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Work history and summary of selected colleagues at Kinghelm - Shenzhen Golden Beacon Electronics Co., LTD

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At the beginning of 2021, I returned to Shenzhen from Shanghai for career planning and development reasons. After returning to Shenzhen, I worked in two companies successively. After the New Year's Day of 2022, I joined Golden Navigation Standard (www.bds666.com) as a sales engineer, selling beidou antennas and RF connectors under the brand "Kinghelm". At the time of approaching the Chinese New Year, I would like to make a brief summary of the review, which is conducive to my 2022 work and development in Jinhangbiao Electronics Company.

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Slogen, the neat and bright front desk of Jinhangbiao Company, slogen connects Beidou

First company: This company is a pure electronic components trading company, mainly selling sensors and code readers, committed to using domestic brand materials to replace foreign brands. During my tenure in the first company, the company provided customer information and contact information, requiring salesmen to contact customers by themselves. This kind of sales model is old and inefficient. It takes a lot of time to call customers every day. Most customers will hang up the phone directly. Even after passing the sample test, few customers will place orders directly. I worked in this company for two months and made more than 800 phone calls. Most of the customers hung up the phone directly, and a few customers lost interest and found no advantages after offering prices. In some cases, the customers gave up the inquiry directly because the purchasing colleagues did not contact them in time. So much so that I have been working in this company for 2 months without any orders. I decided to quit the company because I felt there was no future for me!

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The front desk and reception room of Kinghelm company are clean and bright

The second company: this company is the agent of Baihong's full series of LED and optocoupler, zhaoqing Ruilong solid state capacitor, and its main business is gallium nitride PD quick charging head business. The leaders of the company are very kind to us. They often take us out to dinner and help me analyze the customer situation at the weekly meeting. The company's welfare is also very good during holidays. However, this company only provides a small amount of customer information for us to contact, and most of the time we still need to find customers by ourselves. During my tenure in this company, I also visited several customers. Since the sales model of the company was similar to that of the first company, the efficiency was very low and the effect was not ideal. Moreover, many of the customers were not professional and could not use the company's products at all, so they could only be used to expand their contacts. I have been working for the company for about half a year and only made 2 orders. After New Year's Day, I quit my second company!

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PPT picture of the year-end summary of Song Yuanming, a new employee of Jinhangbiao (I)

Jinhaibiao Electronics: I joined Kinghelm Electronics after The New Year's Day of 22. My brothers and sisters in Jinhaibiao are very kind to me. When I have questions in my work, they will actively help me to solve problems, so that I can quickly integrate into the company. I completed two orders of Beidou antennas and connectors on the second day of my entry, which was much more efficient than the first two companies. It is said that at the beginning of jinhang Biao's Internet promotion, it spent a lot of money on online advertising every month. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhang Biao, often wrote articles on the website for promotion, and often worked overtime in the company on weekends to write articles. In the beginning, there was no profit for a long time. After a long time of accumulation, up to now, the network promotion of Our Company and kinghelm brand has been very effective. Now there are a lot of customers every day because we see our advertising to inquire about us, such customers are accurate customers, at this time I understand song always want to engage in the benefits of Internet promotion. To consult the customer must be to use the golden beacon company products, and must be the relevant person in charge of the Golden beacon beidou GPS antenna antenna connector special antenna connector and other products will also be very understanding of the model. In the traditional sales model, it is not accurate to find customers, who do not necessarily need the company's materials or are not the relevant person in charge, which is inefficient and time-consuming. I did not understand the advantages of Jinhaibiao platform until now.

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New employee song Yuanming year-end summary PPT picture (2)

Now society has entered the Internet era, information circulation is very fast, do a good job of Internet promotion do not worry about finding customers!

Although I have not been working in Jinhangbiao (www.bds666.com) company for a long time, I still find some shortcomings, mainly as follows:

1. Insufficient product knowledge. Due to the lack of product knowledge, when customers consult products, they often have to consult colleagues to reply to customers, resulting in poor customer experience and unable to serve customers quickly and with high quality.

2. Not familiar with business processes. As I am not familiar with the business process of Golden Beacon Company, I often bring troubles to relevant colleagues and delay their work.

3. Communication skills need to be strengthened. In the process of communication with customers, improper expressions caused customers' troubles, resulting in poor customer experience.

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New employee song Yuanming year-end summary PPT picture (3)

For these shortcomings, I have made the following plans for my future work:

1. Strengthen the study of professional knowledge. To be familiar with the product beidou antenna connector knowledge as soon as possible, familiar with the supply chain information, to provide customers with good service experience.

2. Get familiar with the company's business as soon as possible. To be familiar with the internal business processes of the company as soon as possible, to minimize the time delay to the corresponding colleagues of the company, as soon as possible to independently handle customer inquiries.

3, strengthen the study of communication skills. To strengthen the learning of communication skills as soon as possible, to better solve customers' questions.

4. Develop new customers. Develop more new customers through various channels to achieve sales targets.

5. Maintenance of old customers. Regular customers should follow up and develop more material requirements as far as possible.

Summary of this year, I am back to shenzhen after officially turned to do sales, do is when I was in Shanghai before the position of sales assistant, although also can contact to the customer's business development, but the job is assist sales orders, and no independent development of customer experience, did not know that in the process of independent development of customer will encounter difficulties and setbacks.

After I came back to shenzhen to attend the first job, working time at first, I don't dare to make a phone call, because professional knowledge is not very well, was afraid to call asked relevant knowledge in the process of can't answer, also afraid of being hit confidence after customer hang up the phone, I didn't understand that sales is not so good, induction after half month, until slowly familiar with work process, After I got familiar with the product information, my work efficiency gradually improved. Although THERE was no order, I would not be timid when communicating with customers. When I worked in the second company, the department leader would often analyze customers for us and guide us from what aspects to start products through our feedback and communication with customers, so as to improve customers' interest, promote the company's products and promote orders. Although I only received two small orders, I was able to develop clients independently.

After working in the first two companies for more than half a year, I made two orders, which greatly hurt my confidence. On the second day after I joined Jinhaibiao, I completed two orders independently. Although the amount was not very large, it greatly improved my confidence.

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PPT picture of the year-end summary of Song Yuanming, a new employee of Jinhangbiao (IV)

Work in gold beacons kinghelm company of this paragraph of time let me understand the trade and agency of company operations and business models are not for a long time, traders can make money before, mainly because the network is not developed, information is not comprehensive, can be said to be on customers don't know the market to make money, now with the rapid development of Internet, Information flows rapidly, and the era of traders has passed. Moreover, the supply chain of traders is unstable and uncontrollable, with great risks.

Agents are relying on the reputation of the original factory to sell products, the reputation of the original big agent's business is easy to do, the reputation and strength of the original factory is not good, the agent's business is not good to do. Although agents do not have concerns about supply chain, they do not have pricing power, so the prices of all materials need to be reported to the original factory. As far as I know, the original factory provides different prices to each agent.

Therefore, as far as I am concerned, if the company wants to grow bigger, it has to go to the original factory. It enjoys the pricing power, and as long as it does not lose money in terms of price, it can basically complete orders. Moreover, Golden Beacon has its own factory in Tangxia, Dongguan, so there is no need to worry about supply chain problems.

In the future work, I will diligently learn the product knowledge and basic rf and microwave knowledge of Jinhaibiao connectors and antennas, actively participate in jinhaibiao company activities, constantly improve myself, seriously complete the work, to bring more benefits for Jinhaibiao company!

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