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Kinghelm R & D, production and sales of electronic cable - RF cable and coaxial cable

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The radio frequency coaxial cable of the electronic line of golden beacon Electronics (www.bds666. Com) is to build a bridge between two or more isolated and unconnected electronic circuits to connect electronic signals and radio frequency signals, so as to make the current and radio frequency signals flow and realize the functions of various components. It is an indispensable component in various electrical and electronic equipment. Special equipment and instruments are required to identify the quality of connecting terminals of electronic lines, RF lines and coaxial cables. In engineering practice, the following methods can be used for preliminary identification:



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1. Check the diameter of the core wire of silicone electronic wire: the diameter of SYV cable is 0.78 to 0.8mm, and that of SYWV cable is 1.0mm; Recently, a cable with syv75-5 core diameter of 1.0mm has emerged. The characteristic impedance of this cable can not reach 75 Ω and is not applied to 75 Ω transmission system.
2. Check the braiding of shielding layer metal wire: check whether the braiding number is enough, check the solderability of copper braiding, tin plated copper wire, scrape it to see if it is copper wire, and the hardness of aluminum magnesium alloy wire is significantly higher than that of copper wire; Sparse netting, uneven distribution and loose wrapping with insulating layer are poor cables.
3. Check the adhesive force between the metal wire core and the insulating layer: cut the insulating layer obliquely, pull the core wire according to the stripping direction, and see whether the core wire and the insulating layer have bonding process materials. Good cables have large adhesive force, but poor cables do not have bonding. Longitudinal tensile test: take the cable with a length of about one meter, peel off the core wire, insulation layer, shielding layer and outer sheath in layers, and reserve 250px length each. The method is as follows: two hands hold the adjacent two layers of the cable respectively and pull it in the opposite direction; A good cable cannot be pulled by general force, but a poor cable can be easily pulled out without great effort.
4. Visually observe the PVC sheath: the surface can see the regular "unevenness" of the braided mesh in the compression, indicating that the processing technology is good and will not produce relative sliding, so it is a good cable; The appearance is smooth. You can't see the "unevenness" of the compressed braiding and the texture of the wire. You feel loose by pinching the sheath with your hand, which is the poor cable, RF line and coaxial cable.



Golden beacon RF connecting wire McX to SMA outer screw inner hole rg316 wire

Kingholm (www.bds666. Com) launched the HDMI interface connector based on the previous research, development and production of Beidou antenna GPS antenna connecting line. HDMI interface is a special digital interface suitable for image transmission. It can be used for cable TV set-top box, DVD player, PC, TV amusement device, integrated amplifier, digital audio and TV. It can also transmit audio and image signals at the same time. HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080p, but also support digital audio formats such as DVD audio, eight channel 96KHz or stereo 192Khz digital audio transmission, and can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals with high quality. A variety of kinghelm brand HDMI interfaces and HDMI connectors developed and produced by golden beacon company have a very good response effect after they are put into the market! The application advantage of golden beacon HDMI interface is that only one HDMI line is needed to transmit audio and video signals at the same time. At the same time, due to wireless digital / analog or analog / digital conversion, it can obtain higher audio and video transmission quality, which is widely loved by consumers.


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