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Kinghelm was Invited to Participate in the Special Training Session held by Shenzhen Advanced Technology Promotion Association

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In the afternoon of July 22, in the meeting room of Choseal Company, 11th floor, Building 1, COFCO Business Park, Liuxian 2nd Road, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Promotion Association held the Special Training Session of “Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies”. Chen Haifeng, Shenzhen Kinghhelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) and other industrial business counterparts were invited to attend the session.

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Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. Obtained the National High and New Tech Enterprise Certificate



Shenzhen Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Promotion Association is a private operated non-enterprise legal person platform with the Office of Integration of Defense and Civilian Technologies Development Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Committee as the business guidance unit and Shenzhen Science and Technology Association as the competent unit. The Session aims to thoroughly implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and the coordinated innovation development strategy of civilian science and technology, stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of non-traditional units and scientific and technological personnel such as private enterprises, and efficiently meet the needs of related scientific research and production channels such as "quick response", "quick support", "eye-catching" and the scientific research plan ; Guide and serve superior enterprises to enter the fields of scientific research, production, maintenance and support in an orderly manner, improve their ability to participate in scientific research and production, and better serve the national strategic high-tech innovation and development and local economic and social development.

Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 10 million, was established in 2007. It has obtained National High and New Tech Enterprise Certification and double soft certifications, and is a senior member of “GNSS and LBS Association of China”. The main products developed, produced and sold by Kinghelm Company are: Beidou BDS satellite navigation vehicle antenna, Wifi antenna, antenna connecting cable, Beidou GPS antenna connector, TWS Bluetooth headset ceramic antenna, missile-borne [敏感词] high-precision antenna, etc. of Kinghelm brand. Kinghelm Company has a strong R&D force in science and technology and the ability to organize, manage and coordinate large projects. R&D and production have been tapping the potential in Beidou GPS navigation and positioning and RF microwave connection industry according to the guiding ideology of "Independence and Controllability". Kinghelm R&D team has 3 doctors and 18 masters, and more than 30 professional engineers and technicians in Beidou navigation and RF microwave. It has independently obtained a number of invention patents and software copyrights for GPS Beidou navigation and positioning products. Kinghelm has always had friendly relations and smooth communication with Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, CASIC, China North Industries Group and BDStar Group, and has maintained in-depth cooperation in the field of Beidou GPS navigation antenna special connector Loran-C antenna Beidou timing antenna. Kinghelm also participated in the "Integration of Defense and Civilian Technologies" Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies Project, the "Design of the Tactile Perception System of Prosthetic Hand Based on Electronic Skin" jointly developed with Xiamen University, and participated in the "Innovation of Neuroprosthetic Technology" competition, and won the individual innovation technology award! After several years of precipitation and accumulation, Kinghelm is gradually developing in the direction of missile-borne special antenna and customized non-standard connector. In terms of product layout of consumer goods, Kinghelm developed various type-c connectors, USB-HDMI connector adapters, and Frid read-write labels to prepare for the upcoming Internet of Everything.  


In order to improve the time limit of Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies, and make more private enterprises know the ways to participate the relevant information, it is the purpose of this Shenzhen Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Promotion Association and Guangdong Choseal Group to jointly hold the first special training session. The main content is an in-depth discussion and analysis of the new situation, new policies, new regulations and new requirements encountered in the process of "Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies". More than 30 representatives from relevant enterprises, enterprises and institutions in Shenzhen and private enterprises participated in the training, and the participating enterprises were outstanding in the fields of aerospace, electronic components and semiconductor chips, new materials, big data cloud computing, numerical control machine tools, etc.

On-the-spot picture of Special Training Session of “Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies”


Professor Zhang Baiyu of Science and Technology Committee of Shenzhen Aerospace Smart City Research Institute and Secretary-General Sun Yuting of Shenzhen Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Promotion Association gave special counseling on Choice of Innovation Path of Superior Private Enterprises in integration of defense and civilian technologies and Interpretation of the Latest Policy of Qualification, Through the interactive training of theoretical explanation, key analysis and case analysis, the participants got to know the main ideas of the country to promote the development of integration of defense and civilian technologies, mastered the relevant policies, procedures and paths of "Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies", clarified the ideas of private enterprises to participate the qualifications they needed to participate, gained a clearer understanding, strengthened the confidence of private enterprises to participate in construction, and helped enterprises wanting to participate to take a solid step.

Group Photo of Representatives Attending the Special Training Session of “Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies”

At the training session, representatives of enterprises actively spoke and exchanged views, and experts answered questions seriously. After the session, the training effect survey gave feedback on "When will the next training session be held?" "Can we jointly hold such activities?" and "How to deepen cooperation in the next step?", which fully demonstrated the participants' affirmation, recognition and willingness to cooperate with this training session. Shenzhen Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Promotion Association will continue to organize relevant training according to the needs of participating enterprises, and provide relevant services to help more enterprises to participate in the collaborative innovation of dual-use technology for civilian, and strive to open up the path of "Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies" for enterprises and boost the development of enterprises.

     Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com), said that integration of defense and civilian technologies is the future technology layout direction of Kinghelm, Kinghelm's product research and development should focus on Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies projects, and the team's knowledge reserve and customer relationship should also be developed for the and scientific research institutes, I would like to thank the Shenzhen Advanced Technology Promotion Association for holding the Special Training Session of “Private Enterprises Participating in Supplies”, which will also help Kinghelm's future development. I hope to have the opportunity to attend the next session and training.


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