultaneously to expand space.

"Characteristics", make full use of the equipment manufacturing industry foundation and transformation and upgrading opportunities, promote leading major equipment manufacturing enterprises to integrate Beidou technology into product intelligent terminals, and promote inter provincial collaboration and sharing of Beidou satellite navigation and positioning reference station network.

"Infrastructure", do a good job in resource integration and system integration, integration and innovation, build a large public science and technology service platform, form a large public science and technology service sharing platform for urban-rural integration and a large Beidou service provider platform, and promote the development of application scenarios of Beidou navigation in construction, elderly care services, logistics, urban infrastructure management and other fields, Relying on the environmental treatment project, promote the application of Beidou System in the field of ecological and environmental protection.

Break through the "key technology application".

Carry out the research on real-time dynamic high-precision positioning technology based on Beidou, develop a multi-functional precision single point positioning software system, and study the single reference station difference, multi reference station local area difference and wide area difference technology based on Beidou, so as to improve the reliability and accuracy of positioning results. Strengthen the development of spaceborne Beidou receiver and spaceborne multi-mode receiver, and promote the application of Beidou in the field of satellite surveying and mapping. Carry out research on Beidou compatible multi system joint application technology and independent support technology for Beidou's application in various industries. Accelerate the application technology innovation of high-precision and dynamic space-time benchmark information application services, indoor and outdoor seamless positioning services and intelligent location services, and expand the depth and breadth of Beidou applications.

Integrate the existing industrial scientific and technological resources, promote the construction of innovation platforms such as engineering (Technology) research centers and enterprise R & D centers for industrial applications, support scientific research institutes and colleges and universities to establish a Beidou application technology innovation system integrating talent training and production, learning, research and application, and carry out multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific and technological research and development, Actively support location-based big data and IOT scientific and technological innovation and application services, and enhance the ability to continuously tackle key technologies and common technologies.

"Association town" promotes sharing and collaboration.

Give full play to the guidance, coordination and service functions of Beidou System Application Association, actively promote Beidou's social application, scientific and technological innovation, education and training and industry self-discipline, guide the social application of Beidou and promote the development of Beidou industry.

Build a "town" where Beidou industries gather, and build a number of "Beidou towns" that integrate special services for Beidou industry, talent landing, technical exchange, product publicity, application demonstration, investment and financing, as an industrial window to attract more Beidou related enterprises to settle locally and give full play to the role of industrial agglomeration.

Some people in the industry told reporters that they hope to establish and improve the data security management system of Beidou navigation and location application service, establish the quality inspection mechanism of Beidou navigation and location application service products, effectively strengthen the quality inspection, supervision and management of Beidou application products, and strengthen the supervision of navigation and location application service platform and user location reporting behavior. Only by doing so can we give full play to the advantages of Beidou system, protect national security and interests, and effectively provide a safe and orderly market environment for Beidou industrial application.(reporter Su Xiaozhou Tan Chang reports from Changsha)

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