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Kinghelm (www.bds666. Com) launched its new products in 1688 stores

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       According to market research institutionsIDCOur forecast,two thousand and nineteenIn, the global shipments of wearable devices market are expected to break throughtwo point two two nine100 million units, if according to7.9%Based on the compound annual growth rate of,two thousand and twenty-threeThe market size will increase tothree100 million unitsabout, the main drivers of wearable market growth are smart watches andBluetooth headsetTWSEquipment, intwo thousand and twenty-threeWearable market share will exceed70%。 In order to lay out the Bluetooth headset in advancetwsThis big market, golden beaconkinghelmwww.bds666. com)The company develops and produces small volume ceramicschipantennaKH3216alreadyAnd a lot oftwsThe solution company is cooperatingFor exampleQualcomm(CSR), hengxuan(BES), Luoda(Airoha), Ruiyu(REALTEKWait.Golden beaconkinghelmR & D and production of the companyofceramicschipantennahaveIt has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low loss, stable quality and small volume.It is very popular in the market. At present, the product is already in useAlibabaShop(https://dgic2010.1688.com/)Sales.



Golden beaconkinghelmR & D and productionchipantenna


       In order to develop the international market, aiming at the characteristics of poor local voltage stability, weak satellite signal and inconvenient cable laying in Southeast Asia, jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd(www.BDS666. com)A special antenna for STB with large gain, long feeder and small signal attenuation is developed.KinghelmThe product model of the brand isKH-F-TZ,Signal gain up to5DB, wire lengthfiveMeters, high qualityRG59Pure copper coaxial cable with impedance of75ΩThe joint is formed at one time, which has good anti-corrosion and moisture-proof effect and long service lifeGolden beacon company has also developed and produced two other models suitable for Europe and the United StatesHDTVStandards and USAASTC DVB-TStandard cable TV antennas are also availableAlibaba store(https://dgic2010.1688.com/Hot sales.



Golden beaconkinghelmR & D and productionTV antenna


       Shenzhen Golden beaconkinghelmThe model newly developed and produced by Electronics Co., Ltd. isKH-(2400)-K503-JBofPepper antenna has been connected with the supply chain of ZTE, Changhong and other companies. Golden beaconkinghelmThe pepper antenna developed and produced is widely used in security alarm, power monitoring, network security and other fields. With the advantages of small size, high gain and strong signal, it is well received in the market. At the same time, it is also in Alibaba stores(https://dgic2010.1688.com/sell.


Golden beaconkinghelmR & D and productionPepper antenna


       Golden beaconkinghelmSong Shiqiang, general manager, said,In order to serve our customers more effectively,Expand overseas markets,Later, we will develop more and better products according to the needs of the market and customers,At the same time, we also hope to work harder to serve our customers, get more customer support and win-win cooperation.


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