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Growth track -- Interview with Deng Haifeng, Director of Antenna Business Division of Kinghelm

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     Director Deng, who looked young and sophisticated, was frowning and strolling with measured steps thoughtfully, while studying the Beidou navigation and positioning ceramic antenna customized for the new energy vehicle factory in the spacious and bright aisle of the headquarters of Kinghelm Electronic Co., Ltd. It seems that he is still mumbling. When colleagues around Kinghelm see such a scene, they know that the newly promoted Director Deng is thinking deeply and dealing with technical problems.



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Director Deng of Kinghelm, new promoted Beidou Antenna Connection Radio Frequency Line Division


    Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronic Co., Ltd. (www.BDS666.com) is a national high-tech enterprise, leading in Beidou GPS antenna connector technology industry. The "Kinghelm" brand has a good reputation both at home and abroad, and has been making continuous contributions to China's Beidou cause, and has also trained a large number of outstanding talents for Beidou industry. Kinghelm Company's main products are Beidou GPS antenna, radio frequency cable and radio frequency terminal of Kinghelm brand, as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LORA, Zigbee antenna series, GSM communication antenna series, RFID radio frequency tag, radio frequency adapter, miniature board connector, SMA, FAKRA radio frequency seat, national military standard radio frequency connector, microwave antenna, IPEX of vehicle gauge, coaxial cable and high-speed data signal transmission. Including plate end, wire end, wire to plate, wire to wire, plate to plate, and pierce and various types of connectors, RJ45 interface connectors, SIM deck, USB C, TYPE-C, HDMI, PCB board splicing ear, Pin Header, Female Header, plug connector , thimble, crimping terminal and other electrical connection products.

图片 4.png Exterior Wall Marking of Kinghelm Tangxia Factory


       Deng Haifeng said with great emotion that everyone's life is different in an interview with media reporters. The footprints of life are deep, shallow, curved or straight sometimes. You will be changed the trajectory of your life at key nodes by Following the general trend of the times and keeping up with the development of the company. This is the trajectory of my growth in Kinghelm.

      I have joined the Kinghelm team for more than three years. It's really a short span. In 2018, I stepped into the door of Kinghelm Electronic Co., Ltd. and worked as a sales engineer of Beidou GPS antenna RF connector.  Looking back on the past, it seems like yesterday. Our colleagues have been working with passion, receiving systematic training at Kinghelm over the past few years. Song Shiqiang, the General Manager, is strict in his work, and Cheng Yujie, the Deputy General Manager, is meticulous in his concern for our life, making painstaking efforts for our improvement. We are in the same boat with the company, and have also accompanied the development and growth of Kinghelm.

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Song Shiqiang (third from left) of Kinghelm attended the awarding ceremony of the Science and Technology Commission of the Central Military Commission.


    Finally, Deng Haifeng said, I am full of gratitude for Kinghelm, writing my passionate youth with deep affection and sweat, and I will persist and work hard at my post. I will be grateful to witness the greatness and glory of Kinghelm in the spring, summer, autumn and winter of my future life and strive to make the products of "Kinghelm" a big international brand and provide quality services to customers all over the world.


     What impressed me the most in Kinghelm was the initial stage of the storage and construction of Kinghelm Tangxia new factory in 2019, which was the hardest, most tiring and most stressful time for me in Kinghelm, and also the key node for our company to clearly transform and lay a solid foundation. The Kinghelm Factory and the Antenna Testing Laboratory are located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan, which is adjacent to Longhua, Shenzhen city. At that time, the Company had a weak foundation, but if we want to do the business of automobile factory-installed products, we must ensure that our Kinghelm products meet a series of requirements from supply chain to quality control, which is a very severe test for our team. All the logistics staff of the headquarters of Kinghelm worked overtime, and many staff from Slkor Semiconductor also helped us, and Slkor Semiconductor is the brother company of Kinghelm. Our engineers and assemblers at the front line worked more than 14 hours a day, and General Manager Song Shiqiang didn't rest for three consecutive months. Thanks to everyone's efforts, we finally got the order of IPEX connector for Beidou GPS antenna of Nanjing Golden dragon Bus Co., Ltd. and Jinan Heavy Duty Truck, which laid the foundation for the development of Kinghelm. I forged a deep friendship with my colleagues in the process of fighting side by side, and quickly improved my ability to withstand pressure and coordinate.


图片 3.png 2019 Initial Team of  Kinghelm Tangxia Factory


Later, our Kinghelm Antenna Team undertook to develop the antenna and special RF connector of Beidou B3 frequency point for military industry, which made the organization and management easy, won the recognition of customers of the Military Research Institute, and contributed to the advanced technology of private enterprises in "Integration of defense and civilian technologies" used by the military.

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Kinghelm won the award certificate of Science and Technology Commission of Central Military Commission


Everyone's journey in life is completely different. However, the footprints of life are deep, shallow, detailed or brief. Although it is only a footprint, it is enough to change the path of your life. The footprints of life also have its emphasis. Perhaps the past futility can't replace the future achievements, and the future achievements can't make up for the past faults.


After three years of sweat, I always feel grateful to the company, understand the customers and work hard. Even if I suffer some grievances sometimes, it won't change my original intention, because I deeply love Beidou antenna connector industry, Kinghelm and our customers. In this ever-changing era, it is this enterprise that provides me with a stage to show my life value. On this stage, no matter now or in the future, I will devote myself to my post more fully, and grow up with the Company.

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